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News Headlines

Want to change environmental behaviour? Make nature personal

A new study argues that bringing nature into cities and enabling personal connections is necessary to prompt action on environmental issues, writes Tim Wallace.

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Graffiti campaign brings rhino conservation message to urban Vietnam

Home to one of the largest African rhino horn consumer bases in the world, a 17-piece graffiti campaign around Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City conveys a simple message: “Save the rhinos.”

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Shared values can forge consensus on climate change, scientists say

April 5 (UPI) -- Though scientists are largely in agreement on the realities of man-made climate change, the topic remains contentious among politicians and the general public.

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Kiwis believe native biodiversity in good shape despite 2800 species in decline

New Zealand has more than 900 native species approaching extinction and another 2800 declining or at risk, Ged Cann looks at why Kiwis don't seem worried.

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Maps Show Where Americans Care about Climate Change

The updated Yale Climate Opinion maps suggest Americans' opinions on climate change differ sharply from that of the president

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Can Australia's wicked heat wave convince climate change deniers?

Sydney's sweltering recent record high of 47 degrees Celsius has brought the reality of climate change into sharp focus for many Australians. Skepticism in the country is waning - quickly enough?

News Headlines

Do mild days fuel climate change scepticism?

When it comes to the weather, research suggests people often trust the evidence of their own eyes rather than expert opinion

News Headlines

Some animals are more equal than others—new study shows some animal welfare issues get more media than others

Animal welfare issues receive varying levels of UK media attention, with some species being more widely reported than others, a new University of Oxford study has found.

News Headlines

It's time to talk about climate change differently

What if instead of asking, "Why aren’t people listening to us on climate change?" we asked, "Why aren’t we speaking a language people hear, in places where they are already listening?"

News Headlines

Cambodian Photographer Teaches About Wildlife

Suy Senglim credits a French journalist he met in 2000 for his interest in photography.

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What does research say about how to effectively communicate about science?

Truth seems to be an increasingly flexible concept in politics. At least that's the impression the Oxford English Dictionary gave recently, as it declared "post-truth" the 2016 Word of the Year.

News Headlines

More dire data, less climate change concern?

Donald Trump has appointed an opponent of climate action to head America's environment agency - but reaction has been muted. As climate change becomes more apparent, are people becoming fatigued on the topic?

News Headlines

'Climate-change education essential for local communities'

Raising Public awareness is invaluable if local communities are to be engaged in the effort to meet the challenge of climate change.

News Headlines

Millennials Have Bad Views on GMOs

It’s important not to fall into the many lazy story lines about millennials being coddled or oversensitive or anti-free-speech or wildly promiscuous or whatever else.

News Headlines

How Japanese media have failed endangered species

In October, a new documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio premiered on Netflix.

News Headlines

Pew survey: Americans don’t trust scientists on GMOs

Most Americans, 55 percent, believe that organically grown produce is healthier for them than conventionally grown varieties.

News Headlines

Planet Earth II – The Poaching behind the Scenes

Planet Earth II, the latest nature-themed documentary series of British veteran naturalist Sir David Attenborough, is a stunning testimony to the beauty of our world and the complexity of life that flourishes in it. The program has captivated audiences and has raced to the top of the charts to b ...

News Headlines

Gone Wild for Wildlife: Learning more about preserving Saskatchewan biodiversity

What should you do if you find an injured animal? The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan (WRSS) hopes you call their hotline, a volunteer run line to give advice on how to help preserve biodiversity here at home.

News Headlines

NY Museum Opens to Public an Exhibit on Cuban Biodiversity

New York, Nov 21 (Prensa Latina) The New York Museum of Natural History has opened today to local and foreign public the expected special exhibition ''Cuba'', an unprecedented tour of the rich biodiversity and culture of the Caribbean nation. The institution located in the Manhattan district, on ...

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Environmental activist gears up for 6,000-mile bamboo bike ride

A bicycle made out of bamboo grown in Cornwall, UK will be ridden the length of South America by an environmental activist and adventurer raising awareness about the loss of biodiversity.

News Headlines

In communicating wildlife conservation, focus on the right message

If you want people to care about endangered species, focus on how many animals are left, not on the chances of a species becoming extinct, according to a new study by Cornell University communication scholars.

News Headlines

Frog goes extinct, media yawns

Is the loss of a unique life form on Earth big news? Not according to most media outlets. But how can the public care about global mass extinction if they aren’t even told about its victims?

News Headlines

Knowledge increases awareness of biodiversity despite firsthand experiences

Protecting an ecological paradise like the island of Santa Cruz can be challenging for its resource managers who want to maximize visitor experiences while minimizing negative impacts on the park.

News Headlines

Six Charts Show Why No One Is Talking About Climate Change

If you’re like the average American, you are probably worried to some degree about climate change. But odds are you don’t spend a lot of time talking about it. At least that’s what the data show.

News Headlines

Japanese interest in climate change falters, especially among young: survey

Japanese people are less interested in climate change now than nine years ago, a government survey has shown.

News Headlines

Do teachers' climate change beliefs influence students?

A North Carolina State University study of middle school science classes explored whether teachers' beliefs about climate change influenced students' perceptions.

News Headlines

Conservative media bias is inflating American climate denial and polarization

New studies show that climate polarization is on the rise in the US; WSJ climate coverage is full of denial.

News Headlines

Inspiring students to explore the deep sea

Bermuda’s schoolchildren are being inspired to become submarine explorers as part of an interactive educational programme on the heels of the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey.

News Headlines

This Olympic Weightlifter Danced Off Stage to Raise Awareness of Climate Change

A 105kg weightlifter from Kiribati gave crowds a charming surprise when he danced off stage following his Olympic Games effort. But David Katoatau, 32, was dancing to make a poignant point about climate change – which is destroying the Central Pacific island nation he calls home.

News Headlines

For the Day of the Elephants, a Crash Course in Conservation

There is a moment of intense clarity just before a collision, when everything you’ve done to avoid it has failed… As the now inevitable impact approaches, time seems to slow right down. Or is it that your sense organs go into overdrive? Perhaps it is an evolutionary trait that turns up the dia ...

News Headlines

New School Will Teach The Ways Of The Water Fund In Ecuador

Nature and Culture International is establishing Ecuador’s first water school, an institution created to train municipal water workers in the skills required to join and administer a water fund. The water fund model continues to experience success in managing Latin America’s stressed water resou ...

News Headlines

Food shortages and sea level rise US voters' top climate change concerns

Survey of Guardian readers appalled at lack of climate discussion in 2016 campaign finds food and water shortages viewed as most pressing consequence

News Headlines

How social media can distort and misinform when communicating science

When news breaks – whether the story of a disease outbreak, a terrorist attack or a natural disaster – people increasingly turn to the internet and social media. Individuals use Twitter and Facebook as primary sources for news and information.

News Headlines

Movie theatres to show messages on biodiversity conservation soon

Soon, when you go to watch a movie, you will get to watch messages and videos on the need to protect and conserve India’s biodiversity—similar to the anti-smoking campaigns that cinemas currently run.

News Headlines

Atlantic Biodiversity Display Raises Awareness for Endangered Species

Over 3,000 students, parents and members of the Point Fortin community gained a new appreciation for species which may be endangered at the 7th Annual Biodiversity Display mounted by Atlantic in celebration of World Environment Day.

News Headlines

Changing the message could help communicate dangers of climate change

As a political issue, climate change splits mostly along ideological lines in the U.S.

News Headlines

Meet the Bee Expert who Helped Invent the BioBlitz

Sam Droege is known for his stunning close-up photography of bees, published in National Geographic (magazine and online), and featured also in the video on this post. He’ll be participating in the National Parks BioBlitz in Washington, D.C. this weekend, looking for bees, of course.

News Headlines

Skepticism about climate change may be linked to concerns about economy

Americans may be more likely to accept the scientific evidence of human-caused climate change and its potentially devastating effects if they believe the economy is strong and stable, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.

News Headlines

Don’t wait for crises to reach public with science

A wide range of players, from policymakers to the media, often consult scientists at times of crisis or social controversy. At such times, how the public perceives the credibility and relevance of scientists to society is vital to how their views might be received

News Headlines

Two-thirds of US students are taught climate change badly, study finds

Just 38% of US schoolchildren were taught that climate change is linked to fossil fuels, with many teachers spending less than an hour a year on the subject

News Headlines

Environment Ministers Message on World Wetlands Day Wetlands for our Future Sustainable Livelihoods" is this Years Theme

The following is the text of the message of Minister of State (Independent Charge) of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Shri Prakash Javadekar, on the occasion of World Wetlands Day, being celebrated tomorrow, February 2, 2016:

News Headlines

Tree of the Year – Sri Lanka competition launched

The Carbon Consulting Company, known for its innovative endeavors in the field of corporate environmental sustainability, launched a groundbreaking initiative to recognize and preserve the increasingly threatened biodiversity habitat across the country. ”The Tree of the Year- Sri Lanka”is a high ...

News Headlines

Why are some British newspapers still denying climate change?

Why are so many British newspaper editors still serving up unscientific climate change denial to their readers, even though the governments of more than 190 countries - including the UK - agreed in Paris last month that urgent action is required to avoid dangerous impacts from rising greenhouse ...

News Headlines

As education grows so does the awareness of conserving biodiversity

Located off the southeast coast of Africa is the fourth largest island in the world – Madagascar, a country known for its unique wildlife.

News Headlines

Caribbean Journalists Prepare to Report on Climate Change

SANTO DOMINGO, Jan 6 2016 (IPS) - Environmentally committed journalists in the Caribbean point to a major challenge for media workers: communicating and raising awareness about the crucial climate change agreement that emerged from the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris.

News Headlines

Nigeria: UNIC Lagos Unveils '17 - 17 SDGs Campaign' On Social Media

The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Lagos has launched a social media educational campaign to increase public awareness of the 17 goals and the 169 targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

News Headlines

New app could turn outdoor enthusiasts into citizen-scientists

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — If you enjoy wildlife, fishing, nature walks, paddle sports and other streamside activities, Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences now is giving you a chance to parlay those interests into becoming a citizen-scientist by observing and recording environmental and ec ...

News Headlines

Namibia: Communal Farmers Trained in Ecosystem Management

A TRAINING project on how to restore ecosystems and ground-water in arid areas, using rangelands as a drainage system, and rangelands re-hydration landscape scaling-up for food security has started in Kunene and Khomas regions.

News Headlines

Nine kids' shows that inspired generations to fight for the environment

We can learn a lot from children's TV shows, including about biodiversity and how to care for our planet. Here are nine cartoons and shows that inspired generations to fight for the environment.

News Headlines

Review: 'Bread, Wine, Chocolate' links foods, flavours and biodiversity

The lands, waters and atmosphere of our planet are under tremendous stress from the appetites and endeavours of more than 7 billion people, and such issues often make for grim reading. But environmentalist Simran Sethi has an appealing new argument in "Bread, Wine, Chocolate." She explains how t ...

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