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News Headlines

1,400 eyes keep a close watch on every tourist setting foot on the Galapagos Islands

Back in the 60s, just a dozen boats and hotels accommodated fewer than 2,000 tourists in the Galapagos a year [1]. Fifty years later, in 2016, more than 215,000 tourists were lodged in 76 cruises and more than 300 land-based hotels [2].

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A Total Jamaican experience'

BUNKER'S HILL, Trelawny - Nature lovers from home and abroad can now explore the unspoilt biodiversity in areas of the Jamaican Cockpit Country, through the Bunker's Hill Cultural Xperience & River Tour, which was officially opened to the public last Friday in Bunker's Hill, Trelawny.

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Andhra Pradesh and WTO to promote sustainable tourism

The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Authority is raring to go. In its quest to put the State on the international map, it has partnered with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (WTO) to promote sustainable tourism across the state

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Angola: Ecotourism Infrastructures Spring Up in National Parks

Luanda — Some infrastructures that aim at the promotion of ecotourism and contribute to the diversification of the economy have been springing up in the country's national parks, in an initiative of the Environment Ministry and partners.

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Antarctica gets hot for another reason: Tourists

In January 1966, the first ship carrying "citizen-explorers" arrived in Antarctica. At the time, only a handful of leisure travelers had ever considered visiting the world's most remote land mass.

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Apo Island thrives on eco-tourism activities and tourist arrivals

THE world-renowned dive destination of Apo Island in Dauin, Negros Oriental continues to thrive on income derived from tourist arrivals all year round with residents reaping benefits from it.

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Belated win for coastal protection in Spain

Environmentalists have won a decade-long battle to halt construction of a mega-hotel in one of Spain's largest coastal protected areas. However, the conflict between tourism and conservation is far from over.

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Beyond ecotourism: what the travel sector can really do for development

Tourism is on the rise in Sri Lanka, after a three-decade war that kept travelers away from the island nation ended just eight years ago. After landing in Colombo, tourists tend to stay in one of the resorts on the coastline, complete with ocean views and curry-lined buffets, before moving to a ...

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Big tourism must demand action to save the reef – its business depends on it

According to a blog post on the home page of the tourism giant Mantra Group, a “family holiday in Queensland would be incomplete without a visit to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system in the world”.

News Headlines

Biodiversity Key to Growing Tourism Says The DEDEAT

The Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) says the protection of the province’s biodiversity will have a positive effect on tourism and lead to increased revenue for communities, tourism agencies and other stakeholders.

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Biodiversity conservation vital for the tourism sectors of Fiji and Tonga

The integration of tourism into the biodiversity sector was under the spotlight at the High Level Segment of the Thirteenth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP13) in Cancun, Mexico.

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Birds, Important Natural Wealth in Northern Cuban Keys

Birds are one of the main natural resources in the keys bordering the northern coast of the Cuban central province of Ciego de Avila, one of the island's prominent tourist destinations.

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Botswana: Bio-Diversity Important to Economy

Maun — Deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, Mr Thabang Botsoma says biodiversity and ecosystem are vital to the economy and development of Botswana.

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Botswana: Biodiversity Under Threat - Expert

Professor Joseph Mbaiwa of the University of Botswana's Okavango Research Institute (ORI) in Maun has warned that if tourism is not properly managed and controlled, it may exacerbate the threat to biodiversity and sustainable use of resources in the Okavango Delta.

News Headlines

Bringing Uganda to Ugandans

All those Ugandans who have never seen a lion in real life are, therefore, advised to make plans and be there. The king will be in the company of other powerful cats such as leopards and the cheetah, up close and personal.

News Headlines

British-owned cruise ship wrecks one of Indonesia’s best coral reefs

One of the main coral reefs at Raja Ampat, an Indonesian island chain home to perhaps the world’s richest marine biodiversity, was severely damaged last week when a Bahamian-flagged cruise ship smashed into it at low tide, according to an official report.

News Headlines

Budget aims to boost tourism industry as visitor numbers continue to grow

he government plans to spend $178mil on tourism infrastructure as part of Budget 2017, including $76mil on new and upgraded Department of Conservation (DOC) infrastructure. Conservation Minister Maggie Barry says, “The new funding will allow DOC to better manage the impact of visitor growth, whi ...

News Headlines

Bushmeat hunting threatens Okavango tourism

The threat posed by illegal bushmeat hunting to the Okavango Delta’s tourism industry has been exposed in a recently published report.Botswana is not normally associated with high levels of poaching. However, the report finds that “the large quantities of bushmeat reported by some hunters sugges ...

News Headlines

Can tourism protect the Great Barrier Reef?

A severe bleaching event last year prompted reports of the Great Barrier Reef’s death. But tour operators say much of the reef still thrives, and their boats can help protect it.

News Headlines

Caribbean seeks to climate-proof tourism industry

The tourism industry is the key economic driver and largest provider of jobs in the Caribbean after the public sector. Caribbean tourism broke new ground in 2016, surpassing 29 million arrivals for the first time and once again growing faster than the global average.

News Headlines

Century-old Travancore boat jetty to turn biodiversity museum, says CM Pinarayi Vijayan

A century-old boat jetty in Thiruvananthapuram, once a busy trade centre during the royal era, will soon become a biodiversity museum and expected to boost tourism prospects of the city.

News Headlines

Chile’s Altiplano Region Seeks Sustainable Tourism

SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA, Chile , Sep 22 2015 (IPS) - Chile’s altiplano or high plateau region, pounded by the sun of the Atacama desert, the driest place in the world, is home to dozens of indigenous communities struggling for subsistence by means of sustainable tourism initiatives that are not alw ...

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Community development: Role of tourism

A new challenge in the tourism sector is the construction of new roads in various spots including inaccessible areas mainly affecting trekking tourism.

News Headlines

Costa Rica: Welcome to the jungle

Costa Rica has transformed itself into a premiere eco-destination by setting aside almost one-quarter of its land as nature reserve, allowing visitors to enjoy animals in their natural setting. And to make sure that these areas are available for future generations, Costa Rica has pioneered susta ...

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Cuba's ecotourism: Fruit of a green revolution

As Cuba mourns the death of Fidel Castro, a pioneering reforestation project that evolved into a UNESCO reserve and unique eco-community showcases both the country's socialist heritage, and its future challenges.

News Headlines

Curiosity saves the cat: Tourism helps reinvent the jaguar

From villain to hero, the jaguar (Panthera onca) stands at the cusp of a radical overhaul in its public image. As the largest cat in the Americas, the species commands a dominant role in the food chain of its native Pantanal – a vast swathe of tropical wetland that encompasses parts of Brazil, P ...

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Delve into Rwanda, Africa’s new seat of tourism

The young mountain gorilla hangs from a branch, then falls to the ground. Not knowing what to do next, it sits atop the imposing head of its father, which is taking a siesta.

News Headlines

Developing a wolf economy: wildlife tourism fuels Manitoba’s economy

In February 2012, a team of people from Spirit Way Inc., University College of the North, Travel Manitoba, The Wildlife Society/Manitoba and Frontiers North Adventures met with government ministers in Winnipeg to present a discussion paper entitled “Building a Wolf Economy.”

News Headlines

Developing world tourism ‘not living up to its promise’

Tourism is developing unsustainably in many poorer nations and so is failing to deliver major economic gains, according to researchers speaking at a conference.

News Headlines

Does Ecotourism Hurt or Help?

When critters get used to tourists, they may be less aware of both predators and poachers

News Headlines

Doha: Celebrating world tourism

It is a proud celebration time in Doha, capital of Qatar, as the UNWTO has chosen it as the venue of the World Tourism Day 2017 Official Celebration in the framework of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017. On this day, a new chapter of the Qatar National Tourism S ...

News Headlines

Don’t feed the orangutans — a warning unheeded at popular ecotourism stop

“Can I take a photo with her?” a tanktop-clad backpacker asked. “Of course,” a local guide said.In the orangutan’s hands was a plastic wrapper: snacks traded for the selfies.

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Eco conservation is only possible when public is aware of it

Conservation of environment becomes a possibility only when people are aware of it, which happens only when they are exposed to it through tourism. "Sustainable tourism not only involves turning these areas into tourist sites, but also engaging locals in these activities, thus increasing their r ...

News Headlines

Eco-Tourism: Preserving the Seychelles' true treasures

The Seychelles Islands boast a unique mix of sublime white-sand beaches, sun-kissed landscapes and enticing azure waters but how is the island nation preserving its unspoilt natural allure while allowing its booming tourism industry to thrive?

News Headlines

Eco-tourism has to be about ecology and not economy

In what is meant to be a treat for wildlife enthusiasts, the government of Karnataka declared 2017 as the Year of the Wild.

News Headlines

Eco-tourism reports show true figures on cost of travel

Travelling light can have heavy costs. A tourist flying economy class from Britain to Kenya and back generates around a tonne of carbon emissions, according to the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

News Headlines

Eco-tourism to conserve forests, wildlife

Varanasi: The department of tourism has joined hands with the forest department to promote eco-tourism to help in conservation of forests and wildlife in Uttar Pradesh.

News Headlines

Ecotourism doesn't always help orangutans, but may benefit other endangered animals

Ecotourism will only help save orangutans if it generates enough income to replace that coming from logging, new research suggests.

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Ecotourism imperative for sector development

Indonesia has set itself an ambitious target of attracting 20 million tourists by 2019. In 2016, there were around 12 million foreign tourists so achieving this target seems somewhat of a stretch.

News Headlines

Ecotourism issues Green destinations guidelines

Ecotourism Kenya, in conjunction with other stakeholders in the tourism industry, has developed Green Destinations Guidelines to safeguard resources.

News Headlines

Ecotourism not harmful to wildlife

Far from increasing the vulnerability of wildlife to predators, ecotourism actually helps conservation efforts, researchers say.

News Headlines

Ecotourism to boost PH position as Asia’s freediving capital

Ecotourism and ocean preservation would be the centerpiece of the Department of Tourism in bolstering the country’s position as a freediving capital in the region.

News Headlines

Ecotourism, natural resource conservation proposed as allies to protect natural landscapes

If environmentalists want to protect fragile ecosytems from landing in the hands of developers -- in the US and around the globe -- they should team up with ecotourists, according to a study.

News Headlines

El Nido's balancing act: Managing nature and tourism

The El Nido local government finds managing its natural environment challenging due to the constant demands coming from its booming tourism industry. “It is very challenging because this is a developing municipality, and as tourists are coming in, we have to provide appropriate services to them, ...

News Headlines

Elephant poaching costs Africa's tourism industry $25 million per year

The average rate of return on elephant conservation in east, west, and south Africa compares favorably with rates of return on investments in areas like education, food security and electricity," said economist Brendan Fisher.

News Headlines

Elephant poaching costs African nations $25 million a year in lost tourism revenue

Every year, poachers kill around 30,000 African elephants for the illegal wildlife trade. The insatiable demand for ivory, mainly to supply Asian markets, has resulted in elephant population declines of up to 60 percent in just the last few years.

News Headlines

Elephant poaching is losing Africa millions of tourist dollars

Around 20,000 elephants are killed in Africa every year for their tusks. This is not only bad news for the animals and their fans. It is also costing the tourism sector millions of dollars, says conservation group WWF.

News Headlines

Elephant tourism is 'fuelling cruelty'

Millions of people want selfies riding elephants, or washing them, or patting their trunks. But according to a study carried out by World Animal Protection (WAP) across Asia this is helping to fuel a rise in elephants captured from the wild and kept for entertainment. The number in Thailand has ...

News Headlines

Ethiopia: Lake Tana Registered As World Heritage Site

The registration of the lake in UNESCO's World Heritage site will enable to protect the biodiversity in the lake, conduct research on those biodiversities, knowledge transfer and attract more tourists

News Headlines

Ethiopia: Unleashing National Parks' Tourism Potential

This time animal and bird species are migrating long from their previous tranquil habitat. The flora is also downsizing from time to time. This tragic unfolding is highly attributed to the risky impact of human beings on nature.

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