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Meeting Document


Revised Draft Capacity-Building Strategy for the Global Taxonomy Initiative

Meeting Document


Progress Report on Capacity-Building Activities for the Global Taxonomy Initiative and Invasive Alien Species

Meeting Document


Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-Sharing and the Global Taxonomy Initiative

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'Extinct' orchid discovered hiding in plain sight

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, together with a team of scientists, have released a new scientific paper showing that the previously presumed extinct species called Prasophyllum morganii, commonly known as mignonette leek orchid, has in fact been hiding in plain sight.

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'Mermaid' Species Of Algae Discovered On Andaman And Nicobar Islands After 40 Years

The reputation as a biosphere reserve is solely given to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as they have been the subject of several scientific research on different species. A unique, new plant species have been discovered in the Andaman Islands archipelago. During a visit to the archipelago in 20 ...

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'Mini ature' is the name of a new species of miniature frog

These newly-described miniature frogs are the smallest of their kind in the world, and they also have very appropriate names. The genus of frogs has been dubbed Mini, and it contains three species: Mini mum, Mini scule, and Mini ature. Pretty clever. The trio has been described in a new study by ...


19th meeting of the BioNET FUND Supervisory Board and Advisory Group

2 - 3 February 2006, Egham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


1st Global Taxonomy Initiative Regional Workshop in Asia

10 - 13 September 2002, Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia


2006 Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Taxonomic Databases Working Group

15 - 22 October 2006, St. Louis, United States of America

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2019: The year Sri Lanka’s stunning new species came to light

For the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka, it is not a huge surprise to have introduced more than 50 new species just in the past year. For this biodiversity-rich nation with high endemism, 2019 was a successful year, not just with many new species discoveries, but also with more engagement of a ...

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215-Million-Year-Old, Sharp-Nosed Sea Creature Was Among the Last of Its Kind

Researchers gave the marine reptile the genus name Gunakadeit in honor of a sea monster from Tlingit oral history. As the frigid Alaskan waters lapped at his heels, Patrick Druckenmiller repositioned his saw against the algae-dappled rock.


23rd Meeting of the BioNET Supervisory Fund Board

13 December 2007, Egham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


26th Meeting of the BioNET Fund Supervisory Board

25 August 2009, Egham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


52nd Meeting of the Standing Committee of the CMS (StC52)

21 - 29 September 2021, Online/Virtual


69th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee.

27 November - 1 December 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

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71 New Species From 2019 Described by Scientists: From Geckos to Goblin Spiders

In 2019, researchers at the California Academy of Sciences added 71 new plant and animal species to our family tree, enriching our understanding of Earth’s complex web of life and strengthening our ability to make informed conservation decisions.


7th International Barcode of Life (iBOL) Conference

20 - 24 November 2017, South Africa


8th International Barcode of Life (iBOL) Conference 2019

17 - 20 June 2019, Trondhein, Norway

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A new species of fig discovered on Uluru

Figs are one of the world's most recognizable trees and extensively used by First Nations peoples, but until recently a single widespread species, Ficus brachypoda, was the only kind recognized in central Australia.

Action by

African Sub-Regional Workshop to Strengthen Capacity for the CBD Programmes of Work relevant to Invasive Alien Species

Reference: SCBD/STTM/JM/JSH/CRm/77545 (2011-197)
To: CBD National Focal Points for: Botswana, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Somalia, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

I am pleased to inform you that, with the generous financial support of the Government of Japan, a regional workshop will be held on 6-9 December 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya, in an effort to strengthen capacity for the CBD programmes of work relevant to invasive alien species (IAS). The workshop is o ...

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Recommendation II/2

Agenda item 3.4: Practical approaches for capacity-building for taxonomy

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All eyes on a new worm species

There's a worm at the bottom of the sea—and it's been discovered off the Scottish coast by a team of scientists from the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), Marine Scotland Science (MSS) and Thomson Environmental Consultants.

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Amazon deforestation threatens newly discovered fish species in Brazil

Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History researcher Murilo Pastana and his colleagues have discovered and described two new species of Amazonian fish—one with striking red-orange fins and the other so small it is technically considered a miniature fish species—in a paper published today, ...


Andino Workshop on Taxonomic Capacity

14 - 18 October 2002, Maracay

News Headlines

Ant expert discovers newly emergent species in his backyard

Jack Longino is a global ant expert and has traveled the world documenting and discovering ant species. But for his latest discovery, he didn't need to go any farther than his own backyard. In August 2018, just after dark, Longino caught a glimpse of four ants in his garden that really looked ou ...

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Australia's biodiversity just got a lot richer': Two new mammals discovered

There are two more reasons to love Australia's fluffiest aeronautical marsupials after the discovery that there are actually three species of greater glider, not one as previously assumed.

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Biodiversity collections enable foundational and data skills

The task of training an effective cadre of biodiversity scientists has grown more challenging in recent years, as foundational skills and knowledge in organismal biology have increasingly required complementary data skills and knowledge.

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Biodiversity: 'Beast of Beddau' is new millipede find

The Beast of Beddau has joined the Maerdy Monster as a new bug species found at old coal mine sites in the UK.

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Biologists discover and name new fireworm species in Hong Kong waters

A group of biologists from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have discovered a new fireworm species in Hong Kong waters and named it Chloeia bimaculata.

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Biologists discover new insect species

Its name sounds legendary, but the newly discovered insect Neuroterus (noo-ROH'-teh-rus) valhalla doesn't look or act the part. It's barely a millimeter long and spends 11 months of the year locked in a crypt.

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Blind shrimps, translucent snails: the 11 mysterious new species we found in potential fracking sites

There aren't many parts of the world where you can discover a completely new assemblage of living creatures. But after sampling underground water in a remote, arid region of northern Australia, we discovered at least 11, and probably more, new species of stygofauna.

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Bold project hopes to DNA barcode every species in Costa Rica

Let’s be honest: many conservationists may start their careers with big ambitions. But as they, and their careers, age, those ambitions — especially in light of the Anthropocene — understandably shrink. Saving one forest or one species begins to look like a large enough legacy — and for many it ...

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British lawyer comes to India chasing moths

Growing up in a family of entomologists, bankruptcy lawyer Mark Sterling was always interested in moths. He could never quite “kick the habit” despite being busy rescuing troubled businesses. Now, at 61, the retired Briton is back to chasing moths-and his pursuit has brought him to India.

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Building a global inventory of plants: Q&A with botanist Patrick Weigelt

The Global Inventory of Floras and Traits, or GIFT 1.0, is the first database of its kind, bringing together thousands of published and unpublished plant species checklists and inventories from around the world.

Web Announcement

CBD Linnaeus Lecture Series Launched to Mark the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of the Swedish Father of Taxonomy.

<br>View also the the communiqué <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-05-24-linnaeus-fr.pdf'>in French</a> and <a href='/doc/press/2007/pr-2007-05-24-linnaeus-es.pdf'>in Spanish</a>.

Press Release

CBD Linnaeus Lecture Series Launched to Mark the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of the Swedish Father of Taxonomy.

On 23 May, the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity marked the 300th anniversary of the birth of the father of modern taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus, by launching a CBD Linnaeus Lecture Series. The first lecture, with the theme What Linnaeus would have thought of climate change, was h ...


Call for Proposals and nominations 2014: Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Reference: SCBD/SAM/DC/RH/JSH/83512 (2014-069)
To: CBD National Focal Points, SBSTTA Focal Points and GTI National Focal Points; relevant organizations

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Action by

Call for Proposals on the Global Taxonomy Initiative Training Courses to be hosted in Developing Countries in 2018

Reference: SCBD/SPS/DC/SBG/JSH/FS/86843 (2017-110)
To: CBD National Focal Points, SBSTTA Focal Points, GTI Focal Points and GTI Coordination Mechanism

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Action by

Call for nominations for the Global Taxonomy Initiative Forum, 7 to 9 April 2020 - Berlin, German

Reference: SCBD/SSSF/AS/SBG/JSH/AER/88592 (2020-016)
To: CBD National Focal Points; SBSTTA Focal Points; GTI Focal Points; Consortium of Scientific Partners on Biodiversity; indigenous peoples and local communities, and relevant organizations

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News Headlines

Cataloguing biodiversity in an accurate manner

New species are being discovered every day and several undiscovered species are disappearing at a faster rate, taxonomists keep saying. Experts are painstakingly reviewing and compiling published records of new species, but still mistakes are made.

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Chocolate frog? New burrowing frog species unearthed in Amazon’s rare peatlands

A photo of an odd-looking amphibian drew attention on Twitter last week, where it was described as a “smooth lil fella”, compared to a melted tootsie roll candy, and likened to the chocolate frogs from Harry Potter.

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Citizen scientists discover pinhead-sized beetle in Borneo

How many citizen scientists does it take to discover a new species? A recent expedition to the Ulu Temburong forest in Borneo proved that you only need 10 enthusiasts with no professional training, yet fueled with curiosity and passion for the outdoors, to find a new beetle the size of a pinhead ...


Cogen Europe's 7th Annual Conference

18 - 20 October 2000, Brussels, Belgium

News Headlines

Costa Rican Lizard Discovered That Breathes Under Water

Costa Rica has contributed yet another amazing animal to the field of Herpetology – a river anole lizard that can remain underwater for up to sixteen minutes, seemingly by using an air bubble on the top of its head to refresh the air in its lungs.

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