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News Headlines

'A circus': second mass salmon outbreak in Tasmania outrages conservationists

Huon Aquaculture has been savaged after another mass salmon outbreak in Tasmania that could threaten native marine life, with conservationists labelling escape management practices in the state “a circus”.

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'Astonishing' blue whale numbers at South Georgia

Scientists say they have seen a remarkable collection of blue whales in the coastal waters around the UK sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. Their 23-day survey counted 55 animals - a total that is unprecedented in the decades since commercial whaling ended.

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'Happy corals': climate crisis sanctuary teeming with life found off east Africa

Scientists have discovered a climate crisis refuge for coral reefs off the coast of Kenya and Tanzania, where species are thriving despite warming events that have killed their neighbours.

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'The Greatest Shoal on Earth': Protecting South Africa's sardine run

From above, it looks like a vast oil spill spreading across the ocean. It's been called the "Greatest Shoal on Earth" and it's one of the planet's biggest migrations in terms of biomass.

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'They eat everything in their path': Spain's shellfish farmers turn on starfis

Galicia has agreed to a cull of the creatures, which are turning up in unusually large numbers and feasting on the region’s key export

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11 Fascinating Facts About Eels

Eels are a diverse group of fish that tend to look pretty slender; you might even call them “eel-longated.” Some are big, some are small, and more than a few come with nightmarish jaws. Naturalists have been probing their mysterious habits for millennia, and here are 11 things we’ve learned abou ...

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15 Issues That Could Greatly Impact Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

Researchers have listed fifteen areas of concern, emphasizing the need to tackle these issues. Examples include the mining of lithium from the deep sea, exploitation of species found in deeper waters, and the unforeseen effects of wildfires across different ecosystems.

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2018's Award-Winning Ocean Art Photos Will Transport You To Another Planet

In the sapphire-to-stygian waters that cover 70 per cent of Earth’s surface, fish school in iridescent sheets, whales sing mournful tunes, and jellyfish bloom like wildflowers. The ocean is a teeming mystery that most of us rarely dip our toes in.

News Headlines

2020 Ocean Pathways Week

On 13 November 2019, during the 2020 Ocean Pathways Week, participants convened for a joint session coordinated by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and supported by the Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Government of Sweden and the Ministry of Oceans and Fi ...

News Headlines

30 per cent by 2030? Study maps out how to protect the world’s oceans

As governments work towards an international pledge to protect at least 10 per cent of the world’s oceans by 2020, scientists are proposing an even wider movement to save more than one-third of the marine ecosystem.

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3D-Printed Artificial Coral Designed to Bolster Endangered Reefs

Coral reefs are one of the nature eco-systems that are being affected by global climate change, and scientists are seeking ways to help save the marine life that depends on them for sustenance.

News Headlines

4 Million Pounds of Microplastics Found in Corals, Causing Tissue Necrosis in Fishes

Harmful to ocean and aquatic life, microplastics make up the nearly three percent toxic pollutants in shallow, tropical waters where corals flourish. These toxic chemicals bring huge detrimental impact on reef health, and a new study reveals 4 million pounds of them may be stored in coral skelet ...

News Headlines

45 reasons the Great Barrier Reef is in trouble

When the managers of the Great Barrier Reef recently rated its outlook as very poor, a few well-known threats dominated the headlines. But delve deeper into the report and you'll find that this global icon is threatened by a whopping 45 risks.

News Headlines

5 things you should know about the UN Ocean Conference, a chance to save the planet’s largest ecosystem

The Ocean is the planet’s largest ecosystem, regulating the climate, and providing livelihoods for billions. But its health is in danger. The second UN Ocean Conference, due to take place in June, will be an important opportunity to redress the damage that mankind continues to inflict on marine ...

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7 ocean mysteries scientists haven’t solved yet

The Earth is mainly a water world — more than 70 percent of its surface is covered by oceans — and yet we know so little about what resides beneath the waves.

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9 stunning images of deep-sea life captured by an aquatic robot

During a recently completed 18-day expedition in the protected Ashmore Reef Marine Park (off of Australia), scientists aboard a Schmidt Ocean Institute exploration vessel dropped an underwater robot into deep, low-light depths. At some 165 to 500 feet down (50-150 meters), it observed otherworld ...

News Headlines

91% Of Surveyed Corals Bleached Along Great Barrier Reef, Australia Says

More than 90% of coral reefs surveyed along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef were bleached in recent months due to catastrophically warm ocean temperatures, according to a new report by the top government agency monitoring the structure’s health.

News Headlines

A Blue New Deal by Chris Armstrong review – a manifesto for the oceans

Governments talk of green jobs, green industrial revolutions and creating green new deals. The aim of these efforts is to tackle runaway climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality by remoulding our political and economic systems.

News Headlines

A Blueprint For Blue Waters Read more from Asian Scientist

Singapore may be known as a concrete jungle, but a group of marine scientists wants to draw attention to the blue waters surrounding the ‘little red dot’. In the third Singapore Blue Plan, launched on October 13, 2018, the group highlights the state of Singapore’s coastal environment and outline ...

News Headlines

A deep dive into Zero Hunger: the seaweed revolution

If just two per cent of the Ocean were to be sustainably farmed, the world could easily be fed, according to experts. In the first story of a two-part series looking at the opportunities and challenges facing Ocean farming, we take a look at the huge potential role of seaweed in mitigating clima ...

News Headlines

A plan to save Earth's oceans

At least 26 per cent of our oceans need urgent conservation attention to preserve Earth's marine biodiversity, a University of Queensland-led international study has found.

News Headlines

A year before deep-sea mining could begin, calls for a moratorium build

At the U.N. Ocean Conference taking place this week in Lisbon, momentum has been building in support of a moratorium on deep-sea mining, an activity projected to have far-reaching consequences for marine ecosystems, biodiversity, and global fisheries.

News Headlines

ASEAN centre joins first ocean sustainability forum

With the increasing climate risks and multiple challenges that we are facing today, moving towards stronger cooperation among island nations and regions with islands, which have a lot in common, is logical.

News Headlines

About 300 sea turtles die in Mexico from red tide

Mexican environmental authorities said Thursday that 292 sea turtles found dead on the country's southern Pacific coast since Christmas died as a result of a red tide algae bloom.

News Headlines

Actor Ted Danson and Philanthropist Wendy Schmidt Are Fighting to Save Our Oceans

One day around 1986, Ted Danson was walking on the beach in Santa Monica Bay with his two daughters. At the time, Danson was the star of the beloved sitcom Cheers, in which he played the affable bartender Sam Malone. He was also feeling a growing sense of responsibility that came along with mone ...

News Headlines

Adriatic Sea 'risks turning into a water desert'

The Adriatic Sea risks turning into a water desert, experts warn. Overfishing, bottom trawling, pollution, and climate change are seriously threatening the biodiversity of the Adriatic.

News Headlines

Africa: Healthy Oceans, Healthy Societies

Over recent years, there have been shocking reports of marine endangerment and plastic pollution. The threats are clear, and now urgent action is needed more than ever.

News Headlines

Africa’s blue economy: five nations poised for growth

With a 5,500-kilometre coastline, Madagascar’s potential to benefit from a blue economy is huge. This was identified by the Malagasy government in 2015 when it determined that a clearly defined set of blue-economy principles could be the way to jumpstart economic development in the country.

News Headlines

After Hurricane Irma, soundscape reveals resilient reef ecosystem

A new study from North Carolina State University reveals that the soundscapes of coral reef ecosystems can recover quickly from severe weather events such as hurricanes. The work also demonstrates that non-invasive monitoring is an important tool in shedding further light on these key ecosystems.

News Headlines

Algae-killing virus stimulates nutrient recylcing in the oceans

July 18 (UPI) -- All of the ocean's many complex food chains rely on nutrients. Nutrient cycles fuel algae and phytoplankton blooms, which nourish the smaller life forms that feed larger predators.

News Headlines

All the pressing questions on fish migration

It's not 20 questions—it's even more: Now researchers have identified 100 pressing questions on fish migration.An international team of researchers, lead by Robert Lennox at NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre), have developed the list of questions, published in a paper by the journal Frontiers in ...

News Headlines

Amazon River freshwater fish show signs of overexploitation

As the cherished rainforest in South America's Amazon River region continues to shrink, the river itself now presents evidence of other dangers: the overexploitation of freshwater fish.

News Headlines

Amazon destruction linked to the largest belt of algae on the planet

A familiar sight to Atlantic sailors for centuries, floating banks of sargassum algae have expanded over the past decade in the Caribbean Sea, swamping touristed beaches with foul-smelling mats of decaying plant matter.

News Headlines

Amazon fish ‘face new threats’

While history has played an important role in the distribution and diversity of fish species in the Amazon basin, climate change, deforestation and building of power dams could alter such dynamics even more, biodiversity specialists have warned.

News Headlines

An 'Unprecedented' Epidemic Is Wiping Out The West Coast's Sea Stars

In 2013, marine scientists witnessed a real-life, aquatic version of Contagion. Over the summer, divers in Monterrey, California were treated to a horror scene of sea stars with limbs torn asunder and bodies disintegrating. Soon, major aquariums up and down the West Coast reported their sea star ...

News Headlines

An orphaned dugong becomes a social media influencer in Thailand

“We got lucky she appeared when she did. We were about to get off the water when she popped up out of nowhere,” explains Alex Rendell, a Thai actor and conservationist, and founder of the Environmental Education Centre, of his encounter with the seven-month old dugong baby called Marium. “I’ve b ...

News Headlines

Ancient marine crocs adapted like whales to ocean life - only earlier

A wondrous lineage of crocodile relatives that developed into fast-swimming seagoing predators at a time when dinosaurs dominated the land adapted to life in the open ocean with a pivotal evolutionary modification also present in whales.

News Headlines

Animals could help humans monitor oceans

Sharks, penguins, turtles and other seagoing species could help humans monitor the oceans by transmitting oceanographic information from electronic tags.

News Headlines

Antarctic Waters are Now Warmer with Higher Acidity and Less Oxygen

A new study revealed that the increased freshwater resulting from melting ice sheets in Antarctica, combined with the added Antarctic wind, has reduced the oxygen level inside the Southern Ocean. This has made the ocean warmer and more acidic.

News Headlines

Antarctic krill population contracts southward as polar oceans warm

The population of Antarctic krill, the favourite food of many whales, penguins, fish and seals, shifted southward during a recent period of warming in their key habitat, new research shows.

News Headlines

Applying the concept of liquid biopsy to monitor the microbial biodiversity of marine coastal ecosystems

Liquid biopsy (LB) is a concept that is rapidly gaining ground in the biomedical field. Its concept is largely based on the detection of circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) fragments that are mostly released as small fragments following cell death in various tissues. A small percentage of these f ...

News Headlines

Aquaculture turns biodiversity into uniformity along the coast of China

Fishery and aquaculture have given rise to an enormous uniformity in the diversity of bivalves along the more than 18,000 kilometer long Chinese coast, biologist He-Bo Peng and colleagues report in this month's issue of Diversity and Distributions.

News Headlines

Are marine protected areas helping marine mammals and birds? Maybe, but more can be done

Our oceans are under pressure like never before, with over 60% struggling from the increasing impact of fishing, coastal activities and climate change. The harsh truth is that as we move towards 2022 only 3% of oceans are totally free from the pressure of human activity.

News Headlines

As Disease Ravages Coral Reefs, Scientists Scramble for Solutions

In September 2014, William Precht received an alarming phone call. “I’m seeing something funky out on the reef,” a colleague reported. “It looks like disease.”

News Headlines

As jellyfish population becomes a worldwide menace, how we treat our oceans needs urgent change

The Goa government has issued a warning to beach-goers that the state's beaches and coastal waters have swarms of live and dead jellyfish.

News Headlines

As ocean fears gather pace, WTO fishing talks stall

The oceans are under siege, campaigners warn, and fish stocks could collapse unless a global deal is struck swiftly to ban harmful fisheries subsidies. The World Trade Organization, meanwhile, can’t agree on who will head the committee to discuss the issue, according to sources close to the nego ...

News Headlines

Atlantic Ocean 'running out of breath'

A huge international research programme has been launched to assess the health of the Atlantic Ocean.

News Headlines

Australian Deep-sea Reef Study Could Uncover New Species

Australian researchers have embarked on an expedition to explore previously undocumented deep-sea coral reefs off the country's north coast.

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Australian scientists evaluate health of world's biggest coral reef

An extensive study into the health of Australia's Great Barrier Reef is underway this month, with a 25-day data collecting journey canvassing bleach affected parts of the reef not observed since 2016.

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Australia’s vast carbon sink releasing millions of tonnes of CO2 back into atmosphere

Australia’s mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrass meadows are absorbing about 20m tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, according to a major new study that is the first to measure in detail the climate benefits of the coastal ecosystems.

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