Innovative Financial Mechanisms

  • 2007 CBD Note on Innovative Financial Mechanisms

    The note examines characteristics of innovative financial mechanisms (Read the note)

  • 2006 CBD Note on Options to Mitigate Funding Gaps

    The note provides a list of innovative funding measures (Read the note)

  • United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development

    • Second Expert Group Meeting on Financial Issues of Agenda 21 in Glen Cove, New York from 15 to 17 February 1995 (Read the report)
    • Report on the Secretary-General on financial resources and mechanisms, E/CN.17/1996/4/Add.1, 22 February 1996 (Read the report)
    • Report on the Secretary-General on financial resources and mechanisms, E/CN.17/1997/2/Add.23, 22 January 1997 (Read the report)
    • Report on the Secretary-General on financial resources and mechanisms, E/CN.17/2000/2, 26 January 2000 (Read the report)
    • Report on the Secretary-General on finance and trade, E/CN.17/2001/PC/10, 2 March 2001, (Read the report)

  • United Nations Committee for Development Policy

    2004 Background Paper on Innovative Approaches to Domestic Resource Mobilization in Selected LDCs, ST/ESA/2004/CDP/6, (Read the paper)

  • World Bank and International Monetary Fund

    • 2001 Study On financing global and international public goods (Read the paper)
    • 2004 Note Financing Modalities Toward the Millennium Development Goals (Read the note)
    • 2005 Note Moving forward - Financing Modalities Toward the MDGs (Read the note)
    • 2005 Note Financing the Development Agenda (Read the note)
    • World Bank Global Economic Prospects 2006 on international remittances and migration, go to the website on remittances
    • 2007 Note Global Public Goods: A Framework for the Role of the World Bank (Read the note)

  • United Nations Development Programme (website)

    2002 policy dialogue - Global Public Goods Financing: New Tools for New Challenges, Read all documents

  • United Nations University (website)

    • Financing the Provision of Global Public Goods, DP2002/110, (Read the report)
    • Innovative Sources of Development Finance: Global Cooperation in the Twenty-first Century, DP2002/98 (Read the report)
    • The International Finance Facility: The UK HM Treasury–DFID Proposal to Increase External Finance to Developing Countries, DP2003/79 (Read the report)
    • A Global Lottery and a Global Premium Bond, DP2003/80 (Read the report)
    • Revenue Potential of the Currency Transaction Tax for Development Finance: A Critical Appraisal, DP2003/81 (Read the report)
    • Private Donations for International Development, DP2003/82 (Read the report)
    • The Revenue and Double Dividend Potential of Taxes on International Private Capital Flows and Securities Transactions, DP2003/83 (Read the report)
    • Environmental Taxation and Revenue for Development, DP2003/86 (Read the report)
    • Remittances by Emigrants: Issues and Evidence, DP2003/89 (Read the report)
    • Innovative Sources for Development Finance: Over-Arching Issues, DP2003/88 (Read the report)
    • A Development-focused Allocation of the Special Drawing Rights, DP2004/03 (Read the report)

  • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

    • Financing Global and Regional Public Goods Through ODA: Analysis and Evidence From the OECD Creditor Reporting System, Working Paper No. 232 (Read the document)
    • Innovative Approaches to Funding the Millennium Development Goals, Policy Brief No.24 (Read the document)
    • Environmental benefits of Foreign Direct Investment: A literature review (Read the document)
    • Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment - lessons from the mining sector (Read the document)

  • French Working Group on New International Finance

    The Landau Report was released in December 2004. Read the Landau Report, boxes 1-10, boxes 11-12, and contributions by members of the group

  • International Finance Facility (IFF)

    The Facility was launched by the United Kingdom. Go to the website or read the September 2005 proposal document.

  • Quadripartite Group on innovative mechanisms for financing development

    • Report of the Technical Group on Innovative Financial Mechanisms by Brazil, Chile, France and Spain for the Summit Conference on Action against Hunger and Poverty, New York, 20 September 2004. Read the document
    • Declaration on innovative sources of financing for development (September 2005): a joint statement from the “quadripartite” group on innovative mechanisms for financing development (Brazil, Spain, France, Chile, Germany, and Algeria). Read the document

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme