Workshop on Financing Mechanisms for Biodiversity: Examining Opportunities and Challenges

12 May 2012 - Montreal, Canada

Organizations International workshop convened by the OECD, World Bank, GEF and the European Commission* together with India and Sweden

The workshop aimed to foster an informal dialogue on key opportunities and challenges associated with finance mechanisms and to examine the technical and analytical issues related to their effective design and implementation. The purpose was to support inter alia ongoing discussions under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), building on the Dialogue Seminar on Scaling Up Finance for Biodiversity in Quito, Ecuador, and on related discussions in WGRI-4.

* Funding from the EC, as well as the UK, for the workshop is gratefully acknowledged.

OECD (2013) “Scaling-Up Finance Mechanisms for Biodiversity”, OECD Publishing.

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12 May 2012 - Montreal, Canada
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Presentation: Insights from the Quito dialogue seminar on Scaling Up Biodiversity Finance. Maria Schultz, Sweden
Presentation: Policy context on finance mechanisms and the Convention on Biological Diversity. Ravi Sharma, CBD Secretariat
Presention: Environmental fiscal reform – an overview. Carlos Munoz Piña, Lecturer at ITAM, visiting professor at Universidad Iberoamericana and Principal Economic Advisor, Forest Trends
Presentation: Experience from the ICMS-E in Brazil. Thiago Medeiros da Cunha Cavalcanti, Brazil
Presentation: Payments for Ecosystem Services - an overview. Katia Karousakis, OECD
Presentation: Insights from the Mexican Payments for Ecosystem Services Programme. Paola Bauche, CONAFOR, Mexico
Presentition: Biodiversity offsets and bio-banking – an overview. Kerry Ten Kate, BBOP
Presentation: Lessons from the NT2 offsets programme in Laos. Soukata Vichit, Laos
Presentation: Green markets – an overview. Shigefumi Okumura, Mitshubishi Research Institute, Japan
Presentation: Insights from the Rainforest Alliance. Ana Paula Tavares, Executive VP, Rainforest Alliance
Presentation: Biodiversity in development finance – an overview. Valerie Hickey, World Bank
Presentation: Experience and insights from Jordan. Chris Johnson, Royal Society for Conservation of Nature

Opening session

Session I - Finance mechanisms for biodiversity: overview and case studies

Environmental Fiscal Reform

Payments for Ecosystem Services

Biodiversity offsets

Markets for Green Products/certification

Biodiversity in Development Finance

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