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News Headlines

Indigenous Land Rights Bring Economic, not just Environmental Benefits

Oct 17 2016 (IPS) - Secure indigenous land rights not only bring environmental benefits, they can also foster economic development, according to a new report released by the World Resources Institute.

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Kenyans urged to embrace traditional organic foods

Enthusiasts of indigenous foods and environmental-friendly agriculture over the weekend converged in Nakuru to showcase traditional and organic food.

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Taboos and ancient traditions help one community protect Kenya's forests

LAIKIPIA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Deep within the Mukogodo forest in central Kenya, a community of traditional hunter gatherers are working with the government to help expand forests and crack down on illegal logging and poaching using ancient conservation techniques.

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Indigenous People Demand Shared Benefits from Forest Conservation

GUADALAJARA, Mexico , Aug 31 2016 (IPS) - “Why don’t the authorities put themselves in our shoes?” asked Cándido Mezúa, an indigenous man from Panama, with respect to native peoples’ participation in conservation policies and the sharing of benefits from the protection of forests.

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Humans often degrade environment, but native peoples enhanced it

WATERLOO, Ontario, Aug. 30 (UPI) -- For the last 13,000 years, the native peoples of British Columbia improved the land upon which they depended. The land's trajectory stands in stark contrast to much of the rest of the world, where environmental degradation is the norm.

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Rights of Indigenous Peoples ‘Critical’ to Combat Climate Change

ROME, Jul 25 2016 (IPS) - No longer it is about restoring the legitimate rights of over 370 indigenous peoples spread across 70 countries worldwide, many of them living in dire situation, but now about their central, critical role in combating climate change.

News Headlines

Fast-track Development Threatens to Leave Indigenous Peoples Behind

UNITED NATIONS, Jul 18 2016 (IPS) - Fast-tracked development often means that indigenous people and their territories get run over and their rights are not taken into consideration, Roberto Borrero, from the International Indian Treaty Council and Indigenous Peoples Major Group, said here Friday.

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Canada plans to lean on Indigenous knowledge to combat climate change

NIAGARA FALLS – For far too long governments ignored the warnings from elders.

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Arara Indians in Brazilian Amazon finally given right to their land

In a decree published this April, the Brazilian government of President Dilma Rousseff awarded a large area of land to the last remnants of the Arara Indians whose cultural and physical survival was threatened in the 1970s when the military government then ruling Brazil built a highway through t ...

News Headlines

Inside Views: Interview- Indigenous Concern Over Growing Focus On IP In WIPO TK Talks

Indigenous peoples have been the victims of repeated acts of biopiracy while the international community has failed to act to prevent it, indigenous representatives said in an interview this week.

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Finding Lessons on Culture and Conservation at the End of the Road in Kauai

In the remote, tropical paradise called Ha‘ena, the community is reasserting Native Hawaiian stewardship of the land and sea

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Inuit And Environmental Groups Overcome Distrust To Work Together In Arctic

The relationship between Indigenous organizations and environmental NGOs used to be one of conflict and suspicion. But now these groups are working together to protect species, environments, culture and a common future.

News Headlines

Nine ways to support the rights of indigenous people

What are the practical steps to push for recognising the rights of indigenous people around the world? Our expert panel shares their thoughts

News Headlines

Are Indigenous Women Key to Sustainable Development?

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 21 2016 (IPS) - “We, indigenous women want to be considered as part of the solution for sustainable development, because we have capabilities and knowledge, ” said Tarcila Rivera, a Quechua journalist and activist for the rights of indigenous people in Peru, at a press confer ...

News Headlines

Canada seeks traditional aboriginal knowledge on climate change

Canadian government awards contracts to research the traditional knowledge of First Nations elders and communities.

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Arctic deal a path for full Inuit participation in the northern economy

The Arctic partnership announced Thursday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Barack Obama in Washington affords Canada the opportunity to show real leadership on climate-change initiatives and build a northern economy that secures Inuit participation.

News Headlines

WWF accused of facilitating human rights abuses of tribal people in Cameroon

WWF, the world’s largest conservation organisation, has been accused by leading tribal defence group Survival International of inadvertently facilitating serious human rights abuses against pygmy groups living in Cameroonian rainforests.

News Headlines

Aboriginal leaders are warning of the mental health cost of climate change in the North

First Nations and Inuit communities in the North are coping with growing despair over climate change, a problem observers are connecting to mental health and social problems.

News Headlines

Indigenous Communities Enhance Rainforest Biodiversity

methods of farm cultivation of indigenous communities support biodiversity are fuelling calls from conservationists not to relocate them outside Malaysia’s thinning patches of rainforests.

News Headlines

Regional Report of the Partnership between Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact and the UN-REDD Programme

Thirteen countries in Asia are preparing to get ready for REDD+. While these countries are moving ahead with REDD+ preparation, the awareness raising and capacity building of rights holders and their organizations for policy advocacy is very important.

News Headlines

A meal without an agenda

The Garos, resplendent in feathered headdresses and bright beads, would have stood out in any other crowd. Over here they fit in perfectly. A dozen representatives from this North Eastern tribe enter in a solemn line, and sit in the row right ahead of me. I diligently try squinting at the stage ...

News Headlines

Experts: Paris Agreement falls short on indigenous rights

When world leaders announced a historic climate deal in Paris after years of negotiations, many participants and observers touted it as a triumph marking thebeginning of the end of the fossil-fuel era.

News Headlines

New bill in Finland threatens Sami peoples' right to traditional lands, livelihoods, UN expert warns

17 December 2015 – A United Nations human rights expert expressed deep concern today at the lack of consultation and the reduced protections to the Sami indigenous people in the current draft law on the Finnish Forest and Parks Service (Metsähallitus) to regulate the management of State owned lands.

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Online map seeks to boost indigenous land rights

[WASHINGTON DC] An interactive online map that shows which lands are held by indigenous people and local communities was launched this month.

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Indigenous people need support to reinforce resilience against climate change – UNESCO

27 November 2015 – Building resilience “is deeply rooted in [the] lifestyles and social solidarity” of the more than 400 million indigenous people – from the Samis of northern Europe, Berbers in Morocco to Vanuatu communities in the Pacific – who are feeling the adverse effects of climate change ...

News Headlines

Bewildering Biodiversity – A Success Story of Food Security for Indigenous Peoples in India

CHIDAMBARAM TALUQ, CUDDALORE DISTRICT, India, Nov 20 2015 (IPS) - The 2013 National Food Security Act of the Government of India seeks, according to its preamble, to “provide for food and nutritional security by ensuring access to adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices to people”.

News Headlines

Indigenous People take steps to have a voice in COP21

NEW YORK — Aspirations for a new global climate agreement in Paris next month hinge on commitments made by national governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, Indigenous Peoples—who own, occupy or manage up to 65 percent of the Earth’s land surface—have been largely excluded from t ...

News Headlines

Indigenous people ignored in climate plans, seek voice at UN talks

BANGKOK, Nov 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The role of the world's more than 370 million indigenous peoples in fighting climate change has been largely ignored in national plans to curb planet-warming emissions issued ahead of upcoming U.N. climate talks, researchers and activists said on We ...

News Headlines

To tackle climate change cheaply, first secure indigenous forest rights

Handing forests over to the people who live in them will help keep sea levels from continuing to rise, and it’s a course of action that more than pays for itself, new research shows.

News Headlines

'We’re reinvigorating traditional knowledge’: Indigenous rangers in remote Australia

A new report hails the best Indigenous initiatives run by government and recommends their expansion

News Headlines

Northern Tanzania Maasai Land Loss Threatens Indigenous Knowledge

NAIROBI, Kenya – After a five year gruelling court battle, the indigenous Maasai community in Northern Tanzania has lost the right to its traditional land after the High Court handed it to a US-based tourism company in a court ruling on 27 October.

News Headlines

Medicinal Plants Popular and Unprotected in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, Oct 28 2015 (IPS) - “This plant heals 150 ailments, like diabetes, high blood pressure and gastritis. It’s prepared as an infusion or blended with water, and you take it every day,” says Clemente Calixto, a traditional indigenous healer in Mexico, holding up a green leafy branch.

News Headlines

India’s first Indigenous Terra Madre

Right now, the world is en route to Meghalaya. Indigenous tribes from 52 countries are preparing to travel to Shillong, where they will be hosted by 41 villages. The event is being reviewed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest gathering of indigenous peoples in the world. But tha ...

News Headlines

Indigenous peoples must benefit from science

The sun has been pale for months here in Sumatra and the skies are grey all day — choked with pollution from the massive fires that rage across the Indonesian island.

News Headlines

Indigenous groups want changes to plan for Amazon biodiversity corridor

Tribal leaders welcome Colombia's plan but say it leaves out key part of forest management — the people who live there

News Headlines

Countries Seek Ways To Restore Work On Traditional Knowledge Protection At WIPO

The fate of the World Intellectual Property Organization committee dedicated to finding solutions to protect traditional knowledge, generic resources, and folklore is being actively discussed informally at the organisation’s general assembly.

News Headlines

‘Catastrophic failure': World’s indigenous communities lack rights to 75% of their land

Around 1.5 billion people worldwide are members of indigenous communities, many of whom depend on the land around them to survive.

News Headlines

Five million hectares around Uluru declared an Indigenous protected area

Government funding will allow the Anangu people to protect sacred sites, native plants and animals around the Uluru-Kata Tjuta national park

News Headlines

Tripura's traditional practitioners take steps to conserve herbal biodiversity to revive Ayurveda

Kanchanpur (North Tripura): Ayurveda, which literally means the science of life, is an ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine.

News Headlines

Four Ways Mexico’s Indigenous Farmers Are Practicing the Agriculture of the Future

How can we get the most out of our farmland without harming the planet? I traveled to rural Mexico to learn from indigenous farmers.

News Headlines

Could indigenous knowledge systems combat climate change?

As the global scientific community combines technology and brains to track climate change patterns and effects, the indigenous populations across the world have, for generations, already been noting these changes in a landscape they know intimately.

News Headlines

African Group Proposes Permanent Traditional Knowledge Committee At WIPO

In a couple of weeks, the World Intellectual Property Organization will hold its annual General Assembly.

News Headlines

Unconquered Kayapó warriors fighting for their Amazon land

The Kayapó people of the Amazon are excellent guardians of the forest but big business interests and a change to Brazil's constitution could threaten the ecosystem they have managed to preserve until now.

News Headlines

Odisha tribals lose food source as teak plantations deluge their ‘forest farms’

BURLUBARU, KANDHAMAL: Kanigalaru Majhi's food stocks are running out.

News Headlines

Land, resource rights key to Sami people’s self-determination, says UN expert

31 August 2015 – Securing rights over their land and natural resources is fundamental to the Sami people’s self-determination and a prerequisite for them to be able to continue to exist as a distinct people, an independent United Nations human rights expert said after a visit to the Nordic region.

News Headlines

Caution on classifying traditional knowledge under IPR

As the government has initiated the process of vetting a draft Bill on the protection and management of traditional knowledge (TK), experts caution against creating monopoly rights on TK and classifying it under intellectual property rights.

News Headlines

UNESCO Recognizes Indigenous Rights, Cultures in World Heritage Rules

Remember the Alamo? UNESCO just did, by including the fabled Texas mission in its latest designated places of "outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humanity."

News Headlines

WIPO Director Gurry Highlights Value Of Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Peoples’ knowledge and creativity is a valuable source of inspiration for all, but is largely accessible and might benefit from being better protected, the head of the UN World Intellectual Property Organization said this month.

News Headlines

At event to mark International Day, Ban urges better healthcare for world’s indigenous peoples

10 August 2015 – Indigenous peoples must not be left out of the global community’s unfolding sustainable development agenda, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon affirmed today as he marked the 2015 edition of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples with a focus on their ...

News Headlines

UN chief urges greater efforts to improve health and well-being of indigenous peoples

9 August 2015 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on the international community to commit to do more to improve the health and well-being of indigenous peoples, who face a wide range of challenges from inadequate sanitation and housing to high rates of diabetes, drug and a ...

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