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National reporting: review of experience and proposals for the fifth national report

The Conference of the Parties,

Re-emphasizing that national reporting is the obligation for all Parties under Article 26 of the Convention, and that timely submission of national reports by all Parties is essential for reviewing the implementation of the Convention as required in Article 23,

operational active

paragraph 1

1.Adopts the guidelines for the fifth national report as contained in the annex to this decision, noting that these may be supplemented by additional guidance from its eleventh meeting;

operational active

paragraph 2

2.Decides that all Parties should submit their fifth national report by 31 March 2014;

operational elapsed parties

paragraph 3

3.Encourages all Parties to prioritize the preparation of their fifth national report to enable its submission by the deadline established in paragraph 2 above, irrespective of the status of submission of reports requested at previous meetings of the Conference of the Parties;

operational elapsed others

paragraph 4

4.Requests those Parties that expect difficulty in meeting the deadline set in paragraph 2 above to initiate the preparation of the report as early as possible to ensure that the report will be submitted by the deadline;

operational implemented GEF

paragraph 5

5.Requests the Global Environment Facility to provide adequate and timely financial support for the preparation of the fifth and future national reports, and further requests the Global Environment Facility and its implementing agencies to ensure that procedures are in place to ensure an early and expeditious disbursement of funds;

operational active others governments

paragraph 6

6.Invites other donors, Governments and multilateral and bilateral agencies to provide financial and technical support to developing countries, in particular the least developed countries and small island developing States, as well as countries with economies in transition, for preparing their national reports;

operational active

paragraph 7

7.Decides that the fifth national report should:

paragraph 7 item (a)

(a)Focus on the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011 2020, and progress toward the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, using indicators where possible and feasible, including application, as appropriate, of global headline indicators contained in decision VIII/15 and additional indicators that may be adopted at its eleventh meeting for measuring progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets;

paragraph 7 item (b)

(b)Include, as appropriate, information concerning contributions of the implementation of the Strategic Plan towards the achievement of relevant Millennium Development Goals;

paragraph 7 item (c)

(c)Allow countries to provide updates on the revision, updating and implementation of national biodiversity strategies and action plans and similar strategies, plans and programmes;

paragraph 7 item (d)

(d)Provide an update on the national status and trends of, and threats to, biodiversity, using national biodiversity indicators;

paragraph 7 item (e)

(e)Provide an overall assessment of the national implementation of the Convention, and include suggestions for future priorities at the national and international levels;

operational active parties

paragraph 8

8.Requests Parties, in preparing their fifth national report, to elaborate on:

paragraph 8 item (a)

(a)Outcomes and impacts of actions taken to implement the Convention at various levels;

paragraph 8 item (b)

(b)Successful experiences and lessons learned from implementation;

paragraph 8 item (c)

(c)Obstacles encountered in implementation;

operational elapsed parties

paragraph 9

9.Also requests Parties to provide:

paragraph 9 item (a)

(a) An updated account of information provided in the last national report, to reflect changes that have occurred since then;

paragraph 9 item (b)

(b) Quantitative analysis and synthesis on the status of implementation of the Convention in particular the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and national biodiversity strategies and action plans;

operational implemented

paragraph 10

10.Decides that the fifth national report will use a narrative format where appropriate, combined with use of suggested tools, including tables, charts and questionnaires for statistical analysis, and that the format for the fifth and sixth national reports should be consistent to allow for long-term tracking of progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets;

operational active parties

paragraph 11

11.Encourages Parties to continue to involve all relevant stakeholders, including indigenous and local communities, in the process of national reporting, and to use the report as a tool for further planning and communication to the public to mobilize additional support for and participation in activities related to implementation of the Convention;

operational active parties

paragraph 12

12.Encourages Parties to increase synergies in national reporting under biodiversity-related conventions to ensure that national reports comprehensively reflect the national situation and status of implementation, and to avoid unnecessary reporting burdens;


paragraph 13

13.Welcomes the pilot project supported by the Global Environment Facility, and other relevant projects and initiatives, such as the project developed by the Australian Government in collaboration with the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, to facilitate integrated reporting processes and approaches in the least developed countries and small island developing States, which may provide important lessons for enhancing the reporting capacities of these countries;

operational active es

paragraph 14

14.Requests the Executive Secretary, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Environment Programme and other partners, to continue facilitating the provision of support to countries, especially the developing countries, in particular the least developed countries and small island developing States, as well as countries with economies in transition, for the preparation of their fifth national reports;

operational implemented es

paragraph 15

15.Requests the Executive Secretary to prepare a resource manual providing further suggestions for the preparation of the fifth national reports, drawing upon, inter alia, experience and examples from the fourth national reports, other relevant international work including the outcome of the ad hoc technical expert group on indicators. The resource manual should include suggestions for common formats, tables and charts to aid reporting. A first edition should be available before the end of 2011, and the manual should be maintained up to date in the light of new information that may become available. The manual should be made available in the six official United Nations languages.

Conference of the Parties (COP)

Tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity
18 - 29 October, 2010
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan




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VII/25 B para 3
National reporting
3.Further requests the Executive Secretary to revise the existing national reporting formats to make them more concise and better targeted to reduce the reporting burden placed on Parties, and to better contribute to the assessment of progress towards achieving the mission of the Strategic Plan and the 2010 target, and the identification of obstacles to implementation.  The revision of the reporting formats should address the matters in decision VI/25, paragraph 3, and:(a)The need to include reporting on all the four goals of the Strategic Plan;(b)The need to allow Parties to incorporate the results of indicators (where available) to enable Parties to provide a more comprehensive assessment of progress;(c)The need to include available factual data on the outcomes and impacts of measures taken to achieve the objectives of the Convention (including status and trends of biodiversity);