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  Extraordinary News!
22 May 2014 - WWF-Brazil and WWF-US are pleased to share extraordinary news. This morning, Brazil’s Ministry of Environment (MMA), WWF and partners have committed US$215 million for the protection of a vital part of the Amazon rainforest. The achievement will ensure, over the next 25 years, the permanent maintenance of protected areas supported by Arpa, the world’s largest tropical rainforest conservation programme.

In addition, the Brazilian Environment Minister, Izabella Teixeira, signed a Ministerial Ordinance which announces the third phase of the programme, related to this new financial arrangement, and commit itself to the Arpa’s goal of consolidation of 60 million hectares.

A unique coalition of partners made Arpa for Life more than just a very good idea – it is now a reality. And now, thanks to the vision, commitment and hard work of so many, Arpa will be protected for Life.

  Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba
The City of Curitiba celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity by inaugurating 1) Bosque de Conservação da Biodiversidade Urbana Mercúrio - BCBU Mercúrio, and 2) a new Private Reserve of Municipal Natural Heritage.