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News Headlines

#WorldWetlandsDay: Cities cannot be resilient without integrating healthy wetlands in infrastructure asset management, planning

Annually, on 2 February, the world over remembers the establishment of the Ramsar Convention which happened in 1971, (the same year that the Water Research Commission (WRC) was established), making it one of the oldest organisations to concern itself with the wellbeing of wetlands, society and t ...

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'Addressing climate change means ensuring human rights'

Highlighting four important factors in combating climate change, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the climate change issue needs to be placed within the wider narrative of ensuring peace, stability, prosperity and addressing inequalities across societies.

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'Amazing' rediscovery of rare Australian tree-rat

A rare mammal has been discovered living in Western Australia (WA) decades after it was thought to have been wiped out of the region.The distinctive black-footed tree rat was spotted by chance last year on a seasonal monitoring trip when a researcher went on night time stroll.

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'Beetlejuice'—it works for real beetles too

In Tim Burton's classic comedy "Beetlejuice", the toxic title character can escape from his inferno only if someone pronounces his name three times in a row.The real-world bombardier beetle escapes from its purgatory—the belly of a predator—by squirting the real thing: boiling-hot pulses of noxi ...

News Headlines

'Endangered' captures lives of threatened species around the world

From polar bears in the melting tundra to colorful coral reefs in the world's oceans, photographer Tim Flach documented where threatened and endangered animals are living in his new book "Endangered."

News Headlines

'Excess emissions' make significant contribution to air pollution

When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in August, industrial facilities in the state shut down, then reopened a few days later. In doing so, they produced nearly 2,000 tons of "excess emissions"—air pollutants in addition to what was allowed as part of their normal operation.

News Headlines

'Hiding in plain sight'—Discovery raises questions over scale of overlooked biodiversity

Scientists have used cutting-edge DNA technology and museum samples collected over the past two centuries to reveal a new species of diving beetle living in streams around the Mediterranean.

News Headlines

'Keep it local' approach more effective than government schemes at protecting rainforest

Conservation initiatives led by local and indigenous groups can be just as effective as schemes led by government, according to new research. In some cases in the Amazon rainforest, grassroots initiatives can be even more effective at protecting this vital ecosystem. This is particularly importa ...

News Headlines

'Omnipresent' effects of human impact on England's landscape revealed

Concrete structures forming a new, human-made rock type; ash particles in the landscape; and plastic debris are just a few of the new materials irreversibly changing England's landscape and providing evidence of the effects of the Anthropocene, the research suggests.

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'Plastic, plastic, plastic': British diver films sea of rubbish off Bali

A British diver has captured shocking images of himself swimming through a sea of plastic rubbish off the coast of the Indonesian tourist resort of Bali. A short video posted by diver Rich Horner on his social media account and on YouTube shows the water densely strewn with plastic waste and yel ...

News Headlines

'Save the dung beetle!' Global science chief says biodiversity vital

Governments should extend the protection of nature far beyond iconic creatures such as tigers and elephants to species including worms and beetles that are vital to human prosperity, the chair of a global scientific project said on Thursday.

News Headlines

'Sea dragon' fossil is 'largest on record'

The fossil of a marine reptile ''re-discovered'' in a museum is the largest of its kind on record, say scientists. The ''sea dragon'' belongs to a group that swam the world's oceans 200 million years ago, while dinosaurs walked the land. The specimen is the largest Ichthyosaurus to be described, ...

News Headlines

'Sheep are fantastic lawnmowers': Flock brought in to graze across from Buckingham Palace

Woolly visitors part of a conservation effort aimed at increasing biodiversity in London's Green Park.

News Headlines

'Sooty birds' reveal hidden US air pollution

Soot trapped in the feathers of songbirds over the past 100 years is causing scientists to revise their records of air pollution. US researchers measured the black carbon found on 1,300 larks, woodpeckers and sparrows over the past century.

News Headlines

'Zero tolerance' plan eyed for plastic pollution

A plan for zero tolerance of plastic pollution of the oceans may be agreed by nations at a UN environment summit. Governments are being asked to move towards a legal treaty banning plastic waste from entering the sea.

News Headlines

10 Keys To Slashing Deforestation In Just Two Years

Donuts, deodorant, buns and burgers. They’re killing us – and not just because of what they do to our bodies. No, the real problem is what the beef, soy, and palm oil that they’re made of – as well as the pulp & paper they’re packaged in – do to our forests and, by extension, our climate.

News Headlines

10 million acres added to Chile’s national park system

Yesterday, as a herd of guanacos grazed in the distance, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet declared, “With these beautiful lands, their forests, their rich ecosystems, [we] expand the network of parks to more than 10 million acres. Thus, national parklands in Chile will increase by 38.5% to ac ...

News Headlines

10,000 coffee seedlings

A hundred coffee farmers in the Windsor Forest and Richmond Gap communities in St Thomas who lost millions of dollars worth of crops to a bush fire in the summer of 2015, are slowly making a recovery.

News Headlines

10,000 trees to be planted alongside A38 and A30

Highways England is starting a major programme of tree and shrub planting along the A30 and A38 in a bid to connect a 105 mile corridor of wildlife habitat. The work is taking place at 21 sites and involves the planting of 10,000 native trees and shrubs to fill or reduce gaps in hedgerow and woo ...

News Headlines

10,000 year-old DNA proves when fish colonized lakes

DNA molecules in lake sediment are few and hard bound to particles. This resulted in challenging analyses and required development of new methods, both for extracting sufficiently clean DNA and for the statistical analysis of data. For this work, doctoral student Fredrik Olajos and researcher Fo ...

News Headlines

100-million-year-old spider with a tail longer than its body discovered

A brand new species of arachnid that looks like a spider with a tail has been discovered in Myanmar. The eight-legged creepy crawly is estimated to have scuttled along the forest floors as far back as 100 million years ago.

News Headlines

1000-year-old ocean water trapped in “shadow zone”

Deep in the middle of the deepest oceans of the world lies a shadow zone, where ancient sea water hangs, trapped in vast volume, stagnant. The water last floated to the surface some 1000 years ago.

News Headlines

12 migratory bird species spotted in Basai wetlands draw twitchers

The arrival of at least 12 migratory bird species in the last two months in Basai wetlands has raised hopes among birders.Whiskered tern, green sandpiper, plovers, Siberian stonechat, little stint, red shank, black-tailed godwit, Blyth's reed warbler, gargany duck, wood sandpiper, green sandpipe ...

News Headlines

13 European countries to protect great bustard

Delegates from 13 European countries on Thursday agreed on transboundary conservation measures for the great bustard - the heaviest flying bird in Europe.

News Headlines

15 Equator Prize Winners Receive Prestigious Award at New York Gala Event

The 9th Equator Prize Award Ceremony honoured 15 winners in a gala event last evening in New York, coinciding with the Global Goals Week and the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly. Leading thinkers, policy-makers, business and civil society leaders from around the globe gathered in The Town ...

News Headlines

15 New Smiley-Faced Spider Species Named After Leonardo DiCaprio, Bernie Sanders, Others

Long thought to be one species that was found across a large swath of territory — “from northern North America down to northern Brazil” — the “smiley-faced” spiders of the genus Spintharus actually have a lot more diversity than hitherto known. Researchers from the University of Vermont have ide ...

News Headlines

2 Million Beautiful Images of Biodiversity Are Now Available for Free

There are thought to be about 10 million distinct species of plants and animals on Earth. That number is incomprehensibly large, not least because most species are still undiscovered. But now the Biodiversity Heritage Library, an open-access repository for some of the most stunning images collec ...

News Headlines

2 futures of health, 2 paradigms of science

Across the world, there is an intense contest emerging between two paradigms of health and two paradigms of science. The first is holistic and sees connections between the health of the planet and our health. It is based on the ecological science of inter-connectedness. The second one is reducti ...

News Headlines

20 years after Kyoto Protocol, where does world stand on climate?

On Dec. 11, 1997, representatives from over 150 nations gathered in Kyoto to hammer out what would become the world’s first international agreement to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide.

News Headlines

2016 surpasses 2015 as hottest year on record globally in 137 years

Loss of biodiversity, degrading ecosystem, ocean warming and the melting of ice sheets has the world's biggest nations pondering over effective ways to curb the phenomenon. In January 2017, independent analyses by American space agency NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administratio ...

News Headlines

22 plants, 16 animals listed as threatened in Himachal

The Himachal Pradesh State Biodiversity Board has identified and listed 22 plant and 16 animals species as “threatened”, an official said on Monday. Separate committees of experts were notified by the board in December 2016 to identify the plants and animal species facing extinction, the board’s ...

News Headlines

25-year Environment Plan: UK unveils long-term strategy for 'greener future'

The 151-page document focuses on how the Government aims to improve the UK’s resource efficiency, biodiversity, air and water quality, and deliver ecological restoration. But campaigners are frustrated that there is no legal weight behind the proposals.

News Headlines

260 million-year-old fossilised trees unveil Antarctica’s forested past before dinosaurs

Scientists have discovered fossil fragments of 260 million-year-old trees in Antarctica, a finding which shows that the frozen continent had a thriving forest before the first dinosaurs roamed the Earth. During Antarctica’s summer, scientists from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM) in the ...

News Headlines

3 firms winning in Singapore’s sustainable business space

Keeping public spaces cool, harnessing the power of the sun, and designing the cities of the future. Eco-Business examines how three companies are innovating in the sustainability space in the tiny, resource-scarce tropical city-state of Singapore.

News Headlines

3 in 4 Reptile Pets Die in The First Year So Maybe Humans Don't Deserve Them

A heated discussion over how humans treat their reptilian companions has flared up in a series of articles published this week in the journal Veterinary Record.

News Headlines

3 rare migratory birds seen in southern Negros wetlands

THREE rare migratory birds were found in southern Negros during the 2018 Asian Waterbird Count (AWC) of Negros Occidental Coastal Wetlands Conservation Area (NOCWCA) conducted on January 6 to 21.

News Headlines

3 things we learned at this week’s U.N. climate change meeting

I spent last week at the COP23 climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany. Even before the delegates and observers go home, we can predict the outcome: not too much. For supporters of the Paris agreement, that is a best-case scenario but also dispiriting. Here are three things we’ve learned from the ...

News Headlines

3 types of terrapins (that means small turtles for you non-islanders) from Seychelles

The Seychelles islands are well known for their rich and diverse biodiversity. While many species of the island flora and fauna are endemic, others have been introduced. Among them are the terrapins -- small species of turtles living in fresh or brackish water with a shell length of up to 30 cen ...

News Headlines

4 projects in Seychelles to help coral reefs survive

The coral restoration project of this organisation began in 2010 with the financial support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The project is the largest coral reef restoration program in the region, using more than 50,000 coral fragments which were grown in underwate ...

News Headlines

5 creative techniques being used to keep coral reefs alive

We’ve heard plenty about the rapid and dramatic loss of coral reefs over the last decades — estimates are that about 20 percent of coral worldwide is already gone. Parts of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef lost more than 70 percent of their coral by 2016, and some scientists are calling coral loss ...

News Headlines

5 ways India must help its farmers face the threat of climate change

Agriculture is central to the Indian economy. It accounts for 50per cent of the country’s employment and 18per cent of its GDP.

News Headlines

5.5 million-year-old fossil turtle species sheds light on invasive modern relatives

A University of Pennsylvania paleontologist has described a 5.5 million-year-old fossil species of turtle from eastern Tennessee. It represents a new species of the genus Trachemys, commonly known as sliders, which are frequently kept as pets today.

News Headlines

6th Global Mass Extinction Is Coming All Too Soon, According to This Mathematician

It doesn't come along very often, but after some 540 million years, this world we live on has witnessed five mass extinctions – and the next curtain could fall before the century is up.

News Headlines

7 global megatrends that could beat climate change

s it too late for us to avert disastrous impacts of global warming? Maybe not, thanks to megatrends changing the way humans live on a global scale. The Guardian’s environment editor Damian Carrington laid out trends that could turn the tide: renewable energy, electric cars, plant-based meat, ene ...

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8 community-based organisations granted $350,000 for environmental projects

AMMAN — Eight community-based organisations (CBOs) on Tuesday received grants worth $350,000 to implement pilot projects enhancing the role of local communities and users of natural resources in addressing environmental issues.

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80% of Bornean orangutans live outside protected areas

Four fifths of wild orangutans in Kalimantan, the Indonesian portion of Borneo, live outside national parks and other protected areas, according to a new study by the Indonesian government.

News Headlines

9 Companies Fighting Climate Change Through Biomimicry

We know that carbon emissions, particularly carbon dioxide and methane, are a major contributor to global climate change trends, and that the challenge of mitigating and even reversing this trend is highly complex. We also know that — like so many other sustainability challenges we face — managi ...

News Headlines

A 30-Year-Old Treaty Proves Humans Can Still Save Planet Earth

As the United States government goes out of its way to roll back clean Earth initiatives of the past, it’s easy to forget that sometimes good policies can lead to meaningful change — and it can stick. A new paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters shows that a 30-year-old inte ...

News Headlines

A Big Change in How a Small Fish Is Protected Could Help Save Whales

The menhaden is a tiny fish key to the Atlantic Ocean ecosystem that has supported a thriving fishery since the 19th century. Now regulators are considering a novel approach to ensure there’s enough fish to feed the fishery and other marine animals.

News Headlines

A Cinderella Story for Global Tiger Day

A tigress named Zolushka helps establish a blueprint for the restoration of her species across Asia

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