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News Headlines

Dwarf dragons discovered in the Andes

LIMA, April 6 (UPI) -- In the Andes, dwarf dragons are scurrying across the forest floor in greater variety than previously thought.

News Headlines

New Mesoamerican pine beetle described by scientists

A newly-discovered species of tree-killing bark beetle has been described in a new paper.

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Chihuahua of the sea? Scientists find rare 'pocket shark'

The accidental discovery of a tiny, but extraordinary shark species, is a big moment for ocean research. It also reminds us of how little we know about life in the deep seas.

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Geckos, moths and spider-scorpions: Six new species on Mount Tambora, say Indonesian researchers

Indonesian researchers believe they have identified six new animal species in the newly declared Mount Tambora National Park on the island of Sumbawa.

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New species of marine roly poly pillbug discovered near Port of Los Angeles

A new research article reports on a discovery made during a Los Angeles class fieldtrip -- a new species of marine pillbug.

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Scientists find 11 chameleon species in Madagascar

Scientists have found that the panther chameleon, a species with spectacular intra-specific colour variations, found in Madagascar, actually comprises eleven different species.

News Headlines

New wasp species named after Harry Potter series' dementor

BANGKOK, May 27 (UPI) -- Ampulex dementor, also known as the dementor wasp, is only one of 139 new species discovered last year in the Greater Mekong region, but it is most certainly the scariest.

News Headlines

New bird uncovered in South American conflict region, researchers urge protection

On the border of Colombia and Venezuela lies a mountain range called Serranía de Perijá in which a small brown songbird is going about its day entirely unaware of what a stir it has just created in the world of ornithology.

News Headlines

New marsupial species fights ferociously for sex, then dies

BRISBANE, Australia, June 2 (UPI) -- The males of two new species of dusky antechinus discovered in Australia spend their annual mating season coupling with as many females as possible and then die within weeks -- yet that isn't what threatens the species' existence.

News Headlines

Seven tiny frog species found on seven mountains

Seven new species of tiny frog have been discovered on seven different mountains in south-eastern Brazil.

News Headlines

New tropical tree species await discovery

Scientists have raised the estimated number of tropical tree species to at least 40,000 to 53,000. Many tropical tree species risk extinction because of their rarity and restriction to small geographic areas, reaffirming the need for comprehensive, pan-tropical conservation efforts.

News Headlines

Scientists discover cutest octopus in the world

MONTEREY, Calif., June 17 (UPI) -- The search for the cutest octopus in the world is finally over. There are no defenses for the heart-melting looks of a newly identified -- but still unnamed -- species of octopus found deep in California's Monterey Bay.

News Headlines

College student discovers new firefly species

RIVERSIDE, Calif., June 26 (UPI) -- On almost any summer night, thousands of kids are catching fireflies. Few, if any, however, are discovering new species.

News Headlines

Four new tooth-frog species discovered in West African forests

"More than ten new amphibian species have been described in the last decade, and more await formal description," researchers said of Upper Guinea, a unique forest habitat in West Africa.

News Headlines

The jackal that turned into a wolf: new species discovered in Africa

There’s another wolf in the world, according to results published yesterday in Current Biology. The discovery of the species, called the African golden wolf (Canis anthus), effectively increases the number of living canid species from 35 to 36.

News Headlines

Scientists name lizard species after Sir David Attenborough

ACTON, Australia, Aug. 3 (UPI) -- A new brightly colored flat lizard species has been discovered in South Africa. The scientists describing the newly identified creature have decided to name it after naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

News Headlines

Tiny New Frog with a Face Like a Bandit Found in Andes

A tiny new frog species discovered in the Peruvian Andes has a white-mottled belly and a dark face mask that makes it look like a bandit.

News Headlines

Newly discovered dwarf lemurs are totally unafraid of humans

It’s a lemur lover’s dream: cute and totally unafraid. A new population of dwarf lemurs has been identified on a small, uninhabited island off the north coast of Madagascar.

News Headlines

New species of titi monkey discovered in Peruvian forests

A new species of titi monkey was recently discovered in the Urubamba river region of Peru, according to New Scientist.

News Headlines

Newly discovered crustacean species named for Sir Elton John

RAJA AMPAT, Indonesia, Aug. 26 (UPI) -- A team of researchers, from Florida and the Netherlands, recently located a tiny creature living inside another creature.

News Headlines

The ‘blue bastard’ kissing fish from seafarers’ tales is real

Only in Australia. An elusive and aggressive blue fish, until now known only through seafarers’ tales, has finally been documented by science. So hard to catch, the fish had become known to anglers as “blue bastard” – a name it is now officially stuck with.

News Headlines

Sneezing monkey and walking fish among new species discovered in Himalayas

Species new to science found in the Eastern Himalayas over the past five years include 133 plants, 26 species of fish, 10 new amphibians – and one mammal

News Headlines

New 'hog-nosed rat' discovered in Indonesia

The species, which has been named Hyorhinomys stuempkei - hog-nosed rat - has "distinct and unique features uncommon to other rats", they said.

News Headlines

Why taxonomy is important for biodiversity-based science

Taxonomy usually refers to the theory and practice of describing, naming and classifying living things. Such work is essential for the fundamental understanding of biodiversity and its conservation.

News Headlines

New species of wasp discovered in England

A species of wasp that has never been recorded in the country has been discovered at a British nature reserve.

News Headlines

New species of giant tortoise brings Galapagos tally to eleven

A new species of giant tortoise has been identified in the Galapagos, taking the tally in the archipelago to 11.

News Headlines

Scientists discover world's tiniest snail species in Borneo

The researchers who discovered the record-setting species have been studying Malaysia's mollusks for more than 25 years.

News Headlines

The owls beyond the Andes: Divergence between distant populations suggests new species

They might be looking quite identical, but each of the populations of two owl species, living in the opposite hemispheres, might actually turn out to be yet another kind.

News Headlines

Mistaken identities of tropical plants raise questions on biodiversity data

The primary way that researchers know anything about the distribution of species in the natural world is via the specimen collections housed in museums all around the world.

News Headlines

New eyeless harvestman species named for Tolkien's Smeagol

SAO PAULO, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- Researchers in Brazil named a newly discovered harvestman species after Smeagol, the pathetic bottom-dweller from Tolkien's epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.

News Headlines

Ancient fireworm species named for punk rocker Henry Rollins

BRISTOL, England, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- After a rare fossilized fireworm unearthed in Lebanon turned out to be a new species, British biologists looked to American rock for naming inspiration.

News Headlines

Scientists discover black-eyed snake species in Andes

QUITO, Ecuador, Dec. 3 (UPI) -- Deep in the hidden forests of the Andes are mysterious creatures still unnamed.

News Headlines

Meet the first butterfly to be named after Sir David Attenborough

British naturalist and TV presenter Sir David Attenborough has lent his name to a number of animal and plant species.

News Headlines

Researchers discover six new African frog species, uncover far more diversity

Researchers have discovered half a dozen new species of the African clawed frog, and added back another to the list of known species, in the process uncovering striking new characteristics of one of the most widely studied amphibians in the world.

News Headlines

New species of venomous snake discovered in endangered Mexican cloud forests

Scientists say they’ve discovered a new species of horned pitviper in the critically endangered cloud forests of the Sierra Madre Oriental in Jalisco, Mexico, and determined that another pitviper is indeed a unique species.

News Headlines

Two new species of frogs are discovered in Madagascar

The Tsaratanana Massif –the highest mountain on Madagascar and one of the island's most remote regions– is home to several indigenous species.

News Headlines

Tuneful song reveals new species of Himalayan thrush

Scientists have described a new species of bird in northern India and China, called the Himalayan forest thrush.

News Headlines

New Australian leech species named for best-selling author Amy Tan

"I am now planning my trip to Queensland, Australia, where I hope to take leisurely walks through the jungle, accompanied by a dozen or so of my namesake feeding on my ankles," author Amy Tan said.

News Headlines

New bird with amazing voice 'like Adele' discovered in India

A new species of forest thrush has been discovered in a remote region of northeastern India, making it only the fourth new bird discovered in the country since independence in 1947.

News Headlines

Newly discovered chameleon sheds light on Tanzania biodiversity

The Wildlife Conservation Society announced yesterday that a team of scientists has discovered a new species of chameleon in the mountainous rainforests of Tanzania.

News Headlines

Four new algae species discovered in Hawaii's deep waters

Scientists have announced the discovery of four new species of deep-water algae in Hawaii's Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. The new species were collected between 200-400 feet, depths not typically known for marine algae.

News Headlines

Two new jewel-eyed tree frog species discovered in Taiwan, display strange reproductive behavior

In the island country of Taiwan, researchers have identified two new species of tree frogs with jewel-colored eyes.

News Headlines

Black tarantula named after Johnny Cash

A new species of black tarantula that lives near Folsom Prison, California, has been named after Johnny Cash.

News Headlines

New electric fish provided key to establishing first new genus in 30 years

The discovery of a new species of mormyrid, a “weakly electric” fish endemic to the continental freshwaters of Africa, has led to the creation of a new genus containing not one but two new species.

News Headlines

New species with heart-shaped fruits inspires a love for biodiversity in Hawai'I

Just in time for Valentine's Day, botanists from Hawai'i have discovered a new species of plant with small heart-shaped fruits.

News Headlines

Discovery of new plant species sparks hopes of more finds on southern isle

YAKUSHIMA, Kagoshima Prefecture--A biologist out walking with a friend discovered a new variety of plant that is a close member of an odd-looking endangered species of flora.

News Headlines

Eight newly discovered species of whip spiders could soon become extinct

Amid collections of museum specimens, biologists have discovered eight new species of “whip spiders” from the genus Charinus — arachnids with thin, long, whip-like legs.

News Headlines

World's smallest Rafflesia flower discovered in Nueva Ecija

The Philippines cemented itself as the world's biodiversity hotspot for Rafflesia "corpse flowers" as a new species of the usually pungent-smelling blossom was just discovered in Nueva Ecija.

News Headlines

Super-fast evolving fish splitting into two species in same lake

Some thought it was impossible. But a population of stickleback fish that breed in the same streams is splitting into two separate species before our eyes, and at rapid speeds.

News Headlines

Smallest of giant flowers ‘accidentally’ discovered in the Philippines

In the rainforests of southeastern Asia, a parasitic plant called Rafflesia produces the world’s largest flowers. Some Rafflesia flowers, for instance, can be a meter and a half in diameter, and can weigh up to 22 pounds (or 10 kilograms). These flowers, called “corpse flower” locally, often sme ...

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