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Focal Point

Republic of Korea

Mr. Hongkoo Kang

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
News Headlines

WHO Covid-19 report shows clear link between biodiversity loss and zoonotic disease – Greenpeace reaction

In its official report on SARS-CoV-2’s origins the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed to the potential disease risks of contact between wildlife and people, showing the life-threatening risk of natural ecosystem destruction, which is breaking down the buffer zone scientists say protects us ...

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Safe and resilient forests: Commission works for wildfire prevention in Europe and globally

Today, following the International Day of Forests, the Commission has published new guidelines to facilitate a better understanding of land-based wildfire prevention and effective responses. They point towards prevention measures that can be taken through governance, planning and forest manageme ...

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The Amazon May Now Actually Be Making Climate Change Worse, Scientists Warn

It's no secret that the world's largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon, is under immense pressure, nearing an ecological tipping point and at risk of collapsing.

Focal Point


Mr. Ubaydullo Akramov

CBD Primary NFP, ABS NFP, Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Focal Point


Ms. Consuelo López López

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Focal Point

European Union

Ms. Anastasia Pagida

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Is soil health restricted to agricultural activities?

Soil is considered a viable living ecosystem in itself as it performs numerous functionalities that not only serve as a foundation of agricultural activities but also act as a key focal point for the growth and developmental activities of a nation.

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Declaring key ocean habitats off-limits to human activities protects biodiversity and guards against climate change

Ocean life is increasingly threatened: offshore drilling has polluted ocean waters while overfishing has stripped fish populations of their abundance, pushing stocks to the point of collapse.

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Climate Change Tracker: Why 2021 is a crucial year to stop global warming

2021 is already shaping up as an important year for climate change mitigation. As scientist and author Michael E. Mann wrote in Newsweek a few days ago, this year could well mark the tipping point for climate action. This is in no small degree a result of the US rejoining the 2015 Paris Agreemen ...

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Retroviruses are re-writing the koala genome and causing cancer

The koala retrovirus (KoRV) is a virus which, like other retroviruses such as HIV, inserts itself into the DNA of an infected cell. At some point in the past 50,000 years, KoRV has infected the egg or sperm cells of koalas, leading to offspring that carry the retrovirus in every cell in their body.

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Mauritius - a Fisherman's Life Amid Covid-19 and an Oil-Polluted Ocean

"From where we live, we could see that the MV Wakashio had run aground on the reefs," - 39-year-old Bimsen Beeharry.Life was going well for 39-year-old Mauritian fisherman Bimsen Beeharry when COVID-19 hit in early 2020, prompting authorities to impose a lockdown and suspend fishing. The COVID-1 ...

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Possible irreversible changes to sub-systems prior to reaching climate change tipping points

Recently a pair of researchers with the University of Copenhagen published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describing their work looking into the possibility of changes to the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) and the circumstances that could lead ...

Focal Point


Ms. Anna Mazmanyan

CBD Primary NFP, SBSTTA NFP, ABS NFP, Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Adaptation Can Compound Climate Change Impacts on Energy and Water

In 2014, as California was in the midst of one of the worst droughts in its recorded history, Julia Szinai was working for an electric utility. The worst years of the drought were still ahead, but the impacts of the dry spell on California’s energy system were already clear to Szinai. As water l ...

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Ambition to action – could 2021 be a turning point for climate change and localism?

The lead clean growth researcher at Localis, Grace Newcombe, writes on why 2021 could be the ‘environmental super year’ that campaigners have longed for. Initially forecast to be a green ‘super year’, and despite Boris’ pledge for a ‘defining year of climate action’, 2020 did not go as anticipated.

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Biodiversity is its own catalyst – to a point

For decades, scientists have wrestled with rival theories to explain how interactions between species, like competition, influence biodiversity. Tracking microbial life across the planet, researchers from McGill University show that biodiversity does in fact foster further diversity in microbiom ...

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These are the ‘positive’ tipping points that could slow global warming

There may be light at the end of the tunnel in the battle to reduce carbon emissions. Governments and institutions could help halt carbon emissions with just a few carefully selected policy measures, according to a new paper, which looked at the experience of the energy industry and changing tre ...

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Climate change: what would 4°C of global warming feel like?

Another year, another climate record broken. Globally, 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year ever recorded. This was all the more remarkable given that cool conditions in the Pacific Ocean – known as La Niña – began to emerge in the second half of the year. The Earth’s mean surface temperature ...

Focal Point


Mr. Josphat N. Muchiri

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
Focal Point

Sri Lanka

Dr. Anil Jasinghe

CBD Primary NFP, CHM NFP, SBSTTA NFP, ABS NFP, Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP, Marine and Coastal Biodiversity NFP, GSPC NFP
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Positive ‘tipping points’ offer hope for climate crisis

A tipping point is a moment when a small change triggers a large, often irreversible response, researchers have previously warned that the world is dangerously close to several tipping points that could accelerate climate change.

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Biodiversity Loss: Alarm Bell Tolls – Analysis

Biodiversity loss is one of the most pressing challenges humanity faces today. All the recently published reports on biodiversity – the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystems, the Living Planet Report, the Global Forest Resources Assessment Report and the Global Biodiversity Out ...

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Review of the coordinates of the National Focal Points for the Global Taxonomy Initiative

Reference: SCBD/SSSF/AS/JSH/VA/KM/89336 (2021-002)
To: CBD National Focal Points; Cartagena Protocol Focal Points; ABS Focal Points; SBSTTA Focal Points; GTI Focal Points; Consortium of Scientific Partners on Biodiversity; indigenous peoples and local communities and relevant organizations

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Transformative Adaptation to Climate Change in Southeast Asian Coastal Cities: Entry Points for Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City, December 2020

This study is part of the UNRISD project “Transformative Adaptation to Climate Change in Southeast Asian Coastal Cities” which explores adaptation decisionmaking processes and barriers to transformative solutions in order to inform more progressive policy making in the context of Southeast Asian ...

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Weak policy oversight could be pushing Brazilian forests closer to a tipping point

Home to more than 60% of the Amazon rainforest, the largest tropical forest in the world, Brazil is beyond rich in biodiversity and life. The country is also rife with deforestation, and violations of environmental laws and Indigenous people’s rights.

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Electric cars and vegan diets: Are 'good' climate tipping points at hand?

Not all climate tipping points are bad - and some good ones may be just on the horizon. Scientist Tim Lenton explains the shifts in behavior and technology that could soon spur large-scale climate action

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Mass lake drainage in Alaskan tundra another sign of climate change: researchers

Scientists say a year in which almost 200 tundra lakes drained away could point to what’s in store for Canada’s North. Between 2017 and 2018, 192 lakes in northwest Alaska lost at least a quarter of their area as the permafrost that held them melted.

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New Map Developed To Show Distribution Of Bee Species, Populations Around The World

In an effort to understand where the bee population reside the most as well as to record different bee species and conserve them, researchers have created a global map that shows where bees live around the world. The map is supposed to act as a jump-off point for future bee-related research.

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Only A Balanced Approach To Ocean & Inland Aquaculture Will Nourish The World, Research In Nature Communications Asserts

New research evaluates claims that ocean aquaculture is the next sustainable and equitable food frontier, points to a balanced approach that includes land-based aquaculture as essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Megaprojects risk pushing forests past tipping point – report

Infrastructure megaprojects risk pushing the world’s remaining forests past a “dangerous tipping point” and making climate targets unachievable, a report says.

Focal Point


Ms. Birgül Güner

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Focal Point


Mr. Nasser M. Al-Mansoori

CBD Primary NFP, CHM NFP, SBSTTA NFP, Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
Focal Point


M. Komi Anthe

Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
News Headlines

Nature survives in the tiniest corners': the City of London's wild heart

There was literally a frog orgy in that one. There is no other way to describe it,” says Jules Waite, from the London Wildlife Trust, pointing at a pond in the Barbican wildlife garden, one of the few areas of London’s Square Mile whose inhabitants are not in lockdown.

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COVID-19 pandemic, an ‘unprecedented wake-up call’ for all inhabitants of Mother Earth

Recognizing the “immediate and dreadful” impact of the coronavirus, the UN chief urged everyone to “work together to save lives, ease suffering and lessen the shattering economic and social consequence”. At the same time, he observed that climate disruption is approaching “a point of no return” ...

Focal Point


Ms. Damira Ashyralieva

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
News Headlines

Photographers join forces against wildlife crime

The ongoing spread of Covid-19, which is thought to have originated from a wet market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, is focusing increased attention on human interactions with wildlife. scientists pointed to pangolins as a possible source of the virus, although new research has now questioned thi ...

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How the Heavy Rains of Hurricane Maria Shattered the Forests of Puerto Rico

Wind may have been pointed as the main culprit for the knocked down trees in all the attacks of hurricanes. However, a new survey was recently released of the damage in the Puerto Rican forests following the back-to-back hurricanes back in 2017. This particular survey highlighted the power of a ...

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Yes, this is a forest

‘We understand the value of forests beyond the price tag of timber. We recognise that our forests are crucial for wildlife to survive.‘ Tesni Clare made some interesting points in the article ‘This is not a forest’, recently published in The Ecologist, not least about the importance of healthy f ...

News Headlines

The World’s Best Natural Defense Against Climate Change May Soon Make Things Worse

As extreme weather rocks the Southern Ocean, a tumultuous mix of carbon dioxide, winds and warming waters could reach an environmental tipping point

News Headlines

Saving Mozambique’s seagrass

Creating the conditions for sustainable seagrass restoration in Maputo and Inhambane bays “People can’t think of Inhaca without thinking about seagrass,” says Salamao Bandeira of Maputo’s Eduardo Mondlane University, knee-deep in the shallow waters on the seaward side of Maputo Bay, as he points ...

Focal Point


Mr. Aye Min

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
News Headlines

As Planet Burns, One Million Species in World’s Eco-System in Danger of Extinction

When UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addressed the 193-member General Assembly last December, he focused on the smoldering climate crisis– pointing out that the last five years have been the hottest ever recorded.

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What four years at sea taught me about our relationship to the ocean

It was on day 11, I think, that I stopped getting out of bed at all. I had already let my hygiene standards slip to the point that a large knot was starting to form in my hair. Later my mother would have to cut it out with scissors. She didn’t mind. We were all in the same boat.

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Panamanian field expeditions examine how species persevere in face of climate change

Last month, two graduate students from the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University traveled to one of the most species-rich landscapes in the world: a remote strip of tropical rainforest at the narrowest point in the Central American country of Panama.

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The Paris Agreement set an unrealistic target for global warming. Now what?

It's been a rallying cry for activists and a key talking point for diplomats. For decades now, 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) of global warming has been viewed as a "do not cross" line in climate policy, a temperature at which cataclysmic and potentially permanent damage to the plane ...

Focal Point


Mr. Jeff Gerges

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Focal Point

Central African Republic

M. Bruno Maurice Goro Ousfa

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Focal Point


M. Ousseynou Kassé

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
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