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The CBD LifeWeb Initiative facilitates financing for protected areas to conserve biodiversity, secure livelihoods, and address climate change, through implementation of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas.

More than US $110 million for protected areas announced at COP10

cop10A total of more than US $110 million for funding of protected areas was announced at a high-profile dinner hosted by the CBD LifeWeb Initiative during the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10) of the Convention on Biological Diversity, on 24 October 2010, in Nagoya, Japan.

The event was attended by more than 180 people, including 24 Ministers and Deputy Ministers. Public and private donor partners announced their financing commitments and technical support for protected area projects, relevant to Expressions of Interest profiled on CBD LifeWeb’s clearing-house.

Financing matches announced will benefit Colombia, Costa Rica, countries in the Eastern Caribbean, Mozambique, South Africa, and others.
For further information and photographs, click here: www.cbd.int/lifeweb/cop10/

Funding matches profiled at the CBD LifeWeb Dinner during COP10

Bank of Georgia:The Bank of Georgia, in partnership with the Caucasus Nature Fund, was recognized for providing US$150,000 to funding protected areas in the Southern Caucasus region.
Belgium: The Ministry of Environment of Flanders announced €30,000 to partially fund an Expression of Interest submitted to CBD LifeWeb for South Africa in 2011.
Canada: The Canadian Forest Service, which hosts the International Model Forest Network (IMFN) Secretariat, highlighted the promising links that are being developed between CBD LifeWeb and the IMFN.
European Commission: The European Commission announced their intention to finance the creation and implementation of payment for ecosystem service arrangements in Colombian protected areas and buffer zones, consistent with priorities conveyed through the Financing Round Table for the Colombian Protected Area System.
Finland: The government of Finland has contributed a total of €500,000 in support of Expressions of Interest submitted to CBD LifeWeb in Peru and Tanzania.
France:Through the Agence Française de Développement, the government of France will provide €4 million to support the Biofund Expression of Interest, a protected areas trust fund in Mozambique.
Germany: The Government of Germany is in the final stages of agreement to provide approximately €15 million to support five Expressions of Interest submitted to CBD LifeWeb from Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Philippines.
Japan: As President of the Conference of the Parties to the CBD, Japan announced that it will promote the sustainable use of biodiversity through the Satoyama Initiative, and CBD LifeWeb is an instrument that can help achieve this goal.
Italy: The government of Italy will provide €950,000 from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in support of an Expression of Interest for the Caribbean Challenge.
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Linden Trust, The Nature Conservancy, Walton Family Foundation: The foundations, The Nature Conservancy, and others have provided over US$30 million in support of the Forever Costa Rica project.
Netherlands: The Government of the Netherlands will contribute €7,000,000 for biodiversity conservation in Colombia, contributing to funding Colombia’s national- scale Expression of Interest.
Spain: Through the Spain-UNEP Partnership for Protected Areas, the government of Spain is providing financial support for 11 Expressions of Interest submitted to CBD LifeWeb.
United States of America: US$ 27 million of financial support was conveyed from the government of the United States for conservation activities in Costa Rica, made available through the Topical Forest Conservation Act. This support will reinforce implementation of the Expression of Interest to CBD LifeWeb for Forever Costa Rica. The United States Agency for International Cooperation conveyed its intention to provide US$ 20 million over 5 years in support of biodiversity activities in Colombia.

“FROM COMMITMENT TO ACTION” COP 10 Ecosystem Pavilion Evening Sessions

CBD LifeWeb partners hosted a series of regionally focused evenings at the COP10 Ecosystem Pavilion from 24 to 28 October in Nagoya, Japan. These well-attended events highlighted commitment and progress, as well as invited partnership with the international community to move “From Commitment to Action” in the implementation of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas. www.ecosystemspavilion.org
The regional evenings featured:
lifeweb dinner pic Mesoamerica
Financing Forever Costa Rica and other national initiatives. 
Photos Pavilion News Digest, 25 October, 2010 | Press Conference
lifeweb dinner pic Caribbean and Micronesia
Progress in the Caribbean Challenge and Micronesia Challenge in terms of financing, partnerships and implementation.
Photos Pavilion News Digest, 26 October, 2010 | Press Conference
lifeweb dinner pic South America
Regional collaboration and vision for biodiversity and climate change synergies in South America, with a focus on the Amazon Conservation Vision and other initiatives. 
Photos Pavilion News Digest, 27 October, 2010
lifeweb dinner West Africa
A “call to action” based on round table discussions about prioritization and financing of the West African marine and coastal protected areas initiative. 
Photos Pavilion News Digest, 28 October, 2010 | PRCM website 

2011 Preview: Focus of CBD LifeWeb Coordination Office

The CBD LifeWeb coordination office has updated its strategic plan. Our objectives for 2011 are to:
1. Support Parties in submitting and profiling quality Expressions of Interest (EOI) to CBD LifeWeb.
2. Facilitate funding matches between donors and recipients.
3. Support Parties in hosting sub-regional and national financing round table processes to mobilise funding for PoWPA implementation.
4. Provide global recognition of leadership in financing protected areas.
5. Adapt and improve our web site and communications materials on an ongoing basis, to enable all of the above.
6. Secure financing for the operations of the CBD LifeWeb Coordination Office beyond 2011.

Potential and current donor partners: Help Us Help You

We would like to hear from current and potential CBD LifeWeb donors. Your feedback is important to improve our services, which can help you conserve biodiversity, secure livelihoods, and address climate change, through implementation of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas.

Click here to take the short survey.
All information submitted will be kept confidential and will not be publicly accessible or shared in anyway.

What is LifeWeb LifeWeb: provides a user-friendly clearing-house for countries to profile their protected area needs and invite international support; facilitates funding matches; coordinates counterpart financing among donors; and recognizes donor support and innovation for natural solutions. The Life Web Initiative was launched in May 2008 at the ninth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Bonn, Germany. For further information on LifeWeb, please visit our website.

Season’s greetings from the CBD LifeWeb Coordination Office. We look forward to ever-strengthening partnerships for protected areas in the New Year.

International Day of Peace

December 2010
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CBD LifeWeb Statistics
Funding matches for Protected Areas announced at the CBD LifeWeb dinner during COP10
more than
US $110M
Total number of Donors and Enabling Partners in CBD LifeWeb during 2010
Total number of funding submissions received on the CBD LifeWeb clearing-house
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Progressing toward Sustainable Conservation of the Leuser Ecosystem
Marine Protected Areas Strengthening Project
Consolidating the Brazilian National System of Conservation Units - SNUC
Enabling Partners
Enabling Partners have supported countries in prioritizing their protected area funding needs conveyed in Expressions of Interest and/or provided implementation capacity for protected areas.

New Enabling Partner Profile:
Parks Victoria (Australia)

An agreement was recently signed between the CBD Secretariat and Parks Victoria (the State-level parks management agency for Victoria, Australia), to strengthen communication about the synergies between healthy ecosystems and human health, in close collaboration with CBD LifeWeb.  As part of this agreement, we welcome Kathryn Campbell on secondment from Parks Victoria and her contribution to the CBD LifeWeb Coordination Office.

Other Donors and Enabling Partners include:
Belgium – The Government of Flanders
IUCN - World Commission on Protected Areas 
The European Commission
UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Center
United Nations Development Program
CBD LifeWeb applauds the contributions of its donor partners and invites current and potential donors to consider supporting protected area projects profiled on the CBD LifeWeb website, as consistent with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.  For more information on donor involvement and value-added benefits, click here.
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