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Meeting Document


Revised Draft Capacity-Building Strategy for the Global Taxonomy Initiative

Meeting Document


New and Emerging Issues Relating to the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity

Meeting Document


Addressing Adverse Impacts of Human Activities on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity, Including Coral Bleaching, Ocean Acidification, Fisheries and Underwater Noise

Meeting Document


Report of Joint Expert Meeting on Addressing Biodiversity Concerns in Sustainable Fishery

Meeting Document


Report of the Expert Meeting to Develop a Series of Joint Expert Review Processes to Monitor and Assess the Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

Meeting Document


Proposals for the Sustainable Ocean Initiative

Meeting Document


A Review of Three REDD+ Safeguard Initiatives

Meeting Document


Progress Report on Capacity-Building Activities for the Global Taxonomy Initiative and Invasive Alien Species

Meeting Document


New and Emerging Issues Relating to the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity

Meeting Document


Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-Sharing and the Global Taxonomy Initiative

Side Event

" From Paradise to the Roof of the World" - Side event on "Mountain biodiversity - partnership for implementing the CBD".

Presentations on the experiences and lessons learned from the creation and development of global mountain ecological networks such as the Carpathians, Alpine, Andean and other mountain ecosystems.

Side Event
COP 11

"Biodiversity and Health: strengthening our synergies and seeking collaboration" by SCBD, WHO, DIVERSITAS, EcoHealth Alliance and partners.

Biodiversity and human health have inextricable links, as biodiversity can offer critical health-supporting ecosystem services and benefits. It is also increasingly acknowledged that public health arguments are an opportunity for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Anthropogeni ...

Side Event
COP 11

"Biodiversity conservation leading to enhanced livelihoods"- case studies from Host state of Andhra pradesh India where COP is being organised.

The sucess stories of "Biodiversity Conservation leading to enhanced livelihoods" case studies will be presented by indigenous communities at the grass root level.This will enable the participants to directly interact with the field level conservers to gain first hand information coming from the ...

Side Event
COP 11

"Biodiversity, development and culture": critical reflections on the Brazilian contemporary experiences.

Brazil has one of the highest rates of biodiversity and is considered one of the mega-diverse countries. Currently, the country is experiencing a time of economic stability and growth, where development policies are a priority of the current government. Discussions on the new Forest Code, the li ...

Side Event
COP 10

"Coastline and shallow sea"

Workshop of coast and shallow sea. Coastline and the Shallow sea region that bring up biological diversity. We are learn abut good practice and the lesson learns. How is a Shallow sea region important to marine biological diversity? We preserve a continuity of the coastline in good condition and ...

Side Event

"Local Registers and Traditional Resource Rights: The Case of the Khipu Local Register in Peru"

Learn how indigenous communities in the Potato Park in Peru are using customary law and local registers in innovative ways to manage and protect traditional resources.

Side Event

"New developments in the International Pollinators Initiative"

A book (and CD) was developed by 20 experts from around the world at a meeting in South Africa in May 2003. The book is designed to provide tools to policymakers and practioners to improve conservation of pollinators and the ecosystem services they render. The book takes the format of the Prog ...


"RARE" On “From the Top”

26 October 2012, New Jersey, United States of America

Side Event

"Synergies among biodiversity-related conventions"

“Introduction to a new collaborative project being led by UNEP which will identify and explore opportunities and options for enhancing cooperation at both global and national levels, develop guidance on mobilization of resources for more integrated implementation of MEAs at the national level, a ...

Side Event

"The Global Terrestrial Observing System and the Global Land Cover Network: mapping progress towards 2010"

The side event is structured to provide an opportunity for presenting and discussing GTOS and GLCN products and services with respect to CBD requirements within the framework of Target 2010. The Agenda of the Side Event is currently being finalised.


"The Sustainable Future of Mountain Forests In Europe"

3 - 5 May 2000, Igls/Innsbruck, Austria

Press Release

"You can count on Brazil to protect the biodiversity of our planet".

Speaking today in New York, where he was meeting with United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, hailed the decision of the President of Brazil, H.E. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to place 6.4 million hectares ...

News Headlines

$48 million fund to help expand marine protected areas

At the ongoing U.S. State Department’s Our Ocean 2016 Conference, in Washington, D.C., the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Waitt Foundation, the blue moon fund (bmf), and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), together announced a commitment of $48 million to expand and improve marine p ...

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'Biodiversity for Sustainable Development' Environment Minister's Message on International Day for Biological Diversity

The Minister of State (Independent Charge) of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Shri Prakash Javadekar, has emphasised the need to work together to conserve biodiversity to ensure the future for the present generation and the coming generations.

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'Business can be a global force for good,' Bans says as General Assembly honours UN Global Compact

The business community and the private sector can make a difference as United Nations Member States are in the process of formulating a new sustainability agenda, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday said at the General Assembly, which was meeting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the UN ...

Side Event
WG8J 8

'Customary sustainable use: developing a community-based monitoring system to track implementation of Article 10(c)'

Networking and sharing ideas and initiatives on the plan of action on customary sustainable use This week the Working Group on Article 8(j) discusses the new (draft) plan of action on customary sustainable use (CSU) (Article 10c), as a new major component of the revised programme of work on Ar ...

Side Event

'Developing International Payments for Ecosystem Services (IPES): Avoided Deforestation

This event will discuss the latest progress on scaling up PES with a focus on payments for avoided deforestation. The progress is based on a joint UNEP-IUCN initiative in close collaboration with the CBD Secretariat. Challenges in moving this agenda forward will also be identified and ways of ad ...

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'Ghostlike' octopus found in Pacific may belong to new species

An underwater research craft has spotted a "ghostlike" octopus that appears to belong to a previously unknown species on the ocean floor near Hawaii, a discovery that highlights how little is known about the deep sea, a U.S. zoologist said on Saturday.

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'Hiding in plain sight'—Discovery raises questions over scale of overlooked biodiversity

Scientists have used cutting-edge DNA technology and museum samples collected over the past two centuries to reveal a new species of diving beetle living in streams around the Mediterranean.

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'Journey towards bold climate action is at a critical moment,' UN General Assembly told

29 June 2015 – Development cannot be sustainable if it does not address the challenge of climate change, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Member States today as he opened a High-Level Event on Climate Change convened in New York by the President of the UN General Assembly, Sam K ...

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'Keep it local' approach more effective than government schemes at protecting rainforest

Conservation initiatives led by local and indigenous groups can be just as effective as schemes led by government, according to new research. In some cases in the Amazon rainforest, grassroots initiatives can be even more effective at protecting this vital ecosystem. This is particularly importa ...

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'Marine snow' drifts buoy life on ocean floor

SOUTHAMPTON, England, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- New maps charted using sonar sensors on Autosub6000 have revealed the importance of "marine snow" to the distribution of biomass on the ocean floor.

News Headlines

'Now is the time for implementation,' Ban urges session on integrating UN sustainability agenda

2 May 2016 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today underlined the importance of devising creative and coherent approaches in linking the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development as world leaders continue to work towards successfully implementing the U ...

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'One needs to understand biodiversity to protect it'

The need for coming up with initiatives to control the loss of flora and fauna was highlighted by experts on Sunday-International Day for Biological Diversity at the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (IFGTB). Experts also encouraged the youth to understand biodiversity in order to p ...

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'Red tape' locking small island states out of billions in climate funds

Commonwealth initiative aims to enable countries such as Vanuatu and Fiji to access $100bn pledged in Paris climate talks

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'Sea dragon' fossil is 'largest on record'

The fossil of a marine reptile ''re-discovered'' in a museum is the largest of its kind on record, say scientists. The ''sea dragon'' belongs to a group that swam the world's oceans 200 million years ago, while dinosaurs walked the land. The specimen is the largest Ichthyosaurus to be described, ...

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'Surprise' discovery of Europe's first cave-dwelling fish

Pink, scaleless and with declining vision, the cave loach is the first ever example of a fish found living in a cave in Europe.

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'Time to act': Damage to Great Barrier Reef worse than thought, surveys find

The government agency responsible for the Great Barrier Reef says urgent action is needed to save the world heritage site after yet-to-be-published surveys found the record coral bleaching damage earlier this year was even worse than initially thought.

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'Water scarcity' affects four billion people each year

In the western United States, disputes over the management of the Klamath River, which wends its way from southern Oregon to the Pacific Ocean through northern California, have made blood boil for generations.

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'Weedy' fish species to take over our future oceans

University of Adelaide researchers have for the first time demonstrated that the ocean acidification expected in the future will reduce fish diversity significantly, with small 'weedy' species dominating marine environments.

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'We’re reinvigorating traditional knowledge’: Indigenous rangers in remote Australia

A new report hails the best Indigenous initiatives run by government and recommends their expansion

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'Zero Deforestation' not necessarily the answer, environmentalists warn

Last week, the London-based think tank Innovation Forum convened a two-day conference on the subject of sustainable forestry in Washington, D.C. Titled “How Business Can Tackle Deforestation,” the conference brought together leaders from both public and private spheres, including forest commodit ...

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'Zero tolerance' plan eyed for plastic pollution

A plan for zero tolerance of plastic pollution of the oceans may be agreed by nations at a UN environment summit. Governments are being asked to move towards a legal treaty banning plastic waste from entering the sea.

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10-year plan to protect state’s biodiversity

The Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board (MSBB) on Thursday initiated the process to develop state biodiversity strategy and action plan for next 10 years (2018-28) for conserving state's biodiversity.

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100-million-year-old spider with a tail longer than its body discovered

A brand new species of arachnid that looks like a spider with a tail has been discovered in Myanmar. The eight-legged creepy crawly is estimated to have scuttled along the forest floors as far back as 100 million years ago.

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1000-year-old ocean water trapped in “shadow zone”

Deep in the middle of the deepest oceans of the world lies a shadow zone, where ancient sea water hangs, trapped in vast volume, stagnant. The water last floated to the surface some 1000 years ago.


11th IALE Conference. Avian Landscape Ecology: Pure and Applied Issues in the Large-Scale Ecology of Birds

10 - 13 September 2002, Norwich, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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