Testing of a Party-Led Review Process, through an Open-Ended Forum


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Webcast session


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Webcast session 

Special session of SBI (16 and 17 September)

  • In decision 14/29, the Conference of the Parties considered review mechanisms for the Convention and requested the Executive Secretary to prepare for and organize the testing of a Party-led review process, including through an open-ended forum to be held at the third meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation. Accordingly, arrangements have been developed, in close consultation with the Chair of SBI and the COP Bureau as communicated in notifications 2020-002 and 2020-050.
  • Five Parties, one from each region, from among those that had expressed interest pursuant to notification 2020-002, will make presentations on their efforts to implement the Convention and the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020. Selected questions, submitted by other Parties in advance of the meeting, will be answered by the five Parties, followed by a short question-and-answer session.
  • The five Parties are: Ethiopia, Finland, Guyana, Poland and Sri Lanka. Each of the five Parties has prepared a review report, complementing their sixth national reports. The review reports are available at: https://www.cbd.int/convention/mechanisms/trial-phase.shtml.
  • The session will be opened on 16 September by the Chair of SBI who will make opening remarks. Opening remarks will also be made by a representative of the COP Presidency and the Executive Secretary.
  • Each of the five Parties will present their review report (15 minutes), each followed by questions posed by other Parties and answers provided by the Party under review (15 minutes). The session will continue on 17 September.
  • The Chair of SBI will make final remarks and close the session.
  • Feedback and insights on the trial phase of the Open-ended Forum will be presented to SBI during agenda item 9 on review mechanisms, which is also expected to consider other options and elements to enhance review mechanisms as requested in the above-mentioned decision.

Strategy for Resource Mobilization

Special session of SBI (17 September)

     Answers to the Questions during the special session for Resource Mobilization

  • In decision 14/22, the Conference of the Parties affirmed that resource mobilization would be an integral part of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework and requested the Executive Secretary to contract a panel of experts to prepare reports on several issues related to the development of the resource mobilization component to help inform the work of the Working Group on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and the Conference of the Parties.
  • The Chair of SBI will open the session following the conclusion of the open-ended forum for the testing of the review process.
  • A presentation of the work of the panel on resource mobilization will be made by a member of the panel. A complementary presentation of the related documents before SBI will be made by the Secretariat. There will be opportunities for questions and answers.
  • Parties and observers will be invited to make interventions.
  • The Chair of SBI will make final remarks and close the session.