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GINCANA Finance and Biodiversity (2008)

Banking for Biodiversity (October 2007)

This special issue of Business and Biodiversity was prepared for the UNEP FI 2007 Global Roundtable. Click to read the PDF version

Aid Flows Targeting CBD Objectives (Paris, 10 July 2007)

Donors report to the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) on their aid flows in support of the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The OECD presented the methodology used to collect the data ("Rio marker") and most recent statistics by donor.

Tapping the Potential of Environmental Funds (Paris, 10 July 2007)

Featured presentations from SCBD, UNDP, RedLAC, and Birdlife International

Developing International Payments for Ecosystem Services (IPES): Avoided Deforestation (Paris, 11 July 2007)

This seminar discussed the latest progress on scaling up PES with a focus on payments for avoided deforestation, based on a joint UNEP-IUCN initiative in close collaboration with the CBD Secretariat.

Donor meeting on protected areas (Montecatini, Italy, 18 June 2005)

Options for Mobilizing Financial Resources for the Implementation of the Programme of Work By Developing Countries and Countries With Economies in Transition, see the report

Exploratory Workshop on a Global Initiative on Banking, Business and Biodiversity (Beijing, 18 October 2002)

Read Summary Report ( and ), and presentations: Introduction; Guidance under the CBD; Summary of national information; Relevant initiatives/processes

Financing Sustainable Tourism Conference (Web conference, August and September 2002)

Read the Summary Report ( and ) and Detailed Report ( and )

CBD News Supplement on Financing for Biological Diversity (March 2002)

The CBD News Supplement presents feature articles from UNEP, World Bank, UNDP, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Sweden. Download the PDF version or AECI (Spain) ( and ), Austrian development cooperation ( and ), DGIC (Belgium) ( and ), GTZ (Germany) ( and ), Sida (Sweden) ( and ), UNDP ( and ), World Bank ( and )

Conservation Finance Retreat (Harbouretowne, Maryland, USA, 12-13 February 2002)

Read Summary of the Retreat ( and ), and feature presentations: World Bank (ppt), WWF (ppt), WCS (pps), TNC (ppt), RedLAC (ppt), Ramsar (ppt), KfW (ppt), IUCN (ppt), IIED (ppt), IFC (ppt), IADB (ppt), GTZ (ppt), GEF (ppt), Forest Trends (ppt), FLOWS (ppt), and SCBD (ppt)

Workshop on Financing for the Implementation of Article 8(j) and Related Provisions (Montreal, Canada, 4 February 2002)

See Summary of the Chair ( and ) and feature presentations from CBD Secretariat, GEF Secretariat, UNDP, UNEP and World Bank

Workshop to Establish the European Biodiversity Resource Initiative (Geneva, Switzerland, 4 December 2001)

See SCBD Statement ( and )

Workshop on Financing for Biodiversity (Co-organized with GEF) (Havana, Cuba, 16 - 17 July 2001)

  • Joint summary of the co-chairs of the workshop on Financing for Biological Diversity, see the report
  • Advice on developing a format for standardized information on financial support - Format for Reporting Financial Support to Biodiversity, see the document
  • Sharing knowledge and experience among institutions: Compilation of information regarding financial resources contained in the first national reports to the Convention on Biological Diversity, see the document

GEF/UNEP Information Sharing and Data Exchange Workshop (Paris, 15-16 March 2001)

The Global Environment Facility as a funding catalyst: Summary Outcome of the GEF/UNEP Information Sharing and Data Exchange Workshop, see the document

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