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Each day the CBD Secretariat conducts a global Internet search for relevant news stories. The following stories collected over the last seven days relate to agriculture and biodiversity.

27 July 2016

Science Daily, 2016-07-27
Plant scientists have made an important advance in understanding the natural diversity of a key plant enzyme which could help us address the looming threat of global food security.

26 July 2016

Inter Press Service News Agency, 2016-07-26
LOUIS TRICHARDT, South Africa, Jul 26 2016 (IPS) - Brightly coloured cans, bags of fertilizer and packets containing all types of seeds catch the eye upon entering Nancy Khorommbi’s agro dealer shop tucked at the corner of a roadside service station.

25 July 2016

Deutsche Welle, 2016-07-25
Tomatoes are a staple food in Nigeria. From farmers in the northern states to traders across the country, many depend on the fruit for a living. But climate change and the tomato moth have hit the industry hard.
Christian Science Monitor, 2016-07-25
Among the findings of a new report is that 60 percent of human-induced nitrous oxide emissions—which have a global warming potential that is 300 times higher than CO2—come from agriculture.

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