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News Headlines

Iwan DenIwan Dento, ‘hero’ of South Sulawesi’s karst mountainsto, ‘hero’ of South Sulawesi’s karst mountains

Forty-two kilometers, or about 26 miles, north of the bustling port city of Makassar in Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province, undulating karst formations dominate the landscape.

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Mt. Everest’s highest glacier is a sentinel for accelerating ice loss

The worldwide retreat of mountain glaciers in recent decades is well documented1 and the resulting loss of water storage capacity for agriculture, hydropower, and both human and ecosystem consumption have significant impacts on the 250 million people living near mountain glaciers2.

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Malaysia: Buddhist monks fight to protect mountain home

A cool breeze sweeps through the Dhamma Sakyamuni Monastery. Sitting cross-legged on the polished stone floor, monks meditate silently under the gaze of a Buddha painted gold. Above them, stalactites hang from the rough limestone ceiling.

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Rebuild more sustainable tourism in mountains for people and the planet

The world’s mountains have long attracted visitors for their scenic beauty, sports opportunities and rich cultural heritage. And for many rural mountain communities, tourism is a lifeline. It can increase household incomes, enhance job opportunities and revitalise local traditions.

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The Himalayas

The Himalayas are the greatest mountain system in Asia and one of the planet’s youngest mountain ranges, that extends for more than 2,400km across the nations of Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

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Rescued from extinction, bison rediscover Romania mountains

Hoof prints in the mud, tree bark nibbled away: even if the newest residents of Romania's Carpathian mountain forest shy away from visitors, their traces are there for those who know where to look.

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Myanmar’s snowcapped north is a haven for large mammals, new study finds

The Hkakaborazi landscape at the northern tip of Myanmar is dominated by precipitous snowcapped peaks that tower over rainforest-cloaked slopes and valleys below. Rugged and remote, the region is home to Southeast Asia’s highest mountain, Hkakabo Razi, which rises to 5,881 meters (19,295 feet) c ...

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Tanzania: Lion-Free Arusha Park is Also Home to Mount Meru

Nestled between Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro is the Arusha National Park. It is dominated by Meru, 4,566 metres above sea level, the second highest mountain in Tanzania.

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Conservationists want to bring wily wolverines back to the Rockies

In 2002, on a cold March night in Wyoming's Teton Range, a young wolverine slipped inside what looked like a miniature log cabin in search of a meaty morsel and heard the dull thud of a log door dropping shut. The young male settled into the cozy leaves lining the bottom of his log cabin to slee ...

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Finally, second trip to Udzungwa National Park... 20 years later

I recently went on my second trip to Udzungwa National Park after my first visit about 20 years ago. I was not able to trek the mountain park then.

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Biodiversity boosting: Table Mountain receives R20 million in French funding

Biodiversity in South Africa is receiving a much-needed boost.As per News24, a bipartite agreement has been signed as of yesterday, Sunday 30 May. The agreement outlines a partnership between South Africa and France which aims to spearhead environmental diplomatic measures for both countries.

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Less forest, more species: Declining biodiversity in Tibet in response to climate change

Normally, mountain forests are among the most diverse habitats in alpine regions. Yet, as a team from the Alfred Wegener Institute discovered in the Tibetan Plateau, the higher, treeless areas are home to far more species. Their findings, which were just published in the journal Nature Communica ...

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The incredible return of Griffon vulture to Bulgaria's Eastern Balkan Mountains

Fifty years after presumably becoming extinct as a breeding species in Bulgaria, the Griffon vulture, one of the largest birds of prey in Europe, is back in the Eastern Balkan Mountains.

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'Crazy botanist' safeguards biodiversity along Yangtze River

In the mountains along China's longest river, the Yangtze, about 1,256 species of rare plants have entered botanist Huang Guiyun's rescue radar in the past three decades.

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Wawu Mountain in SW China ramps up biodiversity protection

Wawu Mountain in southwest China's Sichuan Province has ramped up its biodiversity conservation efforts. Located in Hongya County, Meishan City in Sichuan, the mountain has rich wildlife resources and is a key area for global biodiversity conservation.

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What to expect from the rewilding of Italy’s largest mountain range

Italy’s largest mountain range is the latest focus of an ambitious “nature corridors” project aimed at elevating the area’s biodiversity.

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Mining and logging threaten a wildlife wonderland on a Philippine mountain

Rising 2,064 meters, or nearly 6,800 feet, above sea level, Mount Busa is the tallest peak in the Philippines’ Sarangani province and home to one of the last verdant primary forests on the southern island of Mindanao.

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In Peru, pre-Columbian canals offer hope against drought

In the mountains of western Peru, a farming community is restoring a network of stone canals built more than a millennium ago, hoping the pre-Columbian technology holds the solution to its water problems.

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India's glacier disaster highlights Himalayan dangers

Long before this month's deadly flash flood in a remote Indian Himalayan valley, Kundan Singh Rana knew that all the construction work in the fragile region would one day mean disaster.

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Ferns in the mountains

Earth is home to millions of known species of plants and animals, but by no means are they distributed evenly. For instance, rainforests cover less than 2 percent of Earth's total surface, yet they are home to 50 percent of Earth's species. Oceans account for 71 percent of Earth's total surface ...

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Protecting Table Mountain’s Rich Biodiversity Is Everyone’s Responsibility

South Africa is home to some of the world’s most diverse flora and fauna. Indigenous plant life includes some 23 000 species of flowering plants (including 728 species of trees) and more than 900 species of bird, representing 22 of the world’s living orders.

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Mountain Biodiversity: Holding the weight of life on earth

11th December has been dedicated to the mountains by the world body, the United Nations Organisation (UNO) in the year 1992. In the right earnest the day has been regularly and consistently celebrated across the world from 1993 with different themes in order to high light the different issues co ...

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Vulnerability of mountain peoples to food insecurity: updated data and analysis of drivers

Mountain people among the world’s hungriest as biodiversity loss and climate change take their toll International Mountain Day 2020 highlights need to protect ecosystems and improve livelihoods.

News Headlines

International Mountain Day 2020: UN stresses need for sustainable management of biodiversity; all you need to know

On this day, people can organise an event among their friends and community to discuss and spread awareness about the conservation of mountains.

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Interernational Mountain Day: World's Highest Post Office In The Himalayas.

India is proud of the majestic Himalayas, its fascinating landscapes, snow capped peaks and unique mountain biodiversity. The Himalayas or other mountain ranges in the world have attracted climbers for years. International Mountain Day is celebrated every year on December 11.

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Mountains matter for biodiversity

December 11 is marked every year as the United Nations (UN) International Mountain Day (IMD). This year's theme is ‘Mountains Matter for Biodiversity’, and it is aimed to refresh our pledge protecting mountain biodiversity.

News Headlines

Halting the loss of mountain biodiversity

The caterpillar fungus was once an abundant resource in the Himalaya. Over-harvesting and exploitation over the decades have pushed it to the brink of extinction. In the past 15 years, its population is estimated to have declined by 30 percent across the region due to over-harvesting.

News Headlines

International Mountains Day: Decoding importance of mountains on our planet's health

Celebrate this International Day 2020 with your community and friends preparing an event or joining the conversation on social media using the hashtag #MountainsMatter

News Headlines

Cloud Forests: Narrow Bands of Biodiversity Filled With Mist, Fog and Mystery

Hiking through the montane cloud forests of New Caledonia’s Mount Panié, fog often blinded Center for International Forestry Research director general Robert Nasi from seeing his own outstretched hands.

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International Mountain Day | Various activities to celebrate the biodiversity, adventure on Dec 11-12

With an aim to protect the mountain biodiversity, the Tourism Department Kashmir and Adventure Tour Operators Association of Kashmir (ATOAK) in association with J&K Mountaineering & Hiking Club JKMHC, J&K Ski Mountaineering Association JKSMA and J&K Mountain Biking Association JKMBA is celebrati ...

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International Mountain Day 2020: Theme, Rare Photos And Facts

International Mountain Day 2020: Mountains are some of the most fascinating landscapes in the world. Snow capped peaks of the majestic Himalayas or other mountain ranges have attracted climbers from across the world for years. On International Mountain Day, all mountain and nature lovers engage ...

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Mt Everest grows by nearly a metre to new height

The world's highest mountain Mount Everest is 0.86m higher than had been previously officially calculated, Nepal and China have jointly announced. Until now the countries differed over whether to add the snow cap on top. The new height is 8,848.86m (29,032 ft). China's previous official measurem ...

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Iranian mountains: a great place to see plants you never have seen before

Iran is a mountainous country harboring an extraordinary vascular flora including many rare and endemic plant species in the alpine zone. The importance of mountain biodiversity for the whole of humanity triggers the necessary changes both in attitude and behavior required to secure mountain bio ...

News Headlines

Tanzania: Udzungwa Mountains National Park Has 400 Bird, 2,500 Plant Species

UDZUNGWA Mountains National Park is a national park in Tanzania with a size of 1,990km2. The habitats contained within the national park include tropical rainforest, mountain forest, miombo woodland, grassland and steppe. There is a vertical height range of 250-2,576 metres (the peak of Lohomero ...

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France restricts Mont-Blanc access to protect mountain

President Emmanuel Macron is to announce measures today to restrict access to Mont-Blanc, to guard against unscrupulous summit attempts, and to protect the biodiversity of the mountain.

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Abandoning Pastures Reduces The Biodiversity Of Mountain Streams

After a detailed topographic analysis, Eurac Research´s ecologists identified 15 stretches of streams throughout South Tyrol that flow into four distinct categories of land cover: rocky terrain (slightly over 2000m), pastures at high altitudes (around 2000m), conifer woodlands (around 1500/1600m ...

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Mountain futures biodiversity and livelihoods innovations centre opens in honghe county

We interviewed American scientist Ed Grumbine, one of the international researches who is working on the Mountain Futures Biodiversity and Livelihoods Innovations Centre in Honghe and a longtime visitor and resident of Yunnan. He is a professor of environmental policy with an academic focus on p ...

News Headlines

Can You Imagine A Costa Rica Without Mountains?

The 'International Mountain Day' is celebrated on December 11th which is why today we bring you an article about their importance for both human beings, animals, plants and the entire terrestrial ecosystem. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is the body responsible ...

News Headlines

Feature: Mountains accord Namibian youth wellness, business opportunities

Mountains in Namibia's capital Windhoek have not only accorded city youth wellness, but also drive innovation and business prosperity. Some years back, Nico Sombeyo, a youth from Windhoek, was unfit and diagnosed with high cholesterol. He was thwarted. A medical doctor had advised him to change ...

News Headlines

World marks International Mountain Day with an emphasis on youth

International Mountains Day is being observed today across the world to raise awareness about the importance of mountains. Adopted in 1992, International World Mountain Day is celebrated every year on December 11, with each year focusing on a different theme.

News Headlines

Earth’s Stunning Biodiversity is a Puzzle Worth Exploring

Life on Earth is amazingly diverse, and exhibits striking geographical global patterns in biodiversity. A pair of companion papers published September 13th in Science reveal that mountain regions—especially those in the tropics—are hotspots of extraordinary and baffling richness. Although mounta ...

News Headlines

Tropical mountain rivers are where the magic happens

Large tropical mountain river systems aren't getting the respect they deserve—at least not when it comes to research and conservation.

News Headlines

Why is Earth so Biologically Diverse? Mountains Hold the Answer

Life on Earth is amazingly diverse, and much of this diversity lies in a rich variety of geographical patterns. What determines these global patterns has been a puzzle for scientists since the days of famed scientists Alexander von Humboldt and Charles Darwin. Yet, despite two centuries of resea ...

News Headlines

Coffee helps protect Uganda's endangered mountain gorillas

Poor communities in Bwindi national park have long depended on what the forest can provide. But with gorillas under threat, coffee now offers a more sustainable living.

News Headlines

South America’s Glaciers May Have a Bigger Problem Than Climate Change

Massive layers of ice cover some of the continent’s rich copper deposits. Uncovering those minerals threatens to hasten their demise.

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Meet UN Environment’s new Mountain Hero Malcolm Wood

“We’re excited to announce that Malcolm Wood is the first paraglider, entrepreneur and environmental film-maker to join UN Environment Programme’s campaign, Mountain Heroes,” says UN Environment mountain ecosystem expert Matthias Jurek.

News Headlines

Kenya launches strategy to restore shrinking population of mountain bongo

NANYUKI, Kenya, July 8 (Xinhua) -- Kenya on Monday launched a comprehensive strategy to restore the population of mountain bongos amid risk of extinction linked to poaching, habitat loss, diseases and attack by large predators.

News Headlines

Loss of deep-soil water triggered forest die-off in Sierra Nevada

July 2 (UPI) -- Trees in the alpine forests of California's Sierra Nevada mountain range suffered a massive die-off as a result of the loss of deep-soil water, according to a new study.

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Protecting the Sierra Tarahumara, a biodiversity hot spot

The shy and elusive neotropical otter is widely distributed in Latin America, but it is hardly spotted.

News Headlines

Glacial melt rates in the Himalayas have more than doubled since 2000

June 19 (UPI) -- Global warming is shrinking the glaciers in the Himalayas. According to a new survey, glaciers in the region have lost roughly a vertical foot and a half of ice.

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