Financing for Infrastructure, Energy and Mining, Manufacturing and Processing Industries


Environmental Defense Fund: Unlocking Private Capital to Finance Sustainable Infrastructure, Meister Consultants Group. The report acknowledges the US’ $1.4 trillion funding gap to meet its infrastructure needs and provides a two-pronged path forward for the public sector to fill this gap: case studies and a new Investment Design Framework.

Australia: The plan to protect wildlife displaced by the Hume Highway has failed, the Conversation, 25 May 2017

WWF: Infrastructure at odds with biodiversity?, Policy Paper on mainstreaming biodiversity conservation Into the infrastructure sector – CBD SBSTTA 21. The note covers: assess infrastructure needs, siting and design, environmental and social safeguards, procuring and contracting, financing, construction, operation

WWF: Review of Screening Tools to Assess Sustainability and Climate Resilience of Infrastructure Development, Final Report, prepared by AECOM Technical Services, Inc. (“AECOM”), for World Wildlife Fund Inc. September 27, 2017. AECOM reviewed a range of tools used by key financial institutions and infrastructure sustainability assessment bodies, which included: 1. Asian Development Bank (ADB); 2. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB); 3. African Development Bank (AfDB); 4. Agence Française de Développement (AFD); 5. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD); 6. European Investment Bank (EIB); 7. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); 8. KfW Development Bank (KfW); 9. World Bank (including IBRD and IDA); 10. International Finance Corporation (IFC); 11. BREEAM Infrastructure; 12.CEEQUAL; 13.Green Guidelines for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI); 14. Envision®; 15. SuRe® Standard; 16. Equator Principles

USA: 2018 Budget: Infrastructure Initiative. The Private Activity Bonds (PABs) program allows the Department of Transportation to allocate authority to issue tax-exempt bonds on behalf of private entities constructing highway and freight transfer facilities. PABs have been used to finance many Public Private Partnerships (P3s) projects, along with TIFIA. As of August 15, 2016, nearly $11.2 billion in PABs have been issued for 23 projects.

ICMA: Guide to Infrastructure Financing in Asia, August 2016. Overview of the bank loan and project bond markets; Highlights of ADB, AIIB and IFC; Project structures, procurement and planning process; Debt financing choices: corporate finance or project finance, loan finance or bond finance; Mechanics of issuance of debt – parties, roles and tasks; Marketing, pricing and issuance process; Project bond investor base; Key considerations for investors; Credit enhancement alternatives; Credit review processes; Disclosure and reporting standards

Manufacturing and processing industry

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