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News Headlines

'A critical time': how Covid-19 piled the pressure on conservation efforts

From the Nepalese Himalayas where tigers patrol the snowy peaks to the lush forest homes of mountain gorillas in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, national parks emptied as Covid-19 spread around the world in 2020. Billions of pounds of ecotourism revenue – crucial to the livelihoods of ...

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'Nature is taking back Venice': wildlife returns to tourist-free city

Look down into the waters of the Venice canals today and there is a surprising sight – not just a clear view of the sandy bed, but shoals of tiny fish, scuttling crabs and multicoloured plant-life.

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52 places to go in 2020: Here’s where the New York Times says you should visit

From Greenland To Lesotho, And Mongolia To Malaysia, Here’s The New York Times’s Pick Of Places To Inspire, Delight And Motivate You.

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A Holiday With Teeth: How You Can Help Sharks While On Vacation

When you go to the Grand Isle Resort and Spa in the Bahamas, you don’t normally see “shark tagging” as an excursion option of at a four-star luxury resort.

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A Wild Ride: Wildlife In Sri Lanka

If you’re on a wildlife escapade in Sri Lanka, hold your breath because the country’s natural bounty is about to knock the wind out of you. A growing ecotourism hotspot, Sri Lanka boasts of an incredible number of endemic species and biodiversity.

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A good way to be kinder to elephants is to stop riding them

Elephants are chained to small dirt circles, covered in faeces and are only allowed a brief moment of reprieve from their tethers to unwillingly carry around tourists on their backs. While this may sound like some sort of elephant prison, it is actually what a normal day at the Mason Elephant Pa ...

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Africa yet to unleash full potential of its nature-based tourism

Countries in Africa can do more to develop tourism in protected areas, which would in turn create jobs in rural places, diversify and grow their economies and improve environmental resilience in the face of growing pressures, a report has said.

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Africa: Dive Tourism - How to Minimize Your Environmental Impact

Reef-World Foundation - the international coordinator of the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Green Fins initiative - is reminding tourists of the huge environmental impact their actions can have and is calling on people to protect coral reefs by following a few simple guidelines.

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Best snorkeling spots in the Caribbean

Unlike scuba diving, which requires more gear and more courage, snorkeling is a breeze for underwater sightseers. All it takes is a mask and a tube, a pair of fins, an inflatable life vest and a sense of adventure.

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Biodiversity draws the ecotourism crowd

Nature - if you support it, ecotourists will come. Managed wisely, both can win. The balancing act of protecting and fostering biodiversity with hordes of tourists in pristine nature parks is a global challenge.

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Birdwatching needs more investment to propel tourism: expert

“Home to tens of wetlands and lakes, Golestan hosts hundreds of thousands of migratory and native birds per annum. Though the province has considerable potential to be a hectic destination for bird-watchers, achieving this capacity of the neglected tourism industry requires more investment and p ...

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Can Gio’s mangrove forests a haven for stressed-out travellers

Noted for its vast mangrove forests, pure air and wildlife sanctuaries, the coastal district of Can Gio and its Mangrove Biosphere Reserve is a perfect weekend break from the frenzied activity of the country's big cities.

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Can ecotourism save Cambodia’s ‘ghost parks’?

In March 2021, Cambodia signed into law Sub-decree No. 30, which removed official protection from some 127,000 hectares of land formerly included in national parks, reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in Koh Kong province. Purportedly done to grant land rights to local communities, a 2021 Mongabay ...

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Can tourists coexist with nature on Lebanon's Rabbit Island?

Lebanon's beaches have a serious pollution problem. But off Tripoli's Mediterranean coast, a pristine haven attracts migrating wildlife and daytrippers alike.

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Climate change a threat to tourism in Spain

Climate change is hitting Spain harder than most other European nations. Drinking water is scarce and beaches are receding. There's a danger that tourism in the country will suffer a major setback in the decades to come.

News Headlines

Conservation after coronavirus: We need to diversify and innovate (commentary)

The loss of the Mukambi River Pride lioness last June was sobering proof that the shock wave of COVID-19 had reached the heart and wildlife of Zambia’s Kafue National Park. All that remained of this once magnificent animal was her skin, pock-marked from spears and large rocks that had been hurle ...

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Conservation tourism in Africa brought to its knees by Covid-19 travel bans

It’s been over 20 months since the World Health Organization announced Covid-19 as a global health emergency and pandemic. It’s estimated that the resulting reductions in travel in 2020 alone wiped $4.5-trillion from the global tourism economy and cost millions of jobs.

News Headlines

Costa Rica Will Take Advantage of the Tenorio Volcano Natural Attraction for Sustainable Tourism

Costa Rica announced this past Saturday the creation of a tourism project that will take advantage of the natural and scenic riches of the Tenorio Volcano National Park, located in the North Pacific.

News Headlines

Costa Rica: a “Sanctuary Of Well-Being” and Nature Without Crowds

Costa Rica offers itself to the world as a “sanctuary of well-being”, endorsed by efficient sanitary protocols and based on sustainability and biodiversity without crowds, underlines the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Segura. He explains that his country is open to all “international tourism”.

News Headlines

Crowdfunding for conservation on a deserted tourist island

In pre-COVID times, some half a million tourists would descend on the tiny Thai island of Koh Tao, one of Southeast Asia’s most pristine diving destinations.

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s travel impacts, West Africa’s objectives remain valid

In June 2019, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) adopted the ECOTOUR Regional Tourism Policy and 2019-2029 Action Plan. It includes an overall assessment of the tourism situation, strategic priorities, a list of objectives and an implementation programme, highlighting that to ...

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EU funds mean more to see and enjoy in Gozo

Gozo’s intricate link with tourism – international and domestic – has been well documented over time. Pandemics permitting, tens of thousands of Maltese residents cross over to the sister island every month for a few days of vacation while hundreds of thousands more who holiday in Malta, frequen ...

News Headlines

Earth Today | Economic Diversity Key To Survival

The Caribbean is being urged to diversify its economic base in the face of climate- change risks that could significantly compromise traditional moneymakers such as tourism.

News Headlines

Ecotourism for ocean warriors: 5 places where travelers can help make a difference

It’s no secret that the world’s oceans are struggling. Overfishing, damaging commercial fishing practices, an ever-growing micro-plastic problem and the effects of climate change are taking their toll on seas, oceans and waterways across the world.

News Headlines

Ecotourism may threaten predators and boost rodents

The mere sound of the human voice in the wild will send large and medium-sized carnivores into hiding and encourage rodents to prosper, according to new research.

News Headlines

Ecotourism: Rwanda’s responsible revenue

Ecotourism is no longer a buzzword invented in the 1990s. For Rwanda, it represents a vital stream of income which helps to preserve its natural wonders and boost its carbon-free credentials

News Headlines

Egypt First in Region to Implement 'Green Fins' Initiative - Tourism Ministry

Egypt is the first state in the region and the 11th worldwide to implement the UN "Green Fins" initiative, adviser to the minister of tourism and antiquities for sustainable tourism Nashwa Talaat said on Sunday 17/10/2021.

News Headlines

Ethiopia: Conserving the Habitats of Ethiopia's Wildlife

The habitat of the wildlife in Ethiopia can be described as being badly degraded. This is due to serious threats from cattle that traverse the land, recurrent fire, shortage of seasonal water and unsustainable utilization of resources.

News Headlines

Everglades In Florida See Hope For Renewal Through Ecotourism – Analysis

A massive ecosystem of lakes, rivers and marshes known as the Everglades dominates the southern portion of Florida.

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Experience India’s incredibly diversity in 10 of its biggest national parks

India is a distinct landmass, a glorious subcontinent with vast expanses and fantastic biodiversity you won’t see anywhere. With 104 National Parks and 544 Wildlife Sanctuaries, including Tiger Reserves, Desert and Bird Sanctuaries, Marine Parks and even a Floating National park - India has them ...

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Falkland to promote its incredible biodiversity to promote tourism

Waddling up the beach in single file, their heads held high with an almost self-important demeanour, king penguins are a major draw in the Falkland Islands' tourism industry. Their fluffy brown chicks are nearly fearless of humans, meaning tourists at Volunteer Point, a peninsula on East Falklan ...

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Feature: Seasonal wildflowers tourism in South Africa flourishing despite COVID-19

Andre Van der Nerwe from Johannesburg was strolling with his wife on a hiking trail lying across a stretch of land carpeted with wildflowers in Namaqua National Park's Skilpad section, which was in its annual flower season in late August.

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Finland has been named the best country to visit for wildlife travel

The Global Wildlife Travel Index for 2019 ranked every country on its wildlife travel offering, analysing a variety of factors including wildlife biodiversity, prevalence of national parks, conservation efforts and protected natural areas.

News Headlines

Go green this holiday season

The holiday season is here! Time to take a break from daily life and unwind. Many people pack their bags and set off to see the beauty of the world. But for the eco-minded, finding the right holiday destination can be difficult and with mixed results.

News Headlines

Good news for biodiversity enthusiasts: Olive Ridley turtles arrive at Odisha’s Gahirmatha beach

The mass nesting, a phenomenon known as arribada (a Spanish term), began Tuesday night. An estimated 92,053 female turtles were spotted digging pits with flippers to lay eggs.

News Headlines

Ha Long city develops sustainable tourism

Ha Long city in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh is striving to develop sustainable tourism, especially promoting the world natural heritage site of Ha Long Bay.

News Headlines

How Peru fell in love with a sea giant worth far more alive than dead

The giant manta ray is at risk in the Pacific ocean, but the rise of ecotourism is changing attitudes among local fishermen

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How international tourism and travel can be a pathway for introducing invasive species

Tourism is an important economic driver of the world's economy, providing a significant contribution to the income of many countries. However, tourism can also contribute to the introduction and spread of unwanted exotic organisms such as insect pests or weed seeds across countries.

News Headlines

How you can get hotels to use less plastic

The 23-year-old sales associate was traveling for work, thirsty from the plane trip, and ready to set aside his personal commitment to sustainability to gulp down water from the single-use plastic bottles he always finds in his hotel rooms.

News Headlines

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on mammals at tourist destinations

How have travel restrictions and reduced tourism in response to the COVID-19 pandemic affected mammals in different tourist destinations? Researchers recently reviewed published studies and news stories to consider this question. Their findings are published in Mammal Review.

News Headlines

In Mexico, ecotourism helps traditional agriculture survive

The people of the Mexican state of Oaxaca earn their living making pulque, a traditional drink made with Agave.

News Headlines

In Seychelles, nature is prized above mass tourism

In a shady patch along a pristine white beach on Mahe Island, a radio spits out reggae and snapper sizzles on the barbecue, as Seychelloise Nareen tops up her rum and coke on time off from her job aboard a luxury yacht.

News Headlines

Indigenous Experience Ontario lets the province’s staycationers enjoy nature and culture in one trip

Spring is near; COVID-19 might wind down eventually and the government of Ontario is doling out a rebate for vacationing in Ontario.

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Indonesia scraps plans to close komodo dragon island

Indonesia has scrapped plans to ban tourists from an island home to komodo dragons and will instead limit visitor numbers and raise entry prices to create a "premium destination", officials said.

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Indonesia works to restore coral reefs in recovering Bali tourism

Indonesia is restoring 50 hectares of coral reefs in the Indonesia Coral Reef Garden (ICRG) program in support of the tourism sector in the country's resort island of Bali, an official said.

News Headlines

Iraqis turn to budding ecotourism to save marshes

Thirty years after Saddam Hussein starved them of water, Iraq's southern marshes are blossoming once more thanks to a wave of ecotourists picnicking and paddling down their replenished river bends.

News Headlines

Is There A Way To Contain The Damage Tourism Has Caused India’s Coastal Ecosystem?

Earth is under the grip of climate change, which, in turn, is the result of increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere due to deforestation, urbanization, industrialization, pollution, expanding tourism and increasing human population.

News Headlines

Is there something to learn from Barbados?

Countries around the world are attempting to restart economic activities as covid19 is becoming more manageable. In the Caribbean, tourism, the region’s main economic driver is on the uptick as many visitors, especially from North America and Europe, are starting to travel.

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Kenya: Lake Olbolosat Traders Reap Big From Flamingo Migration

Traders have flocked Lake Olbolosat in Nyandarua County to exploit the tourism potential that has come with the arrival of thousands of flamingos. Local and international tourists are beginning to visit the lake to see the birds, which have been migrating from lakes Nakuru and Bogoria since the ...

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LATA to launch nature and biodiversity tourism push

The Latin American Travel Association is to concentrate 2022 marketing on biodiversity and animal tourism, aiming for a bigger slice of a market dominated by Africa.

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