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News Headlines

PH urges nations to conserve intertidal wetlands for migratory species

The Philippines on Tuesday, October 24, made a pitch for the conservation of critical intertidal and other coastal habitats for migratory species at the sidelines of the world's largest wildlife conference for the year.

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International body adopts Philippine declaration on wildlife protection

The United Nations-backed Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) has adopted a resolution drafted by the Philippines, which recognizes the role of migratory wildlife in achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 set by the UN.

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Over 30 species spotted at Aravalli nature park during bird watching

Today, the team spotted 30 species of birds, including the Black Kite, Shrike, Drongo, Sparrow and Bulbul, among many others.”Read I Migratory bird spotted early in Basai as concerns mount over wetland’s futureAbout 12 participants spotted different bird species at the nature park during the 2-h ...

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Where Do Songbirds Go to Die?

One afternoon in May 2008, a graduate student named Pat Kramer was in northwestern Pennsylvania catching purple martins. The bird, a large swallow that nests in artificial birdhouses across North America, is a well-studied species. But one particular purple martin Kramer and some fellow research ...

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Migratory Birds Are Being Driven Northward by Climate Change

Climate change is pushing the wintering grounds of millions of migratory birds north from Africa into the Middle East, Israeli experts report. 500 million birds are staying put in parts of Israel that used to serve as a pit stop along their migration route south. Frequent droughts and desertific ...

News Headlines

This terrifying real-life sea monster is much ‘happier’ than it looks, researchers reveal

It looks like an alien creature, but these pictures actually show a newly-discovered sea monster that lives deeper in the ocean than any other fish.

News Headlines

Binoculars out as migratory birds flock to the capital

At the Yamuna Biodiversity park. Photos: (Expres Photo by Gajendra Yadav) At the Yamuna Biodiversity park. Photos: (ExpresPhoto by Gajendra Yadav) On a wintry morning, the clever kotwal paid a visit, overlooking the large expanse of reed bed , As Reported By IE.

News Headlines

Flock tales from the coast

Birders identify rare species of migratory pelagic birds that have made a winter home on the hospitable shores of Arichal Munai and Dhanushkodi The onset of winter heralds the advent of migratory birds. It is the season when ornithologists flock the birding hotspots with cameras and binoculars, ...

News Headlines

Christmas Island's Millions Of Migrating Baby Crabs Are A Bonkers Sight To Behold

Each year, newborn crabs make the perilous trek from the sea shore to the forests of Christmas Island. This year was no exception, as new video taken of the migration makes abundantly clear.

News Headlines

3 rare migratory birds seen in southern Negros wetlands

THREE rare migratory birds were found in southern Negros during the 2018 Asian Waterbird Count (AWC) of Negros Occidental Coastal Wetlands Conservation Area (NOCWCA) conducted on January 6 to 21.

News Headlines

Leyte wetlands host migratory birds

Migratory birds from the Tundra regions near the North Pole have flocked to the bays of Carigara and Ormoc City in Leyte province to escape the cold winter of that region to the warmer and tropical climate here to feed and roost.

News Headlines

Animals Are Losing Their Vagility, or Ability to Roam Freely

HELENA, Mont. — Snow comes early to the Teton mountain range, and when it does the white-bottomed pronghorn that live here get the urge to move.

News Headlines

Extreme weather, forest loss behind sharp drop in monarch butterfly sightings

Right about now, the kings of the butterfly world are emerging from hibernation in Mexico looking for love and ready to make more butterflies. But scientists Monday said the number of monarch butterflies which will start their annual, 5,000-kilometre migration north to Canadian gardens and wild ...

News Headlines

One species described multiple times: How taxonomists contribute to biodiversity discovery

While working on a rare little known group of Oriental wasps that likely parasitize the eggs of grasshoppers, locusts or crickets, not only did a team of four entomologists discover four previously unknown species, but they also found that another four species were in fact one and the same. Thei ...

News Headlines

Birds migrate away from diseases

In a unique study, researchers have mapped the origins of migratory birds. They used the results to investigate and discover major differences in the immune systems of sedentary and migratory birds. The researchers conclude that migratory species benefit from leaving tropical areas when it is ti ...

News Headlines

Vultures reveal critical Old World flyways

Identifying bottlenecks -- i.e. places where birds concentrate on migration -- helps bird conservationists know what areas to focus on and get the most bang for their buck, since a large percentage of a species' population can pass through these small areas.

News Headlines

Wintering warblers choose agriculture over forest

Effective conservation for long-distance migrants requires knowing what's going on with them year-round--not just when they're in North America during the breeding season.

News Headlines

Some migratory birds arrive early – others not at all

Ornithologists say that certain species have come to Finland early and in plentiful numbers this spring – but that others are suffering drastic drops in population due to human activity.

News Headlines

Editorial: A new threat to migratory birds

Passenger pigeons used to be so abundant in North America that migrating flocks blocked out the sun.

News Headlines

Ensuring a strong link for migratory bird sites

The last of the white heron has left a small rice farm along Aguinaldo Highway in Dasmariñas City.

News Headlines

Highway noise alters monarch butterfly's stress response, could affect migration

May 10 (UPI) -- New research suggests the monarch butterfly's stress response can be disrupted by exposure to prolonged periods of highway noise.

News Headlines

Spreading the word on migratory birds

The Summit for Flyways took place from 23-26 April and brought together over 100 top bird scientists, conservationists, donors and policy influencers to discuss efforts to conserve migratory birds and their habitats.

News Headlines

How will climate change affect bird migration? Our scientists explain

Our Chief Scientist Dr Stuart Butchart talks about his work on the paper "Flight range, fuel load and the impact of climate change on the journeys of migrant birds".

News Headlines

Nigeria’s World Migratory Bird Day celebrations reveal unexpected link with Finland

The wonders of migration take one small village by storm, and a chance encounter with a ringed Osprey shows that birds’ incredible journeys really do link people on opposite sides of the globe…

News Headlines

A race against crime: 5 years of Champions of the Flyway

Over the last five years, Champions of the Flyway has raised nearly $350,000 to help BirdLife partners tackle the illegal killing of birds in the Mediterranean. We look back on five years of inspirational partnership.

News Headlines

Study of greater Yellowstone pronghorn finds highway crossing structures a conservation success

Pronghorn responses to wildlife road-crossing structures and fencing can inform similar solutions for other migratory wildlife threatened by vehicle collisions

News Headlines

Migrating monarchs facing increased parasite risks

During their annual migration to wintering sites in Mexico, monarch butterflies encounter dangers ranging from cars and trucks to storms, droughts and predators. A study led by ecologists at the University of Georgia has found evidence that these iconic insects might be facing a new challenge.

News Headlines

New trackers will help scientists follow elusive critters

Tracking wildlife has improved our understanding of animal activities such as migration and hunting. Yet most species remain invisible to biologists. Transmitter devices that exceed 5 percent of an animal’s body weight can negatively impact its behavior and chances of survival.

News Headlines

Satellites and citizen science pinpoint migratory bird refueling stops

The millions of waterbirds that migrate each spring from South America to as far as the Arctic can’t do it in one trip. They stop to rest and refuel several times along the way to survive the grueling journey.

News Headlines

Science: More than 4 billion birds stream overhead during fall migration [Report]

Using cloud computing and data from 143 weather radar stations across the continental United States, Cornell Lab of Ornithology researchers can now estimate how many birds migrate through the U.S. and the toll that winter and these nocturnal journeys take. Their findings are published in Nature ...

News Headlines

India Readies 5-Year Action Plan to Remain Favourite Destination for Migratory Birds

Seeking to remain one of the favourite destinations for migratory birds, India has come out with a five-year national action plan to conserve the habitats of these species who cover long distances to make the country their temporary home during winter. T

News Headlines

Raptor migration season in Sarangani opens

It’s the time of the year once more when raptors from neighboring countries, such as Taiwan and Japan, fly long distances and even cross open oceans to find the suitable environment and feeding areas. As these birds head to Indonesia, they pass by Southern Mindanao to rest and feed before contin ...

News Headlines

In autumn, Islamabad’s green lands receive ‘guests’ from as far as Siberia & Africa

Every year in autumn, hundreds of migratory birds arrive in Islamabad to settle in the water bodies there — lakes, ponds, steams and dams.

News Headlines

Hope takes wing as Manipur prepares to establish its first bird sanctuary

Of the thousands of migratory birds that have landed this winter at Loktak Lake, in Manipur in northeast India, the rare sighting of a once-abundant songbird with distinctive bright yellow underparts holds a different meaning for birders.

News Headlines

Over 25,000 birds arrive at Okhla Bird Sanctuary

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary is truly a birdwatcher’s delight this year, teeming with a large variety of migratory birds after several years. Officials said that the number of birds has already surpassed the records seen in the past few years.

News Headlines

Multicultural creatures of habit: Long-term study reveals migratory patterns of bats

Every year, trillions of animals migrate for thousands of kilometres between their summer and winter habitats. Among them are several species of bats whose journeys in the dark of the night unfold largely unnoticed by humans and have only partially been investigated by science. A reconstruction ...

News Headlines

Female penguins are getting stranded along the South American coast

Every year, thousands of Magellanic penguins are stranded along the South American coast—from northern Argentina to southern Brazil—1,000 kilometers away from their breeding ground in northern Patagonia.

News Headlines

Study finds two billion birds migrate over Gulf Coast

A new study combining data from citizen scientists and weather radar stations is providing detailed insights into spring bird migration along the Gulf of Mexico and how these journeys may be affected by climate change. Findings on the timing, location, and intensity of these bird movements are p ...

News Headlines

Mansarovar Lake losing foreign guests

Mansarovar Lake in the periphery of Sariska Tiger Reserve,Alwar is fast losing its foreign guests with every passing winter due to indiscriminate draining of water for the irrigating agricultural land in the nearby villages.

News Headlines

Ramsar wetlands host record number of migratory birds

An annual bird migratory survey of the region's Ramsar wetlands has recorded the highest numbers since the program began back in 2006.

News Headlines

Human pressure on the Serengeti’s fringes threatens the wildlife within

Every year, millions of wildebeests, gazelles and zebras migrate between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, in one of the most iconic wildlife shows on the planet.

News Headlines

Deforested habitats leave migratory birds ill-prepared for journey north

To many in North America, the sound of birds among the early spring trees is the sound of renewal: after a long, cold winter, the colorful warblers and vocal thrushes have finally returned, bringing with them the promise of warming weather. It’s a seasonal phenomenon as old as time — but one tha ...

News Headlines

Why Mara wildebeest are unhappy with you

-The Serengeti-Mara squeeze, one of the world’s most iconic ecosystems, is under pressure -Increased human activity is 'squeezing the wildlife in its core', damaging habitation and disrupting migration routes

News Headlines

Canada’s Boreal Forest, Stopover for Billions of Birds, Merits Greater Protection

Emerging science shows area’s biodiversity is vital to migratory species

News Headlines

World Migratory Bird Day: birds globally threatened by plastic waste

Bonn, 9 May 2019 – Plastic pollution poses serious health risks to wildlife globally, affecting a wide range of species including whales, turtles, fish and birds.

News Headlines

Africa: World Migratory Bird Day - Birds Globally Threatened By Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution poses serious health risks to wildlife globally, affecting a wide range of species including whales, turtles, fish and birds.

News Headlines

After Disappearing For 30 Years, A Certain Shark Is Back In California

Yes, this is one of those “fish swimming in the ocean” posts. But in my defense, at least it’s a really cool and really big fish.

News Headlines

How Birdwatchers, Others Can Help Migrating Bird Populations

The kinds of birds coming through your neighborhood are probably changing, and so is the timing of their migrations.

News Headlines

Tiger sharks feast on migratory birds that fall out of the sky

Other marine animals don’t appear to target land birds that end up in the Gulf of Mexico

News Headlines

Amidst UK Pollinator Declines, Migrant Hoverflies Are Doing Well

Every spring, the UK receives swarms of insect visitors from mainland Europe—among them two species of particularly beneficial hoverflies.

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