Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

  Island IDB Celebration - Biodiversity and the Sustainable Livelihood of Island Communities, Tasso and Pepel Islands

20-21 May 2016 - Radio and television discussion programs on biodiversity protection and island communities’ sustainable livelihoods, as well as, the commitment of political leaders.

22 May 2016 - Island Biodiversity Day, theme: “Biodiversity and the Sustainable Livelihood of Island Communities”

This shall be followed by another event, “Island Youth Global Day of Action“ on 24 June 2016. The event aims to utilize the youth as a vehicle for creating awareness on positive social change in the islands, especially in the areas of environmental management and Biodiversity protection.

  Biodiversity Week 2016, 17-20 May 2016, Freetown

The Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA) will be hosting a Biodiversity Week 2016 in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-SL), National Protection Area Authority (NPAA), Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) and other partners.

The Biodiversity Week 2016 events will raise awareness and understanding of critical biodiversity issues facing Sierra Leone and the importance of biodiversity in supporting livelihoods. Multiple presentations will be given during the week, in particular on the deforestation and the water supply in Sierra Leone. You can see the full program here.

On 22 May, the International Day for Biological Diversity, EFA will host a biodiversity celebration on Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary with the local communities and students from BRELC. Visit the website for more information.

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