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News Headlines

What does a sustainable city mean to Singapore’s youth?

Preserving local heritage and being in touch with nature is essential to living in a sustainable city, said students at a recent youth event in Singapore.

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Stefano Boeri Fights Climate Change With Vertical Forest, Liuzhou Forest City In China

Italian architect Stefano Boeri aims to combat climate change by building forests in the city. From the first Vertical Forest in Asia in Nanjing, China, to another Forest City in Liuzhou, the designer is planning to turn the country from the world's biggest polluter to an eco-friendly place.

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Here’s how to design cities where people and nature can both flourish

Urban nature has a critical role to play in the future liveability of cities. An emerging body of research reveals that bringing nature back into our cities can deliver a truly impressive array of benefits, ranging from health and well-being to climate change adaptation and mitigation. Aside fro ...

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Montreal to deploy scare teams to shoo away urban coyotes

The team will also train people how to react when they see a coyote, screaming and waving so the animals don’t get comfortable in the company of humans.

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Cities can grow without wrecking reefs and oceans. Here’s how

“What happens if the water temperature rises by a few degrees?” is the 2018 International Year of the Reef leading question.

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The Allure of Vertical Forests

The Vertical Forest buildings of the architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri make the most of the often overlooked and profound contributions of a single tree.

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Cities are shrinking wildlife globally but we can fix this

Cities are homes for billions of people. By 2050 around 70% of the global population is predicted to live in urban areas. Yet as our cities grow, most species have an increasingly hard time surviving on this planet. A new report titled Nature in the Urban Century highlights the scale of the cha ...

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More young and other traits help mammals adapt to urban environments

Species of mammals that live in urban environments produce more young compared to other mammals. But along with this advantage, mammals have other strategies to successfully inhabit cities. This is what Radboud University ecologist Luca Santini and colleagues found in a study that they will publ ...

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Green-feathered immigrant surge prompts Greek parakeet count

The raucous squawking comes first. Then they are seen, banking and diving before they crash-land on trees. If Greeks had been told, not long ago, that their skies would become the preserve of ring-necked parakeets, the response would have been one of incredulity.

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Cities in 2018: Simple ideas, fancy urban tech

The SDGs and the New Urban Agenda remain a challenge for cities. Goal 11 of the SDGs, to build sustainable cities, has proved to be a particularly tough one for urban areas across continents.

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Hanoi owns largest green spaces of all Vietnamese cities

Since 2016, Hanoi has developed a program to plant one million trees and so far the program has proven to be really effective, contributing to changing the landscape of the capital, creating trust for its residents about a green city in the future, Thuan said.

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Save bees and butterflies to save urban life

Pollinators such as bees, hoverflies and butterflies, are responsible for the reproduction of many flowering plants and help to produce more than three quarters of the world’s crop species. Globally, the value of the services provided by pollinators is estimated at between $235 billion and $577 ...

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Hong Kong's wild boar dilemma in the Chinese New Year of the Pig

One of the world's most densely populated cities, Hong Kong, is facing a proliferation of wild boars as the large mammals stray increasingly into built-up areas.

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The case of the missing hibiscus

As exotic plants and trees multiply, vital indigenous species are being pushed out of city spaces.The kanaka champa (bayur) tree at the corner of the busy IT corridor in Chennai gave way to flowing traffic some years ago.

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Cities should consider nature-based solutions to climate change

It's 2050 You walk out of the house. The day is shiny but not too hot. You know that the mirrors in orbit around the planet that reflect back sunlight keep the climate just perfect. On the way to work, from the window of your self-driving floating solar module, you gaze over a plant installed a ...

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WWF launches global green city awards

he World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) launched its “One Planet City Challenge 2019” on Tuesday.This year the One Planet City Challenge has a new assessment framework based on data from the IPCC, the UN climate panel.

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The battle against bugs: it's time to end chemical warfare

Insects are important wildlife often overlooked in urban habitats. What we do notice are the cockroaches, ants and mosquitoes in and around our homes. All too often we reach for the insect spray.

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Koalas can learn to live the city life if we give them the trees and safe spaces they need

Australia is one of the world's most highly urbanised nations – 90% of Australians live in cities and towns, with development concentrated along the coast. This poses a major threat to native wildlife such as the koala, which can easily fall victim to urban development as our cities grow. Huge i ...

News Headlines

Living Product Challenge: Design for the Future

Sustainable design in the construction industry has become mainstream, and the use of green materials not only lowers the environmental impact over their entire lifetime, but also provides a normal level of comfort, durability and functionality for occupants. In business situations, this allows ...

News Headlines

10 of our favourite green buildings in the world

Against the stark concrete skyline of Sydney, Australia, one building’s cascading green gardens unfurl like a vertical oasis. Completed in late 2013, One Central Park (pictured, above) won a suite of high-profile awards in 2014 (including Best Tall Building in the World) thanks to its clever fea ...

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"We need agriculture back in our cities and in our minds"

Our cities need to become part of our agricultural system. In recent decades it has become increasingly clear that the way we live and eat is a big threat to our health and the health of our ecosystem. Climate change is forcing us to rethink our way of life and to reconnect agriculture back into ...

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One million urban trees

Now that the one millionth tree has been planted by Greening the West in Melbourne’s western suburbs, there are one million more ways for urbanites to connect with nature.

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An urban wetland springs to life among Bogota’s high rises

An open plaza in Bogota’s northeastern business district has been radically transformed from a place of pure pavement to a vibrant urban wetland. Colombian architecture firm Obraestudio completed the project in 2016 in the Santa Barbara business center to revitalize the outdoor common space shar ...

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How light from street lamps and trees influence the activity of urban bats

Artificial light is rightly considered a major social, cultural and economic achievement. Yet, artificial light at night is also said to pose a threat to biodiversity, especially affecting nocturnal species in metropolitan areas.

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Rewilding cities will improve public health

Growing more native plants in cities will increase microbial diversity and combat the rise of non-communicable diseases such as asthma and inflammatory bowel disease, South Australian researchers say.

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The city of the future is regenerative, circular and place-focused

Smart cities, liveable cities, green cities, biophilic cities, eco-cities and regenerative cities. Add to this, eco-villages, intentional communities, transition towns and place-making and it seems everyone is talking about the cities of the future. Yet in all this conversation there is little o ...

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A million trees planted - what next?

Trees for Cities recently planted our millionth tree. This of course is a huge achievement - but it also strikes a chord, and reminds us that there is much more to do.

News Headlines

Why the UAE's mangroves are so important — and how to save them

Mangroves are estimated to cover more than 150 square kilometres of the UAE's coastline, acting as a "green lung" for big cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, while also providing habit for wildlife and recreation grounds for humans. Most of us would see mangroves as a beautiful element of our la ...

News Headlines

Urban “wastelands” are a paradise for bees

A growing appreciation of how bees can thrive in urban environments has led many city dwellers to protect their habitat. Pollinator gardens are a regular feature of neighborhoods and schools; parks and nature sanctuaries are managed with bees in mind. Yet one potentially bee-rich environ still r ...

News Headlines

Why nightingales love scruffy Berlin

Berlin attracts more nightingales than almost any other European city. Although it's not an urban species, the little bird with the big voice seems to thrive in Germany's hectic capital.

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How cities could help animals fleeing climate change

(CNN)As the world gets warmer, many species are clinging to survival by fleeing their natural habitats in search of new homes.

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St-Laurent to establish Quebec's first urban biodiversity corridor

The borough of St-Laurent is setting up the first urban biodiversity corridor in Quebec to combat hot spots.

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How can city dwellers help with climate change? Buy less stuff.

The things we buy, eat, and use have a big impact on the climate—so it’s time to learn to consume a whole lot less.

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Allison Hanes: Montreal conference puts a new perspective on parks

Montreal’s parks are a source of pride for this dense, urban metropolis.

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UN and civil society team up to make cities more sustainable and inclusive

How can we make sure that cities become more inclusive, with a smaller environmental footprint, and leave no-one behind? These questions will be tackled at the UN Civil Society Conference, which is due to take place in the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City, at the end of August.

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The Surprising Ways Big Cities Are Good For The Environment

How urban living can cap population growth and help conserve natural resources.

News Headlines

This Dutch City Has Transformed Its Bus Stops Into Bee Stops

In the Dutch city Utrecht 316 bus stops now have a green roof. They do not only look great, they also help capture fine dust, storage of rainwater and provide cooling in the summertime.

News Headlines

Rwanda Prepares the Foundations for Climate-Resilient Cities

KIGALI, Jul 15 2019 (IPS) - How do you plan a resilient city? A city that can withstand climate change impacts, and the natural disasters that it produces at increased frequencies.

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Researchers take stock of how Canada's urban forests protect our health

Montreal's urban forest has a big impact on human health, and yet researchers are just starting to count the trees, and the benefits.

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London becomes world's first ‘National Park City.’ What does that mean?

The UK capital is the the first city to sign on to a new drive to convince cities and their residents to be greener, healthier, and wilder.

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New study will use bike sensors to see how much trees cool our cities

A Concordia University researcher will mount sensors onto a fleet of bikes to detect just how much trees are cooling down streets and urban spaces.

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Air pollution-eating moss cleans hotspots in Europe

When 26-year-old Peter Sänger and 34-year-old Liang Wu got together, they realized right away that they had something in common.

News Headlines

Montreal plans to create the biggest urban park in the country

The City of Montreal wants to create the largest urban park in Canada on the West Island.

News Headlines

A model city in Japan is helping Asian cities go green

Without dissolved oxygen, fish cannot survive. Healthy water normally contains between 7-8 mg/l of the gas.

News Headlines

Mobile forests could help cities cope with climate change

Cities across Europe are trialling schemes such as roof gardens and ‘mobile forests’ to embed more nature into urban areas in an effort to protect their citizens from climate change events like heatwaves, floods and droughts.

News Headlines

Sacred sites in Bengaluru: Where heritage helps conserve biodiversity

In India’s IT capital Bengaluru, sprinkled within its concrete jungle, are shady peepal trees adorned with serpent stones, bells and sacred threads, standing majestically atop gated raised platforms.

News Headlines

Hundreds of wild parrots are thriving in this Brazilian city

Decades ago, blue-and-gold macaws fleeing drought and wildfire landed in Campo Grande—and now locals love them.

News Headlines

Civil Society Urges Inclusive, Resilient & Sustainable Urban Areas of the Future

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, USA, Sep 9 2019 (IPS) - The United Nations held its first major international conference in one of America’s mountain states, bringing scores of civil society organizations (CSOs) to discuss ways on making “cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustain ...

News Headlines

Cities are driving evolution at a rapid rate

In Montreal, red-backed salamanders sequestered in parks possess different genetic traits than those outside of the parks. In Tucson, house finches are developing longer and wider beaks to eat sunflower seeds from bird feeders, which are larger and harder to break than those found in nature.

News Headlines

The Circular Economy Makes Way For The Circular City

Today, half of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, that number is expected to increase to two-thirds. More people living in condensed areas means higher amounts of waste, higher resource consumption and higher energy use. As the world’s cities already emit over 70% of carbon emissio ...

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