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World Wildlife Day

3 March 2024, Geneva, Switzerland


World Migratory Bird Day

8 October 2023, Bonn, Germany


Third Meeting of Signatories to the Raptors MOU

3 - 6 July 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


World Migratory Bird Day

14 May 2023, Bonn, Germany


World Migratory Bird Day (October)

9 October 2022, Bonn, Germany

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Why migratory birds have been late to UK skies this spring

One swallow does not, proverbially, make a summer – and this year, birders all over the UK were struggling to see any at all, at least until the last week of April.

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World Migratory Birds Day: How are India’s winged guests doing

Everybody loves the sight of flocks of exotic birds making the most of the winter sun. But how many pause to think of how their lot really fare? The eve of World Migratory Bird Day offers an opportunity to take stock.

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Dim the lights for birds at night

World Migratory Bird Day, which is celebrated on both the second Saturday in May (14th) and October (8th), celebrates the migration of birds across countries and continents. This year, the campaign will be focusing on the issue of light pollution and the negative effects it is having on migrator ...

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The perilous life of migratory birds

Climate change is making their journeys longer and harder, window panes and power lines are deadly obstacles, and hunters lie in wait with nets. But there is plenty we can do to help, not harm, our feathered friends.

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Lights out, Chicago! Millions of birds expected to migrate over city in next two days

Conserving energy and stargazing are two of many reasons people opt to turn their lights out at night, but over the next couple of days, experts are urging residents to also flip their switches between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. to help save the lives of millions of migrating birds.


World Migratory Bird Day (May)

8 May 2022, Bonn, Germany

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Discover Some Of Canada’s Best Spots And Events For Birding

Birding isn’t just for avid ornithologists – the hobby appeals equally to families with young children, photographers, sustainability advocates and people seeking an excuse for a stroll.

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Besides mosquitoes, what lives in a peatland?

Peatlands are biodiversity hot spots in some regions of the planet. Patagonian peatlands hold more than 200 species of insects and a wide variety of amphibians.

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Hengshui Lake in Hebei welcomes over 70 species of migratory birds

Hengshui Lake in Hebei has welcomed more than 70 species of migratory birds currently, about 100,000 in total, according to the Hengshui Lake National Nature Reserve.

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How Migrating Snow Geese Helped Stretch My Perspective

From the Middle Creek Wildlife Management area parking lot, I hear a rumble. The noise grows as I walk a half mile to the lake, where I spot a crowd of a couple hundred people.

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Why birds migrate vast distances – and how you can help during their breeding season

Now that spring is in the air, the UK is starting to see its summer visitors arriving. Ospreys are already back in their nests, chiffchaffs are singing their song to re-establish their territories, and puffins have arrived at their breeding sites around the British Isles.

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Migratory shrimp contribute significantly to the nutrient quality of streams and oceans

A collaborative study published in Oecologia and led by Hiromi Uno of Hokkaido University and Kyoto University found that migratory shrimp contribute significantly to the nutrient quality of streams as well as the oceans into which they flow.

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Summer migratory bird species arrive in Nepal to lay eggs

According to an expert, several bird species migrate to Nepal every summer as the country has favourable climatic conditions and good environment for raising fledglings.

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Bird paradise of Iran in favorable condition

Located in the northwestern province of West Azarbaijan, Kani Barazan, was once recorded as the first bird-sighting site in the country and birdwatchers call it Iran’s bird paradise.

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Drone photography raises concerns for Sri Lanka’s flamingo flock

With reddish-pink, brushstroke-like smudges on its wings, legs and large downward-curved beak, the greater flamingo is a stunning bird to watch, particularly in flight as part of a large flock.

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Have Wetlands Will Travel: Migratory Birds Benefit from Habitat Conservation in China

As northeast China freezes with the onset of winter, cranes fly south to Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater wetland sanctuary, along with hundreds of thousands of migratory wildfowl.

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Climate change fuels drop in Albania's migrant birds

Thousands of migratory birds have failed to make their annual visit to Albania's western coast this winter, experts say, pointing to climate change, overfishing and urbanisation as likely factors.

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Monarch Butterfly Makes Significant Comeback

There may be a glimmer of hope for the Western Monarch butterflies, whose population has been declining drastically over the last several years. Their numbers have recently increased significantly, according to the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation,

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The perilous migratory journey of the eastern whip-poor-will

Using GPS tags attached to the birds, researchers discovered some surprising facts about the long migrations that eastern whip-poor-wills make from their Midwest breeding grounds to where they winter in Mexico and Central America.

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In photos: Migratory flamingos flock to Mumbai's Sewri mudflats

Mumbaikars were happy to see the migratory birds visiting the Sewri seashore on Wednesday

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Migratory bird species in Coimbatore wetlands decline: survey

Migratory bird species have declined in Coimbatore wetlands as per a recent survey conducted by the Coimbatore Nature Society (CNS) in 29 wetlands in the district as part of the Asian Waterbird Census which was held from January 9 to 15

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Tracking of nearctic seabirds surprises scientists with diverse migratory paths from shared breeding site

As the Arctic and the oceans warm due to climate change, understanding how a rapidly changing environment may affect birds making annual journeys between the Arctic and the high seas is vital to international conservation efforts.

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New legislation aims to protect wintering birds on major freshwater lake

A new legislation to protect migratory birds, especially Siberian cranes, on China's largest freshwater lake of Poyang, will take effect on January 1.

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After record low, monarch butterflies return to California

There is a ray of hope for the vanishing orange-and-black Western monarch butterflies. The number wintering along California's central coast is bouncing back after the population, whose presence is often a good indicator of ecosystem health, reached an all-time low last year.

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Arctic Terns arrive in the thousands to Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

The annual migration of birds from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve, has begun with an enormous flock seen swarming the Manoli Islands inside the park last weekend.

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Birds of a feather start flocking together in Delhi

The nip in the air indicates winter is on its way to Delhi. Alongside, migratory birds have started arriving at Yamuna Biodiversity Park. However, the number of the species and the number of arrivals are lower this time than previous years.

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Britain’s migratory birds ‘may stop flying south for winter’

Migratory birds including the willow warbler, the garden warbler and the nightingale may eventually stop flying south for the winter as they spend longer in their European breeding grounds.

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For Many Wildlife Species, Migration May No Longer be Worth it Due to Climate Change and Human Pressure

The holidays are here, you hop into your car, ready to leave for your grandparents' place. It's pretty far, several hundred kilometres away, so you're going to have to make several stopovers to refuel—both the car and your tummy. But once you've left, you realise that none of the familiar eateri ...

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Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island was once occupied seasonally by Guale and Mocama indigenous peoples. With the presence of European settlers, however, these peoples were executed or evacuated by both the British and French.

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Climate change and human pressure mean migration may be “no longer worth it”, say researchers

Animals that migrate north to breed are being put at risk by ongoing climate change and increasing human pressure, losing earlier advantages for migration, declining in numbers and faring much worse than their resident counterparts, according to scientists writing in Trends in Ecology & Evolution.


World Migratory Bird Day (October)

9 October 2021, Bonn, Germany

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The Best Place to Watch Monarch Butterflies Migrate Might Be This Little California Beach Town

As the air cools and sunlight declines each fall, thousands of western monarch butterflies return to California to overwinter. One of the best places to watch the colorful spectacle is Pismo Beach.

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Listen to Millions of Monarch Butterflies Making One of the Rarest Sounds on Earth

Monarch butterflies, fluttering in their millions on 3,000-mile journeys, as luminous as stained glass. Seeing them mass migrate is one of the world’s great spectacles. But what about hearing them?


52nd Meeting of the Standing Committee of the CMS (StC52)

21 - 29 September 2021, Online/Virtual

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Sea turtles: Can these great marine migrators navigate rising human threats?

For millions of years, countless sea turtles navigated the world’s oceans, migrating vast distances between foraging sites and natal nesting beaches. But today, those long journeys repeatedly expose them to harmful anthropogenic impacts and disruptive environmental changes. And despite worldwide ...

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Migratory birds found to be flying much higher than expected – new research

Every autumn, billions of birds leave their breeding areas when the temperature drops and food gets scarce to spend the winter in more favorable climes, returning the following spring when warm weather brings food in abundance. These epic journeys can cover thousands of kilometres, often crossin ...

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How land birds cross the open ocean

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and University of Konstanz in Germany have identified how large land birds fly nonstop for hundreds of kilometers over the open ocean—without taking a break for food or rest.

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The annual 3,000-mile monarch migration is heading toward Chicago: 'It's like a Disney movie, except better'

Breanna Seibel was riding a four-wheeler alongside her alfalfa field in northern Wisconsin when she started seeing monarch butterflies. The bright orange visitors were swooping, fluttering and dancing in pairs, quartets and trios. They were landing in the trees that line the field, with up to 10 ...

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Humans have driven hundreds of bird species to extinction in the last 50,000 years

Birds are apparently going through a major extinction event. According to a new study, humans have caused the extinction of up to 20% of the entire avian species diversity over the last 50,000 years.

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Monarch butterflies raised in captivity can still join the migration

Each year, thousands of hobbyists and educators across North America collect monarch eggs or caterpillars from the wild to raise indoors and patiently wait for butterflies to emerge. Raising monarch butterflies indoors has become an increasingly popular activity that can have numerous benefits.

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Photos Show Wildlife That Relies on Delaware Bay Shore and Watersheds

The Delaware Bayshore is known for its expansive coastal marshes, lengthy shoreline, and upland forests, which provide diverse habitats for a variety of marine life and are an internationally recognized flyway for 300-400 species of migrating birds, including the second-largest shorebird congreg ...

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