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COP 13, COP-MOP 2 and COP-MOP 8 Press Conferences

All press conferences and briefings will be available via live webcast or video on demand.

Time   Title   Organizer
Friday, 2 December
8:30am   Opening Press Conference for the UN Biodiversity Conference   SCBD
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
9:30am   Launch Event: Biodiversity and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”   SCBD
3:15pm   The Future of Wetlands: Environment and Ramsar Convention Step-up Efforts to Conserve some of the Planet’s most productive Ecosystems   RAMSAR
5:00pm   Announcement of the winners of the 2016 Champions of the Earth Award   United Nations Environment Programme
6:00pm   Midori Prize for Biodiversity   AEON Environmental Foundation
6:30pm   FAO Offering a Platform for Biodiversity Mainstreaming   FAO
Saturday, 3 December
9:00am   Launch of GFEP Report on Illegal Logging and Timber Trade   International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)
11:00am   Oceans and Preservation of Biodiversity: France's Political Involvement   Embassy of France in Mexico
12:00pm   Announcement of formal agreement with the FMCN   Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
13:00pm   Press conference from Pronatura México   Pronatura México
4:30pm   Signing of the Hamilton Declaration   Government of Canada, Government of Bermuda
6:15pm   Joint Statement by Mr. Sarney Filho, Minister of Environment Brazil and Mr. Blairo Maggi, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply   Minister of the Environment of Brazil
Sunday, 4 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
12:00pm   Press conference by the Minister of Environment and Tourism of Namibia on Sustainable Utilization of Wildlife and Wildlife management (TBC)   Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia
1:00pm (TBC)   Event chaired jointly by Mr. José Calzada Rovirosa, Minister of Agriculture of Mexico and Mr Rafael Pacchiano Alaman, Minister of Environment of Mexico – Signature of official letter on reducing the environmental impacts of agricultural-related activities   Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food of Mexico (SAGARPA)
Monday, 5 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
10:00am   Chile will host the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress IMPAC 4   Ministry of the Environment of Chile
11:00am   Women's Group Awards: Champions of gender mainstreaming at COP-13   Indigenous Women's Biodiversity Network, the Global Forest Coalition
2:00pm   New Global Report on Livestock   Global Forest Coalition
3:00pm   Press Conference: Call for a moratorium on Gene Drives   Friends of the Earth
4:30pm   Press conference on the Brazilian participation at COP-13   Ministry of the Environment of Brazil
Tuesday, 6 December
9:00am   Daily Press briefing   SCBD
9:30am   Launch of the operational phase of the 810-Bridge Initiative   SCBD
10:30am   Art for a sustainable food secure future   International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Wednesday, 7 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
2:00pm   Official launch of a Global Solution Search Contest for mainstreaming biodiversity within agricultural landscapes and practices   RARE
Thursday, 8 December
9:00am   Daily Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
10:00am   Communities in Latin America and the Caribbean talk about mainstreaming biodiversity   REDCLAM-CLALYC
Friday, 9 December
9:00am   Review of the First Week of COP-13   SCBD
2:00pm   The Captain Hook Awards 2016 for biopiracy   ETC Group, Third World Network, Public Eye, Via Campesina Brasil
Saturday, 10 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
Sunday, 11 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
Monday, 12 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
12:00am   After the Fukushima Nuclear plant disaster: Introducing the issues of nuclear radiation and biodiversity   Ikimononocafe - CBD Alliance
2:00pm   Press Conference about the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity   IIFB
Tuesday, 13 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
10:30am   Official release of the Local Biodiversity Outlooks from IPLC's perspectives   Forest Peoples Programme
12:30pm   Update on the results of the UN Biodiversity Conference   CBD & COP13 Presidency
1:00pm   Launch of Protected Planet 2016 and associated announcement of Mexico Marine Protected Area   UNEP WCMC
6:00pm   The importance of Free Prior Inform Consent for Indigenous Peoples   IIFB
Wednesday, 14 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
Thursday, 15 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
12:00pm   Analysis and proposals for the conservation of biodiversity in Mexico (1995 - 2016)   FMCN
3:15pm   Post flash-event press conference   ICCA Consortium
Friday, 16 December
9:00am   Daily Press Briefing   SCBD
Sathurday, 17 December
9:00am - TBC   Closing of the COP   SCBD