Biodiversity is everyone's concern


Live presentation on TV by Public Health Expects 7am to 8am GMT, (our Television network is most watch in the country and we use the local language very well to get to the hearts of the people, and we believe to make change in the case of biodiversity you need to touch the people directly, let them feel the sense of belongness)

10am talk with school children since they can not be left out when it come to biodiversity.

Over the years health issues has been our number one priority as a media house. In Ghana no one can count the number of media houses without mention our outstanding four radio stations (Peace fm/ Okay fm/ Hello Fm/ Neat Fm and one television station (United television - UTV). We are pleased to be part of the world throwing our weight behind 2016 International Day for Biological Diversity. Indeed Biological Diversity is everyone's concern.

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme