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World Maritime Day 2018

28 September 2018, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Slash-and-Burn Agriculture must Stop

By burning peatlands to make way for palm oil plantations and vegetable plots, therefore, locals risk destroying these swamps’ ecosystems while simultaneously releasing vast amounts of CO2 back into the atmosphere, thereby exacerbating the effects of climate change. To stop that from happening, ...

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Science shows riparian plantings are keeping streams clean

We bet you're thinking that keeping stock out of water, along with grass filters or native plantings along waterways are the equivalent of plastering over the nation's water quality cracks. Looks good, doesn't fix the problem – right? Well this might surprise you then, but no.

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Experts: Declare protected areas ‘off-limits’ to mining

Environment Secretary Roy A. Cimatu last Monday vowed to uphold at least one policy pronouncement made by his predecessor, Regina Paz L. Lopez—declaring watersheds “off-limits” to mining operations. Watersheds are home to a diverse species of plants and animals, including those that are conside ...

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Stream insects live well in Yorkshire

Benthic stream invertebrates are among the best known indicators. They tell us almost immediately how pure freshwater is and exactly how many of our rivers are recovering from any pollution. These canaries in the coal mine are thriving surprisingly well in the low pH of streams in the English No ...

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DENR allots P34 million for water resource inventory project

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is allocating P34 million to identify and protect more ground water sources against destructive development projects, particularly mining.

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The World's Most Polluted River Revealed in Photos

A recent high court ruling in India that gives the Ganges personhood status may lead to environmental redemption.

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North America's freshwater lakes are getting saltier

North America's freshwater lakes are getting saltier due to development and exposure to road salt.

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Top 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the U.S.

Water is life, yet climate change and certain public policies may be endangering its future in America, a nonprofit group warns in a new report

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Murky future for freshwater fish in the Amazon floodplains

Life beneath the waters of the Amazon is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the world’s largest rainforest.

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Environmental sciences: Troubled waters on the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes that straddle the border of Canada and the United States hold one-fifth of Earth's surface fresh water, and cover almost 250,000 square kilometres — an area larger than the United Kingdom.

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Can the dying Dead Sea be saved?

The lowest body of water in the world, famed for its health benefits, is disappearing, threatening livelihoods and nature.

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Can the Amazon of Southeast Asia Be Saved?

The Mekong River Basin supports millions of people and some of the world’s richest biodiversity, but it must overcome many threats.

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Large freshwater species are at the greatest risk of extinction

March 15 (UPI) -- Megafauna species living in freshwater habitats are some of the most vulnerable to extinction, new research shows.

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Source of Mekong, Yellow and Yangtze rivers drying up

National park could help save the headwaters of the Tibetan plateau that are evaporating because of climate change, says geologist.

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Shrinking and Darkening, the Plight of Kashmir’s Dying Lakes

SRINAGAR, Feb 22 2017 (IPS) - Mudasir Ahmad says that two decades ago, his father made a prophecy that the lake would vanish after the fish in its waters started dying. Three years ago, he found dead fish floating on the surface, making him worried about its fate.

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Conserving Harare's wetlands for sustainable use

Harare is the main city in Zimbabwe, situated in the Upper Manyame Catchment Basin that drains into Lakes Chivero and Manyame; which are important water sources for the City.

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Enabling healthy Nile Basin wetlands for disaster risk reduction

Wetlands are naturally productive ecosystems which are capable of managing the risk of disasters to communities. They can contain flood water, which helps cushion communities against floods.

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How we discovered the world’s largest tropical peatland, deep in Congo

A team of three scientists and five assistants found 33 billion tons of carbon locked up in a Congo ecosystem – the equivalent of 20 years of current US fossil fuel emissions. The discovery is a key step in ensuring this carbon-storing area is protected.

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Food webs in brown water lakes are more resilient to nitrogen deposition

Nitrogen deposition caused by human activities can lead to an increased phytoplankton production in boreal lakes.

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East Africa: Healthy Nile Basin Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction

Natural hazards such as floods and drought have become more prevalent in the Nile River Basin - as a result of climate and weather changes - resulting in massive disasters which drain communities economically, physically and environmentally.

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The wetlands along the river Rhine struggle to recover from human engineering

The Rhine River once curled and turned, flooding and receding to support a rich mosaic of forests, meadows and marshes. Straightening the river out has been disastrous for its wetlands.

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Salt poses threat to Senegal's Siné Saloum Delta wetlands

In Senegal, seawater seeping into underground fresh water aquifers is slowly increasing soil salinity causing havoc for farming communities living near wetlands rich in biodiversity.


World Wetlands Day 2017: Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction

2 February 2017, New York, United States of America

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Protecting Tanzania’s mangroves

Why the current conservation scheme is falling short, and alternative approaches to strengthen it

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Dams be damned, let the world's rivers flow again

The flawed development model of dam-building has continued around the world. It’s time to give permanent protection to free-flowing rivers

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New Mekong River initiative will highlight values of biodiversity, ecosystems

With 60 million people depending on its aquatic resources for food and livelihoods, the lower Mekong River Basin is threatened by rapid development that would adversely affect the people and wildlife within this region.

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Taking stock of the world's lakes

The most complete global database yet of the world's lakes promises to help scientists better understand the important role of lakes in the Earth's complex environmental systems.

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Large-scale changes in insect species inhabiting streams and rivers

The frequencies of occurrence of hundreds of insect species inhabiting streams have been altered relative to the conditions that existed prior to wide spread pollution and habitat alteration, American scientists have discovered.

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Joy as China shelves plans to dam 'angry river'

Environmentalists in China are celebrating after controversial plans to build a series of giant hydroelectric dams on the country’s last free-flowing river were shelved.

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Seasonal wetlands face uncertain future

Seasonal wetlands - ecologically important habitats that become visible during rainy seasons - are facing an uncertain future, warn scientists.These ephemeral ecosystems support unique flora and fauna species that do not occur in permanent wetlands.

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King's favourite fish to make comeback in River Severn project

A scheme that aims to re-establish one of King Henry III's favourite fish in the River Severn has been given nearly £20m in funding.

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Scientists find link between tropical storms, decline of river deltas

Research by the University of Southampton shows that a change in the patterns of tropical storms is threatening the future of the Mekong River delta in Vietnam, indicating a similar risk to other deltas around the world.

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Lakes in community hands spur gains for people and fish

The arapaima (Arapaima gigas) is the largest freshwater scaled fish in the world, topping out at 2.75 meters (9 feet) and weighing up to 200 kilograms (440 pounds) – at least, those are the largest ones we’ve recorded in the muddy waters of the Amazon Basin.

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Peru investigates death of 10,000 Titicaca water frogs

Peru's environmental agency is investigating the deaths of some 10,000 frogs whose bodies have been found in a river in the south of the country.

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A plan to save the Mekong Delta

“I think this year Vietnam got a taste of the new normal,” said Dinh Tuyen, my journalist friend in bustling Can Tho, the Mekong Delta’s hub city. “Less fresh water from rains or from up the river, and more salt water as sea levels rise.”

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'Let mangroves recover' to protect coasts

In Indonesia, a Wetlands International project uses permeable dams to restore sediment needed for the trees to grow. The charity says early results suggest "ecological restoration" is more effective than planting programmes.

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The Ganga's Missing Dolphins

The sun is riding high by the time we polish off a plate of puris and parval bhaji topped with a sickly-sweet, thickly curled jalebi.

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Back to Basics: Saving Water the Old-Fashioned Way

Across the world, communities are reviving old ways of saving or storing water--with promising results.

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Glacier retreat upsets river species balance

As global warming causes glaciers to melt, rivers lose their diversity of plants and animals at an alarming rate, scientists warn.

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Managing an endangered river across the US-Mexico border

The Rio Grande (called Rio Bravo in Mexico) is the lifeline to an expansive desert in the southwest USA and northern Mexico.

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Glacier retreat upsets river species balance

As global warming causes glaciers to melt, rivers lose their diversity of plants and animals at an alarming rate, scientists warn.

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The Nile Project: Resolving conflict into harmony

The Nile flows through 11 African nations and serves as key source of freshwater - but sharing this resource is politically tricky. A unique project works to resolve conflicts and promote sustainable use - through music.

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