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News Headlines

‘Worst it’s ever been’: a threatened species alarm sounds during the election campaign – and is ignored

Gregory Andrews was Australia’s first threatened species commissioner, appointed in 2013 by the then incoming Coalition environment minister Greg Hunt.

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‘Wildlife-friendly’ infrastructure rules in Nepal and India ignore the birds

Nepal’s government has recently adopted guidelines to make infrastructure such as roads, dams and railway lines wildlife-friendly, following pressure from conservationists and NGOs.

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‘Time running out’: US, Germany intensify climate change fight

Deal will see the two nations develop and deploy technologies to speed up the clean energy transition, particularly in the areas of offshore wind power, zero-emissions vehicles and hydrogen.

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‘Poorly conceived’ trophy hunting bill puts wildlife at risk, UK government told

A proposed UK ban on trophy hunting imports risks undermining the conservation of rhinos, elephants and other endangered wildlife, according to a group of leading scientists and conservationists who said African perspectives have been ignored by the government.

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‘Oppressive and wrong’: green activists urge Labour to vote against policing bill

Climate activist groups are urging the Labour party to oppose a policing bill they say will undermine the right to protest at a critical moment in the fight to avoid climate breakdown.

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‘Future generations will judge us’: Senator urges action on biodiversity crisis

A Green Party Senator became emotional as she highlighted the biodiversity crisis the world faces as a result of climate change. Senator Róisín Garvey was winding up a Seanad debate on biodiversity in which her party, which is in Government, called for action as soon as possible on programme for ...

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‘Fossil fascism,’ homeless great apes and a landmark ruling against Big Oil

Thousands of participants from around the world joined us for GLF Africa, the world’s first digital conference devoted entirely to African drylands. Here’s what happened across the two-day event.

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‘Dead in the water’: key crossbenchers reject Coalition demand to back new environment standards

The Morrison government is attempting to stare down the Senate over changes to conservation laws, warning the wording of controversial new environment standards before parliament is “not negotiable” and will not be strengthened.

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‘Compensation on the table’ in talks with cruise ships on anchorage reef destruction

The Government has begun “serious and stringent” talks with cruise ships that berthed off the west coast, seriously damaging coral reefs that are vital to the island’s coastal protection, fisheries, marine life and tourism, according to Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Hump ...

News Headlines

‘Climate crisis on our shores’: Mediterranean countries sign deal after summer of fires

With the catastrophic effects of this summer’s unprecedented wildfires still being counted, leaders from around the Mediterranean – the European region most at risk from climate breakdown – have vowed to intensify their efforts to tackle the challenges posed by extreme weather.

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‘Blue diplomacy’: France summit puts world’s spotlight on oceans

Up to 40 world leaders are due to make “ambitious and concrete commitments” towards combating illegal fishing, decarbonising shipping and reducing plastic pollution at what is billed as the first high-level summit dedicated to the ocean.

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[Commentary] A ‘people’s manifesto’ for the 2019 national elections in India

In late February, about 50 movements and organisations from various parts of India released a ‘People’s Manifesto for a Just, Equitable, and Sustainable India’. This was sent to political parties for their consideration in the run-up to the upcoming national elections, but was also intended to b ...

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Zoonotic pathogens threaten humans, snow leopards in High Asia: Policy brief

The remote mountains of inner Asia could witness future pandemics which could threaten both humans as well as non-human species such as snow leopards, a new policy brief has said.

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Zimbabwe: UK Hails Zimbabwe's Biodiversity Management

The Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund is helping the nation to safeguard the effective management of the environment, said the United Kingdom (UK) Ambassador to Zimbabwe Melanie Robinson. The fund, an initiative by the UK government in collaboration with other development partners, has the overa ...

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Zimbabwe: AfCFTA Should Enhance Bio-Diversity Trading - UN

THE United Nations has called upon Africa to mainstream trade and bio-diversity to unlock wider economic potential under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The continent is regarded as one of the most bio-diverse regions on earth and yet commitments negotiated so far under the lan ...

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Zero pollution in drinking water: Endocrine-disrupting chemicals on new watch list of pollutants

Following a decision by the Commission, drinking water across the EU will have to be monitored more closely for the potential presence of two endocrine-disrupting compounds (beta-estradiol and nonylphenol) throughout the whole water supply chain. As required by EU rules on drinking water in forc ...

News Headlines

Xi stresses improving biosecurity risk control, management system

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, has stressed efforts to improve the country's risk control and management system on biosecurity, and to enhance its governance capacity in this regard.

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World’s chief scientists urge Cop26 attendees to step up low-carbon policies

Chief scientists and presidents of the national science academies of more than 20 countries including Sir Patrick Vallance have written to world leaders ahead of the Cop26 climate summit, urging them to set out policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions sharply, to limit global heating to 1.5C.

News Headlines

World’s biggest biodiversity summit since COVID opens in Marseille

Emmanuel Macron addresses IUCN World Conservation Congress, warning “there is no vaccine for a sick planet”. EURACTIV’s media partner, The Guardian, reports.

News Headlines

World must ‘change track’ to protect oceans from climate crisis: Guterres

The planet is facing the triple crises of climate disruption, biodiversity loss and pollution, Secretary-General António Guterres told the One Ocean Summit on Friday, warning that “the ocean shoulders much of the burden”.

News Headlines

World leaders warned to protect nature or risk future pandemics

The root cause of pandemics — the destruction of nature — is being ignored, scientists have warned. The focus of world leaders on responding to future outbreaks overlooks the far cheaper and more effective strategy of stopping the spillover of disease from animals to humans in the first place, t ...

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World leaders must take bold, transformative measures to protect threatened species

In 1973, when I was 15 years old, there were less than 4 billion people on the planet. The Iron and Bamboo Curtains cut huge swathes of the world off from each other. Unfettered global trade was years away.

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World leaders descend on France for ocean summit as Macron puts spotlight on seas

Up to 40 world leaders are due to make “ambitious and concrete commitments” towards combating illegal fishing, decarbonising shipping and reducing plastic pollution at what is billed as the first high-level summit dedicated to the ocean.

News Headlines

World leaders at France summit mull ways to protect oceans

World leaders met on France's Atlantic coast Friday to discuss protecting the planet's oceans from threats such as overfishing and plastic pollution, and finding fairer ways to manage the seas.

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World Heritage Committee agrees not to place Great Barrier Reef on ‘in danger’ list

The Great Barrier Reef will not be placed on a list of world heritage sites “in danger” after a global lobbying effort from Australia against the proposed listing.

News Headlines

Wolf Populations Drop as More States Allow Hunting

Gray wolves once roamed the entire North American continent, from the scrubby deserts of Mexico to the boreal forests of Alaska. But by the 1950s decades of overhunting and habitat loss had nearly extirpated the species in the contiguous United States.

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With ban on palm oil exports, Indonesia reaps condemnation and praise

Indonesia, the world’s biggest producer of crude palm oil, has ordered a ban on the export of the commodity starting April 28 to address an ongoing shortage of cooking oil in the country.

News Headlines

With Nature in Crisis, State Lawmakers Call for National Biodiversity Plan

State lawmakers from around the country are calling on the Biden administration to develop a plan to protect the country's dwindling diversity of animals and plants.

News Headlines

Wildlife groups urge MPs to back protest amendments to crime bill

Bumblebee and butterfly conservationists are among dozens of environmental groups calling on MPs to back amendments removing powers to curtail protest from the government’s crime bill.

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Wildlife board meeting raises concerns on ecotourism in forests

The National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) deferred its decision to implement guidelines on ecotourism in forest and wildlife areas and to rationalise boundaries of protected areas at its meeting held in March

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Wildlife Protection Amendment Bill 2021 misses the target despite good intentions

The Wildlife Protection Amendment Bill, 2021 introduces a regulatory framework for ‘invasive alien species’ in the Indian environmental legislative regime. However, despite being a well-intended step, the scope of the provision remains narrow and inadequate for managing the menace of invasive sp ...

News Headlines

Why the UN’s latest stand on the right to a healthy environment is monumental

'Recognizing this human right as universal is one thing; enforcing the needed laws and policies to protect it is another' “The highest human right is the right to life.”

News Headlines

Why the UN’s latest stand on the right to a healthy environment is monumental

'Recognizing this human right as universal is one thing; enforcing the needed laws and policies to protect it is another' “The highest human right is the right to life.”

News Headlines

Why the Environment Ministry’s Proposed Changes to Wildlife Act Will Weaken it

Kochi: India enacted its Wild Life (Protection) Act, or WLPA, 50 years ago as its principal law to protect and conserve its wildlife. In December 2021, the Union environment ministry announced a plan to amend this Act in ways “welcome” and “positive” as well as in others that experts say could r ...

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Why modern governments all need a ministry of the oceans

The ocean is becoming ever more central to our economies. Around 80% of internationally traded goods are transported by sea, and even brief blockages cause panic in global markets. Fishing remains big business, but in the 21st-century fish farming is even bigger.

News Headlines

Why legal principles on war and environment matter

Many of us remember shocking images of environmental destruction from conflicts across the globe; from the spraying of the poisonous chemical Agent Orange over the forests in Viet Nam in the 1970s, to the burning oil wells in Kuwait in the 1990s.

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Why it's time to make ecocide a crime, for the sake of its victims

In November, the world's first global citizens' assembly—made up of 100 people chosen by lottery from around the world—declared its recommended responses to the climate crisis at the UN climate conference COP26. Among these recommendations was that causing severe environmental destruction, or "e ...

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Why is life on Earth still taking second place to fossil fuel companies?

The human tragedy is that there is no connection between what we know and what we do. Almost everyone is now at least vaguely aware that we face the greatest catastrophe our species has ever confronted. Yet scarcely anyone alters their behaviour in response: above all, their driving, flying and ...

News Headlines

Why governments need to tackle the impact of trade on climate change

The production and trade of goods is at the heart of the globalised market and has a significant environmental impact. Yet there was little discussion at COP26 on how to make it more sustainable, the former director of the World Trade Institute (WTI) tells SWI swissinfo.ch.

News Headlines

Why Environmental Regulations Are Important to Fight Climate Change in Egypt

For centuries, in the lush green fields of Egypt’s fertile Delta Valley, Egyptian farmers have always carried a deep love for the land – growing popular crops such as wheat and cotton, and putting Egypt on the map of global agriculture.

News Headlines

Why Companies Are Willing to Reduce Profits to Reach Climate Goals

The UN climate change conference (COP26) that ended in Glasgow in November may have put the climate issue on the world’s agenda, but in the absence of practical resolutions or sanctions, the goal of limiting global warming to only 1.5 degrees Celsius seems unrealistic.

News Headlines

Why Amendments to India’s Biodiversity Act Need a Public Debate

Twenty years after India enacted the Biological Diversity (BD) Act, 2002 the law is back on the drawing board. A Bill to amend the Act was tabled in the Lok Sabha by the Union environment minister on December 16, 2021. Since its inception, the law has framed the interactions between the environm ...

News Headlines

What the SCOTUS ruling on EPA and emissions means for climate change

On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered its ruling on West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), limiting the EPA's authority under a provision of the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector.

News Headlines

What the COVID-19 Pandemic Tells Us About Climate Change and Diplomacy

COVID-19 is the first genuinely global health emergency. Although earlier pandemics devastated regions, they often took months or years to spread and had little impact elsewhere. The novel coronavirus moved faster and farther, affecting every population across the world. Infection and death rate ...

News Headlines

What Will Bridge The Gap Between G7 Climate Ambitions And Action?

At the G7 summit the White House announced the Build Back Better World (B3W) Partnership, a ‘climate-friendly’ initiative intended to fund the $40 trillion infrastructure gap in low- and middle-income countries.

News Headlines

What Has the Pandemic Done to Forest Policies? (Commentary)

I have not traveled anywhere these past 2 years. I couldn’t travel even if I wanted to since Australia, where I live, closed its borders in March 2020 in a bid to contain the spread of the COVID-19. One of my cancelled trips this year was to attend the UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow.

News Headlines

What Does Building Back Better Look Like?

Sunny-day flooding in historical downtowns. Disappearing shorelines. Homes destroyed by yet another hurricane. The hazards of climate change to coastal cities are ramping up. In the United States, political momentum has been building—in fits and starts—to confront the threat.

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What China’s new guidelines on ‘green development’ mean for the Belt and Road

The “Green development guidelines for overseas investment and cooperation”, issued jointly by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), encourages Chinese businesses to integrate green development throughout the overseas investment process.

News Headlines

Welsh government plans to ban single-use plastics from next year

Plastic straws, cutlery and polystyrene food and drink containers look set to be banned in Wales under proposals from the Welsh government. It said the ban would be part of wider measures to make Wales the world’s top recycling nation.

News Headlines

We must end our command-and-control relationship with the environment if we are to arrest its destruction

It’s 1996 and I’m in my last year of undergraduate studies at James Cook University, in Townsville. World coral expert Prof Terry Hughes cautions our class that on current trajectories, climate change and coral bleaching threaten destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

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