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Each day the CBD Secretariat conducts a global Internet search for relevant news stories. The following stories collected over the last seven days relate to agriculture and biodiversity.

24 January 2017

Inter Press Service News Agency, 2017-01-24
IBADAN, Nigeria, Jan 24 2017 (IPS) - Development advocates and professionals are very keen on harnessing the power of agriculture to promote the cause of climate change these days, 2017-01-24
Trees may be easy to spot on the plains of Africa but they are often overlooked as a source of income for farmers.

20 January 2017

UN News Centre, 2017-01-20
19 January 2017 – With agricultural land thirsty and water increasingly scarce, the United Nations agricultural agency is today hosting an international event to discuss the use of municipal liquid waste for farming.

18 January 2017

Science Daily, 2017-01-18
Farming doesn't always have to be harmful to bees: Even though farmers on the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan traditionally slash-and-burn forest to create small fields, this practice can be beneficial to sweat bees by creating attractive habitats.
Deutsche Welle, 2017-01-18
New trends in agriculture threaten to put farmers in developing countries out of work. This is not as bad as it sounds, believes Ishmael Sunga, the chief executive of the SACAU farmers' association.

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