Biodiversity, Food and Farming for a Healthy Planet


Biodiversity is one the world’s most precious resources. All life on Earth provides us with the food we eat, cleans the air we breathe, filters the water we drink, supplies the raw materials we use to construct our homes and businesses, is part of countless medicines and natural remedies, and many other things. It is also important to many cultural traditions and beliefs and to people’s livelihoods, especially for families living in rural villages in developing countries.

This web portal explores the many different parts of nature that make biodiversity and agriculture possible. It is divided into six sections: Web Of Life
  1. What is Biodiversity ?
  2. What does biodiversity have to do with the food we eat?
  3. How do farmers grow food?
  4. Can farming affect biodiversity?
  5. What can you do by taking action
  6. What is the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)?

Happy reading!

Each section finishes with a game or puzzle to help you remember the important points.