Opening of the photo exhibition “Anima Mundi” and projection of the documentary film “Our Disappearing World”, 21 May 2016, Belgrade

Time 20:00
Place: Club “Kenozoik” St. Cetinjska No.15

On the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity, the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia is organizing the event in order to present the importance of cooperation in the conservation of rare and endangered species, and the importance of implementation of CITES Convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

On this occasion there will be the opening of photo exhibition "Anima Mundi", with the motifs of critically endangered species and habitats of the world`s biodiversity hotspots (Author: Milivoje Krvavac), and the premiere of the documentary "Our Disappearing World" (Director: Marta Kadziela). The documentary was filmed in Sri Lanka during 2015 and 2016 as part of the project on preventing the illegal trade in species and raising public awareness on this global issue. The representative of Serbia and the Institute on this project was Milivoje Krvavac.

The Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia is a public, expert institution engaged in the activities on conservation and improvement of Serbian natural heritage. Over the past few decades the Institute has developed into a modern institution with its Headquarters in Belgrade and the Office in Niš. The Institute`s activities include the research of areas, the drafting of studies on protection, various activities related to the protection, conservation and improvement of protected natural areas, biodiversity and geodivesity, as well as publishing, education and promotional activities aimed at raising general public awareness on nature conservation.

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