Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation is organizing an all-day event across Denmark on 22 May 2016, as the celebration is called The Great Nature Check (Det Store Naturtjek)

Denmark’s largest citizen science project on biodiversity, Biodiversitet Nu (Biodiversity Now), is inviting all Danes to check up on the state of the biological biodiversity in Denmark. Using the app NaturTjek, all Danes can easily check in 30 selected species and 12 habitats with their smartphone during the 24 hours on the 22 May 2016. See the list of animals, plants, mushrooms and habitats, and you can also register with NaturTjek here.
For every registration you make during the day, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, with our corporate sponsor, will donate 1 Danish Krone for a Danish biodiversity restoration project. Participate in events during the day or nature check at home. To see more about the project

About Project Biodiversitet Nu (Project Biodiversity Now)
Biodiversity Now is the largest citizen science project in Denmark aimed at following the developments of biodiversity for every municipality in Denmark until 2020. The scientific requirement is 1,500 observations of selected species and habitats for every municipality in Denmark, 150,000 on a national level, yearly. These observations are collected by Danes using the app NaturTjek and sent directly to prominent biodiversity researchers at Aarhus (DCE) and Copenhagen (CMEC) University. The project is managed by The Danish Society for Nature Conservation and financed by the private nature foundation Aage V. Jensen Naturfond.


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