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News Headlines

Patents fail to boost crop yields

Policies that secure intellectual property rights (IPRs) for agricultural innovations often fail to encourage technology transfer to developing countries or increase crop yields, a study shows.

News Headlines

Small Farmers’ Rights Sidelined In Uganda’s Plant Breeding Regulation

In a country with over 35 million people, Uganda’s economy is based on agriculture. Over 80 percent of the country’s workforce is employed in the sector, contributing up to 23 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

News Headlines

UN Climate Change Report Assesses Options For Technology And IP Policy

The latest United Nations report on climate change offers advice for international and national intellectual property policies relating to climate change mitigation technology.

News Headlines

Seed savers network formed to fight intellectual property rights by corporations

NEW DELHI: Farmers from 15 states are all set to form a national seed savers network that will be one of the largest repositories of seeds for crops and vegetables in India.

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Wikileaks’ Release Of TPP Chapter On IP Blows Open Secret Trade Negotiation

For years, the United States and partner governments have worked vigorously to keep the publics they represent from knowing what they are negotiating behind closed doors in the top-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

News Headlines

Rich and poorest nations face off over TRIPS extension

The world's poorest countries are in a dispute with developed nations, including the United States and European Union members, over their special rights to bypass intellectual property rights when accessing key technologies — a provision that is about to expire.

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Intellectual property and development: beware the 'genome divide'

Jane Parry wrote on this network in January about how genomics could help developing countries deal with disease. Her article provides a timely reminder of the health problems faced by all countries, but particularly developing countries.

News Headlines

Life in Khunti changes with biodiversity project

RANCHI: The Khunti district in the past has been feared for Red terror but there is a success story there too in which the conservation of biodiversity was done by roping the village community.

News Headlines

Genetic Resources And Traditional Knowledge : Getting The Rules Right For Agriculture: A Key Challenge For WIPO’s IGC

Next week the WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (the IGC) will be meeting in Geneva for its twenty third session.

News Headlines

Patent laws key to drug innovation, argues report

[SAO PAULO] Pharmaceutical innovation in middle-income countries such as Brazil and India could be boosted by stronger enforcement of intellectual property laws and by building up research capacity, says a report.

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