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News Headlines

Countries Seek Ways To Restore Work On Traditional Knowledge Protection At WIPO

The fate of the World Intellectual Property Organization committee dedicated to finding solutions to protect traditional knowledge, generic resources, and folklore is being actively discussed informally at the organisation’s general assembly.

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‘Catastrophic failure': World’s indigenous communities lack rights to 75% of their land

Around 1.5 billion people worldwide are members of indigenous communities, many of whom depend on the land around them to survive.

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Five million hectares around Uluru declared an Indigenous protected area

Government funding will allow the Anangu people to protect sacred sites, native plants and animals around the Uluru-Kata Tjuta national park

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Tripura's traditional practitioners take steps to conserve herbal biodiversity to revive Ayurveda

Kanchanpur (North Tripura): Ayurveda, which literally means the science of life, is an ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine.

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Four Ways Mexico’s Indigenous Farmers Are Practicing the Agriculture of the Future

How can we get the most out of our farmland without harming the planet? I traveled to rural Mexico to learn from indigenous farmers.

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Could indigenous knowledge systems combat climate change?

As the global scientific community combines technology and brains to track climate change patterns and effects, the indigenous populations across the world have, for generations, already been noting these changes in a landscape they know intimately.

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African Group Proposes Permanent Traditional Knowledge Committee At WIPO

In a couple of weeks, the World Intellectual Property Organization will hold its annual General Assembly.

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Unconquered Kayapó warriors fighting for their Amazon land

The Kayapó people of the Amazon are excellent guardians of the forest but big business interests and a change to Brazil's constitution could threaten the ecosystem they have managed to preserve until now.

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Odisha tribals lose food source as teak plantations deluge their ‘forest farms’

BURLUBARU, KANDHAMAL: Kanigalaru Majhi's food stocks are running out.

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Land, resource rights key to Sami people’s self-determination, says UN expert

31 August 2015 – Securing rights over their land and natural resources is fundamental to the Sami people’s self-determination and a prerequisite for them to be able to continue to exist as a distinct people, an independent United Nations human rights expert said after a visit to the Nordic region.

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Caution on classifying traditional knowledge under IPR

As the government has initiated the process of vetting a draft Bill on the protection and management of traditional knowledge (TK), experts caution against creating monopoly rights on TK and classifying it under intellectual property rights.

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UNESCO Recognizes Indigenous Rights, Cultures in World Heritage Rules

Remember the Alamo? UNESCO just did, by including the fabled Texas mission in its latest designated places of "outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humanity."

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WIPO Director Gurry Highlights Value Of Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Peoples’ knowledge and creativity is a valuable source of inspiration for all, but is largely accessible and might benefit from being better protected, the head of the UN World Intellectual Property Organization said this month.

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At event to mark International Day, Ban urges better healthcare for world’s indigenous peoples

10 August 2015 – Indigenous peoples must not be left out of the global community’s unfolding sustainable development agenda, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon affirmed today as he marked the 2015 edition of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples with a focus on their ...

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UN chief urges greater efforts to improve health and well-being of indigenous peoples

9 August 2015 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on the international community to commit to do more to improve the health and well-being of indigenous peoples, who face a wide range of challenges from inadequate sanitation and housing to high rates of diabetes, drug and a ...

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Forest communities, indigenous people key to sustainable forests

If you want your country to be green, you need to invest in local communities," said Krirk Meemungkit, a forest farm "small-holder" from Thailand.

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To sustain its forests, Asia needs to invest in local people

Asia has a unique opportunity to fight climate change and lift many more people out of poverty if it invests more in the communities living in its forests, experts said.

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Firms and indigenous people can be partners

A few weeks ago I visited South Africa to document the story of a company making modern health products from a medicinal plant used for thousands of years by the indigenous San people

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Traditional medicine for modern times: Facts and figures

For millennia, people have healed with herbal or animal-derived remedies, using knowledge handed down through generations.

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WIPO: Databases To Protect GRs, TK, Useful But Some Controversy

In the quest to find solutions to protect traditional knowledge and genetic resources from misappropriation, some countries have resorted to private databases to be used by patent examiners.

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Inauguran en Guatemala un taller internacional sobre indígenas y biodiversidad

Guatemala, 8 jun (EFE).- Una serie de talleres sobre pueblos indígenas y biodiversidad fueron inaugurados hoy en el oeste de Guatemala, con la participación de representantes de unos 50 países.

News Headlines

Traditional Knowledge Helps Understand Nature in Every Sense

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Cultural Anthropologist, Keola Awong, discusses the importance of approaching this week’s BioBlitz in the protected space using every sense, as well as a deep understanding and appreciation of the ancient sanctity of the place.

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What role do indigenous people and forests have in a sustainable future?

In April 2015, over a quarter of a million people flocked to the National Mall in Washington for the Global Citizen Earth Day concert. They urged leaders to take action to protect our planet and its people from the devastating effects of climate change.

News Headlines

Living the Indigenous Way, from the Jungles to the Mountains

UXBRIDGE, Canada, May 8 2015 (IPS) - In the course of human history many tens of thousands of communities have survived and thrived for hundreds, even thousands, of years.

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Namibia: Indigenous Knowledge Is Imperative

There is a great need to protect traditional knowledge in order to curb the exploitation of holders of indigenous knowledge, particularly the elderly.

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Moving Indigenous Land Rights from Paper to Reality

UNITED NATIONS, Apr 27 2015 (IPS) - Frustrated with decades of marginalisation, and of seeing their rights respected only on paper, Indigenous peoples are calling for major recognition from the international community.

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Inuit Wisdom and Polar Science Are Teaming Up to Save the Walrus

Traditional knowledge and scientific study are helping us begin to understand what a changing Arctic means for the marine mammal

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Tribal peoples have a crucial role to play in global conservation

Tribal peoples are generally the best conservationists; they have managed their lands sustainably for many generations. Forcibly removing tribal peoples from their land usually results in environmental damage. Such removals are a violation of human rights and should be opposed by conservationists.

News Headlines

Elders in Metro Vancouver schools help foster 'empathy and compassion

Holding up her eagle feather, Roberta Price opens the conversation at Manoah Steves Elementary School in Richmond, B.C., with the ceremony of introduction. This is what she does to mark the beginning of her cultural teachings.

News Headlines

Indigenous Africans Struggle With Traditions, Modern Life

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON— While indigenous people from central African countries attended a meeting in Cameroon to promote their respective traditions, languages and cultures, Yaounde is taking measures to bring formal education to the nomadic Mbororos and Pygmies.

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WIPO Seminar Displays National Efforts To Protect TK, Folklore

A recent seminar convened by the World Intellectual Property Organization shed light on national and regional legislations protecting traditional knowledge, folklore and genetic resources, and provided examples of misappropriation.

News Headlines

Tapping into local resources to curb malnutrition

When I was a child, my mother used to tell me over and over: “Eat a carrot, it’s good for your sight.”

News Headlines

Can Indigenous and Wildlife Conservationists Work Together?

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 5 2015 (IPS) - Indigenous and wildlife conservationists have common goals and common adversaries, but seem to be struggling to find common ground in the fight for sustainable forests.

News Headlines

How Indigenous philosophy could help us understand climate change

Cut the Sky, a new dance work premiering at the Perth festival, draws on Indigenous Australian traditions to help audiences apply emotion, rather than cold logic, to climate change

News Headlines

Indigenous Food Systems Should Be on the Development Menu

ROME, Feb 23 2015 (IPS) - Overcoming hunger and malnutrition in the 21st century no longer means simply increasing the quantity of available food but also the quality.

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Indigenous Peoples – Architects of the Post-2015 Development Agenda

ROME, Feb 17 2015 (IPS) - “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – an ancient Indian saying that encapsulates the essence of sustainability as seen by the world’s indigenous people.

News Headlines

Ancient traditions protect the environment in East Timor

Indepedent since 2002, East Timor is one of the world’s newest nations. But when it comes to protecting the environment, it has a unique and ancient tradition to draw upon – the practice of tara bandu.

News Headlines

Corporate encroachment reduces indigenous lands, biodiversity - U.N. - TRFN

ROME, Feb 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Aboriginal people around the world faced growing displacement over the last decade as property values rose and large companies pushed onto traditional territories to extract resources, a U.N. specialist on indigenous peoples' rights said.

News Headlines

Aboriginal Businesses Stimulate Positive Change in Australia

MOSSMAN, Queensland, Australia, Jan 26 2015 (IPS) - Roy Roger Gibson, an indigenous Kuku Yalanji elder, would watch thousands of tourists and vehicles trampling his pristine land while working on the sugarcane fields in Far North Queensland.

News Headlines

Environmental wisdom: keeping indigenous stories alive

"Long ago, when animals were gente…" Those words, uttered countless times by indigenous Amazonian storytellers, blur the boundary between humans and other creatures in the forests and rivers, revealing a different view of the way human and non-human worlds intertwine.

News Headlines

Indigenous People Explore Many Shades Of REDD

15 January 2015 | On a daily basis, logging trucks rumble up an offshoot of Brazil's Highway 364, laden with muddy trunks illegally harvested from the Zoró Indigenous Territory, at the southern edge of the Amazon Rainforest, along the border between the Brazilian states of Rondônia and Mato Grosso.

News Headlines

Aboriginal Knowledge Could Unlock Climate Solutions

CAIRNS, Queensland, Dec 17 2014 (IPS) - As a child growing up in Far North Queensland, William Clark Enoch would know the crabs were biting when certain trees blossomed, but now, at age 51, he is noticing visible changes in his environment such as frequent storms, soil erosion, salinity in fresh ...

News Headlines

Peru: UN experts warn indigenous peoples’ rights at risk if polluted land re-licensed

15 December 2014 – Two United Nations human rights experts warned today against the proposed re-licensing of heavily polluted land in the Department of Loreto region of Peru, saying the move would perpetuate and exacerbate serious violations of human rights of indigenous peoples, including their ...

News Headlines

Two dimensions of knowledge mingle at COP 20

One of the issues that has kept coming up in the corridors, conferences and meetings during the first days of the COP 20 climate summit has to do with the traditional knowledge of indigenous people and the need to incorporate it into climate change procedures and negotiations.

News Headlines

COP20: Peru must give indigenous people means to combat climate change

Climate talks in Lima can save the Amazon rainforest by recognising rights of its best protectors

News Headlines

Native Villagers in Honduras Bet on Food Security – and Win

VICTORIA, Honduras , Dec 3 2014 (IPS) - The town’s dynamic mayor, Sandro Martínez, assumed the commitment of turning the Honduran municipality of Victoria into a model of food and nutritional security and environmental protection by means of municipal public policies based on broad social and co ...

News Headlines

Paraguay: UN expert concerned over indigenous peoples’ rights to land, resources

1 December 2014 – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples identified a number of ongoing challenges remaining in Paraguay as she ended an eight-day official visit to the country on Friday.

News Headlines

Peru’s indigenous preserve biodiversity in Andes Potato Park

As climate negotiators gather for two weeks of talks in Lima, Peru, indigenous communities living in an Andes Potato Park dedicated to preserving biodiversity warn that global warming is forcing them to change centuries-old agricultural practices.

News Headlines

Developing land without approval of local people 'a human rights issue of grave concern,' says new report

Throughout the tropics, staggering amounts of land have been designated for natural resource extraction—as much as 40 percent of Peru, 30 percent of Indonesia and 35 percent of Liberia.

News Headlines

Panama’s Indigenous People Want to Harness the Riches of Their Forests

PANAMA CITY, Oct 22 2014 (IPS) - For indigenous people in Panama, the rainforest where they live is not only their habitat but also their spiritual home, and their link to nature and their ancestors. The forest holds part of their essence and their identity.

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