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News Headlines

Study: Himalayan wolf in desperate need of protections

KATHMANDU, Nepal, April 25 (UPI) -- The Himalayan wolf has been the source of taxonomic confusion for more than a century, but new research confirms the uniqueness of the species' lineage, as well as its presence Nepal.

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Mountain growth helped spawn fish diversity in New Zealand

The growth of mountain ranges on New Zealand's South Island directly influenced the evolution of different freshwater fish species in the region, according to new research. The study provides an example of how natural changes in Earth's landscape and topography can help shape and increase local ...

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UN and partners call for immediate measures to strengthen climate adaptation efforts in mountain regions

Paris, 11 December 2015 - By promoting policies in favour of ecosystem-based adaptation in mountain regions, countries could build resilience and reduce the vulnerability of communities living in these high-altitude areas as well as that of millions of others living downstream, concluded a serie ...

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Researchers project long-term effects of climate change, deforestation on Himalayan mountain basins

As part of an multi-disciplinary study, a team of researchers found that climatic changes, an increase in agricultural land use and population growth in the Himalaya Mountain basins could have negative impacts on water availability, further stressing a region plagued by natural disasters and foo ...

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Haven of simple technology for mountain living

The village of Godavari sits on the southern slopes of Kathmandu Valley, a short ride from Nepal’s capital.

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Call for conservation of Himalayan ecosystems

While the study of changes in the Himalayas and conservation of its ecosystems remains confined to research, this year, ‘Himalaya Diwas’ was a call for the conservation of the Himalayan ecosystems to be taken up as a public campaign.

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Borneo mountain hotbed of young biodiversity

On the tip of Borneo stands the World Heritage-listed Mount Kinabalu, which like other tropical mountains is known to be a hotbed of biodiversity.

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Sustainable soil management key to curbing climate change and ensuring food security – UN agency

23 June 2015 – Mountain soils are of great importance to ecosystem and food security, according to a newly released United Nations-backed publication, which also highlights technical insights and human activities of a sustainable soil management approach with special attention to mountain peoples.

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Mountain gorillas stuck in genetic bottleneck

Full genome reveals surprising level of inbreeding and could aid conservation efforts.

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New Atlas Shows Africa's Mountains Underpin the Continent's Development

The Atlas contains detailed mapping of how strategic interventions and innovations are improving the food security and livelihoods of mountain communities in different parts of Africa.

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In Kenya’s Mountain Forests, A New Path to Conservation

Kenya’s high-elevation forests are the source for most of the water on which the drought-plagued nation depends. Now, after decades of government-abetted abuse of these regions, a new conservation strategy of working with local communities is showing signs of success.

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A New “Republic” to Save Chile’s Glaciers

SANTIAGO, Feb 4 2015 (IPS) - Chile’s more than 3,000 glaciers are one of the largest reserves of freshwater in South America. But they are under constant threat by the mining industry and major infrastructure projects, environmentalists and experts warn.

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Encroachment of forests will ruin Western Ghats

The Western Ghat is called “a treasure trove of biodiversity” and “the water tower of Peninsular India”. It is one of the global ‘hotspots’ of biodiversity.

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Droughts threaten high-altitude Himalayan forests

Timberlines in the region are shifting downslope, bucking trend seen on other mountain ranges.

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In the Shadow of Glacial Lakes, Pakistan’s Mountain Communities Look to Climate Adaptation

BINDO GOL, Pakistan, Jan 15 2015 (IPS) - Khaliq-ul-Zaman, a farmer from the remote Bindo Gol valley in northern Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, has long lived under the shadow of disaster.

News Headlines

Nepal raises mountain issue at Peru meet

KATHMANDU, DEC 12 - Nepal has called on global leaders to provide urgent and greater investments in the vulnerable communities in the mountains.

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Tanzania: Environmentalists Craft Strategic Actions to Promote African Mountain Regions

ENVIRONMENTAL experts have identified strategic actions to address key issues of conservation and development challenges of biodiversity, water, energy, food security and climate change in African Mountain regions.

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East Africa: Forum to Promote Sustainable Mountain Development Agenda in Africa Established

Arusha — The first Africa Mountains Regional Forum closed Friday at Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge in Arusha, Tanzania, and called upon African states to develop and implement mountain-specific policies and laws and mainstream sustainable mountain development in their national development agenda.

News Headlines

Great Himalayan National Park Made World Heritage Site

The Western Himalayas are a haven of sorts to numerous rare and threatened species of flora and fauna. The nine year long wait to help protect this haven finally ended a few days ago, when the Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area (GHNPCA) was granted the World Heritage site status by ...

News Headlines

Risk posed by China mountain removal

China's campaign to bulldoze mountains to create land to build on could cause extensive environmental problems, scientists say.

News Headlines

Over-farming hits Himalayan wild plants

As global demand for medicinal remedies intensifies, Indian experts say many endemic species of wild medicinal plants from the Himalayas are being over-farmed. Some of the affected plants may never grow back they say.

News Headlines

China and Nepal agree to cooperate on mountain science

[KATHMANDU] China has agreed to share scientific knowledge with Nepal on the effects of climate and environmental changes on the Tibetan plateau in order to spur sustainable development.

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Mountain Biodiversity of Manipur

Mountains have been described as islands of biodiversity surrounded by an ocean of monocultures and human-altered landscapes.

News Headlines

Mount Everest litter targeted by Nepalese authorities

Climbers will have to bring down 8kg of extra waste or face legal action as government tackles rubbish mountain in Himalayas

News Headlines

FAO calls for increased support for mountain family farming

11 December 2013, Rome - Securing land tenure, providing access to resources for mountain family farms, and improving basic infrastructure in mountain regions are among the key solutions to improving the livelihoods and food security of mountain and lowland communities, FAO said today.

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The Himalayas' amazing biodiversity

Kamal Bawa's journey to understand and protect the biodiversity of the towering Himalayas began half a century ago, when he was young and traveling into the fabled mountain range's eastern foothills.

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Things you did not know about `The roof of Africa`

Mount Kilimanjaro got its name from the Swahili words Kilima Njaro meaning “shining mountain”, as revealed on its famous ice cap at the top.

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Sahyadris – Mountains of the Monsoon

The Sahyadris app is an immersive experience, which taps the full potential of the iPad as a story telling medium. It acts as a “showcase” for the Western Ghats, a mountain range found parallel to the western coast of southern India.

News Headlines

Geography in the News: Endangered Mountain Ecosystem

The continental ice sheets of the Pleistocene Epoch (ca. 2.6 million–11,700 years before present) did not reach what is now the southeastern United States. The colder climate in the higher Appalachians of North America during this period, however, supported plant communities that were quite diff ...

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Alpine glaciers 'protect mountain peaks from erosion'

Instead of wearing mountains down, evidence from Europe's high Alps shows that glaciers shield summits from erosion, acting as a protective lid.

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A walk in the clouds

Higher and still higher the road to Kodachadri rises through a landscape scorched by an uncharacteristically early onslaught of summer.

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