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  Rural waste management, communities success stories, 20 May 2015, Kafshgiri village
The Hormod Sustainable Development Institute celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity 2015 with the local community in the Hyrkanian forest and holds a workshop entitled Rural waste management, communities success stories. This workshop is held on 20 May 2015 in the Kafshgiri village. This event includes a field visit from rural women compost sites.

  Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF) has designed and printed this poster to celebrate the International Day on Biological Diversity. The poster has been distributed in many public locations.

  Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation

  Origami Festival, 22 May 2015

Plan4theLand NGO with the sponsorship of Sun-ich company (beverage company) will celebrate the International Day of Biological Diversity by holding Origami Festival in some schools in Tehran city to educate children on the endangered species of Iran’s wildlife.

During this program, children will learn about endangered species such as the Persian Leopard, the Bottlenose Dolphin and the Asian Black Bear. Images of the children’s origami handcrafts will be uploaded onto the Eco-Kids club website and entered into the origami festival.

Top participants in this festival will have the chance to visit the national parks of Iran and observe wild life in the nature setting.

This Festival is intended for children living in metropolitan cities, with the goal of increasing their responsibility and knowledge about natural resource conservation, including Iran’s Biodiversity.

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