St. Andrew's Farmers' Night Market (Network), 22 May 2015
4:00 p.m - 11:00 pm the parish of St. Andrew's, rural Grenada

To mark the International Day for Biological Diversity, the Farmers' Night Market, is offering the general public an opportunity to become more aware of and committed to the great abundance and wide range of foods, plants and animals and ocean resources worldwide, and of course, in Grenada.

This call for education and action to protect, enhance and responsibly enjoy Grenada's heritage is done by making some of the island's biodiversity available for viewing and purchase in the context of a commercial, social and entertaining experience based on the theme of agriculture and farming.

The Farmers' Night Market has been bringing the public together in food and farm celebration since December 2003. This time, the Market is offering food items such as cou cou and corn bread, cassava products, callalloo as soup and stew, juice medley, coconut bakes, fish and lambie, chicken and more. All are locally produced! They are also preparing the national "Oil' Down" and a close second "Bluggoe, salt fish and oil".

Patrons will have the opportunity to purchase sustainably harvested forest products such as bamboo brooms and straw mats and also ocean products such as seaweed as manure for back-yard gardening. St. Patrick's resident Solanche Robertsart's art will also be available for purchase.