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Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health, a State of Knowledge Review. Executive Summary now available

Dr. Maria Neira, Director of Public Health and Environment, WHO and
Cristina Romanelli, CBD Secretariat with speakers and session co-chairs of plenary 3, where the publication was launched. 
(Photo courtesy: 14th WCPH).
Connecting Global Priorities, Biodiversity and Human Health, Summary of the State of Knowledge Review was officially launched at the 14th World Congress for Public Health held on 13th February 2015, in Kolkata, India. 

Upon release of the full-length volume, the book will be the new flagship publication under the CBD joint work programme on biodiversity and health co-led with the World Health organization, in collaboration numerous international partners. It will be an important source of information to support the implementation of the emerging post-2015 development agenda and sustainable development goals of the the United Nations.

See the full press release of the launch event here




                                                                    Summary Report now available!

Cover_Summary_SOK.png  English Summary



Draft thematic chapters of Connecting Gobal Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health, a State of Knowledege Review were updated and made available for final consultation at the IUCN World Parks Congress  in Sydney, Australia from 12-19 November 2014.

Download the Briefing Note, or  view the WHO VIDEO STATEMENT  prepared for the IUCN World Parks Congress held in Sydney, Australia in November 2014. Additional information on Stream 3: Improving Health and Well-Being Stream, Launches and Legacies is also available.

Launch of the Summary report will take place at the 14th World Congress on Public Health 2015.


The draft thematic chapters of the State of Knowledge Review, which provide the scientific underpinnings for the volume, were made available for peer review from 18 August until 15 September, 2014. This deadline was extended to 25 September 2014.

 drafts were then made available for the CBD twelfth Conference of the Parties  (COP 12) held in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea from 6-17 October, 2014.  

COP 12 emphasized the relevance of the linkages contained in Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health to the post-2015 development agenda. See complete COP 12 decision XII 21 on biodiversity and human health here.


                                                   A STATE OF KNOWLEDGE REVIEW

                                                                  ADVANCED DRAFT CHAPTERS

Consultation of the advanced draft chapters below are subject to the following terms of use.

TERMS OF USE: The advanced draft chapters below were made available for the purpose of peer review and have been updated to reflect the first round of peer review comments. Until the official publication of the complete final volume in 2015, the data, material and messages contained in the draft chapters below may not be republished, displayed, distributed, or transmitted in any manner, nor may the material, or portion thereof, be copied or posted on any other website or network or otherwise distributed or quoted, without the prior consent of the CBD Secretariat. By accessing these documents, you are agreeing with these terms.

Part I (Advancing the Biodiversity and Human Health Agenda: Concepts, Themes and Directions)

1-2. Introduction and Conceptual Frameworks

Part II (Thematic Areas in Biodiversity and Human Health)

3.  Water Quality 

4.   Air Quality 

5.   Agricultural Biodiversity and Food Security

6.   Nutritional Security 

7.  Infectious Diseases 
8.  Microbial Biodiversity as an ecosystem service 

9.  Biodiversity, Health Care and Pharmaceuticals

10. Traditional Medicine 

11. Physical and Mental Health, and Cultural Ecosystem Services

PART III (Cross-Cutting Issues, Tools and Ways Forward)

12.  Climate Change  

13.  Disaster Risk Reduction

14.  Bioindicators and Human Health 

15. Human Health, Biodiversity and the Post-2015 Development Agenda  

This volume is being prepared by the CBD under the guidance of the Bureau of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) in collaboration with the WHO, Bioversity International, COHAB Initiative, DIVERSITAS, Ecohealth Alliance, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research (PAR), United Nations University-Institute for Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS), UNU-International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH), Wildlife Conservation Society Health and Ecosystems Analysis of Linkages (WCS-HEAL) and many other partners and experts.

Those encountering difficulty in accessing the advanced drafts, or for any other question on the State of Knowledge Review and its summary, can contact Cristina Romanelli by sending an email to : cristina.romanelli@cbd.int