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Meetings and other Activities


   14th World Congress on Public Health
11-15 February 2015, Calcutta, India

The SUMMARY of the state of knowledege review, Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health was launched on 13 February 2013 at the 14th World Congress on Public Health.

Relevant documents and links:
The English summary of the report can be accessed below. Visit to the official webpage of the state of knowledge review for further information or to access draft thematic chapters, which will be made available until the official release of the full volume.

 English summary (low resolution)

  Fifteenth Session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA)    19-23 January 2015, Rome, Italy

At the 15th regular session of the CGRFA held in Rome, CBD Executive Secretary, Dr. Braulio Dias discussed the links between biodiversity, nutrition and human health including relevant key messages contained in the forthcoming state of knowledege review, Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health. Dr. Dias delivered a keynote presentations at a side event on 20 January 2015, on Mainstreaming biodiversity for improved human nutrition and well-being. A summary of the side event is available below.

Relevant documents and links: (biodiversity, nutrition and human health)
Item 9 of the Provisional Agenda, Report of the Convention on Biological Diversity (para. 20-21).
List of side events at the 15th CGRFA

WPC2014logo.jpg World Parks Congress 2014 
12-19 November 2014 Sydney, Australia

The final consultation for Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health, a State of Knowledge Review was held at IUCN World Parks Congress (WPC) from 12-19 November 2014.

Relevant documents and links:
View the briefing note of the state of knowledge review prepared for IUCN World Parks Congress!
For further information visit www.cbd.int/en/health/stateofknowledge

CBD-WHO collaborative activities highlighted at WPC
On 14 November 2014, in a video statement for a WPC event announcing the final consultation and forthcoming launch of the State of Knowledge Review, the World Health Organization highlighted the strengthening of collaborative activities with the CBD and noted the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems for human health and well-being. Watch the video below!



CBD 12th Conference of the Parties

6-17 October 2014, Pyeongchang, Korea 

Relevant documents and links:
The COP 12 Official document on biodiversity and human health is available here
Summary of side events on biodiversity and human health is available here
Side event on drivers for disease emergence and One Health available here

The advanced draft thematic chapters of Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health, a State of Knowledge Review are available here

COP 12 decision on biodiversity and human health now available.

Expert Meeting for the state of knowledge review, Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health 
Bioversity International headquarters, Rome, Italy, 1-3 July 2014

An expert meeting, convened in collaboration with the World Health Organization and with lead authors of the state of knowledge review was held at the headquarters of Bioversity International in Rome. Key partners and lead authors attended the meeting to review peer review comments received on emerging key messages and to finalize the preparation of the first draft of the thematic chapters of the State of Knowledege Review, also to be made available for peer review, prior to the 12th Conference of the Parties.

Relevant documents and links:
Draft thematic chapters will be made available for peer review in late August and September 2014 on the official website for the volume.  It is expected that a final consultation will take place following the 12th Conference of the Parties at the IUCN World Parks Congress from 12-19 November 2014. Updated drafts of thematic chapters will be made available for this purpose. These drafts will remain available on the official website, for information purposes, until their finalization and the release of the full volume of the state of knowledge review.

Updates from partners
Biodiversity and Community Health Initiative update on first expert meeting and CBD-WHO collaborative activities


Health and Biodiversity Showcased at SBSTTA 18
Montreal, Canada, 23- 28 October, 2014

Relevant documents and links:
SBSTTA 18 UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/18/17:  Health and Biodiversity (Agenda Item 9.7)
Emerging Key Messages for the state of knowledge review on biodiversity and human health made available for peer review priot to and in parallel with SBSTTA 18
Side event summary: Fostering Synergies Between Biodiversity And Human Health:Towards The Post-2015 Development Agenda  (Wednesday 25 June, 2014 Room 7B)

Preparatory Meeting on the state of knowledge review on Biodiversity and Human Health 
14-16 January 2014, WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

The first scoping meeting for the preparation of a state of knowledge review on biodiversity and human health was co-convened by the CBD Secretariat and the World Health Organization in collaboration with key partners. The meeting was held at WHO headquarters from 14-16 January 2014 in an effort to identify key thematic areas and issues to be addressed  in the forthcoming state of knowledge review on biodiversity and human health. A full draft outline of the publication was also prepared and potential lead authors were identified at the meeting.

Relevant links:
A summary of recent CBD-WHO collaboration as well as a summary of the expert meeting and additional are available here.

Health and Biodiversity Showcased at COP 11
Hyderabad, India, 8 - 19 October, 2012

Relevant documents and links:
Information Document 27: Collaborative and Mainstreaming Activities with the Health Sector: Progress Report 
Side events summary: Biodiversity and Health-related Side Events at COP 11 

EcoHealth 2012 Conference
Kunming, China, 15 - 18 October, 2012

The CBD Secretariat connected live to the EcoHealth 2012 Conference held in Kunming, China. In a discussion forum entitled Global Processes, Linking Ecology and Health: What role for Ecohealth

Relevant links:
Full Conference Program
Additional details are also available here
The archives of the 2012 Ecohealth Conference are available here

PAHO / WHO Joint Seminar with the Institute of Medicine (IOM / NRC)
Understanding the Post-2015 Development Agenda Process: Opportunities and Challenges that Lie Ahead
18 October 2012, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT (Online)

Relevant links:
Webinar Website
Agenda and Additional Information

First workshop on interlinkages between human health and biodiversity 
2 April, 2012, WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

Relevant Documents: 
Provisional Agenda
Workshop Summary


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