Biodiversity, Food and Farming for a Healthy Planet

How do farmers grow food around the world?

Different types of farming

In Asian aquacultures, fish from rice paddies provide as much as 70% of a persons’ protein each day.
In mixed farming systems, one type of sustainable farming is combined with herding, fishing or forestry activities. In a closed mixed farming system, the “waste” products of each activity provide inputs to the others while producing a diverse range of nutritious food. For example, in Zhejiang province of China, naturally flowing rivers stock rice paddies with a fish called carp, which is a major source of protein and income for farmers and their families.

Organic or ecological farming is a type of sustainable farming where on-farm renewable resources are used as much as possible. Some small-scale farmers are also organic farmers. Organic farmers often buy fewer resources because they use methods with on-farm resources. Sustainable farmers buy some pesticides to get rid of crop pests, but organic farmers will use several methods without pesticides to get rid of the same crop pest. Often organic farmers sell their surplus foods at the local market.