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News Headlines

$1.8 billion; that's how much govt subsidies contribute every year to human extinction & climate change

Researchers are warning that people are funding their own extinction with at least $1.8 billion spent every year on subsidies that cause wildlife to be wiped out and climate change to rise, according to a new study.

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$65 Million Set Aside For Soil Fertility Mapping Project

The Government has allocated $65 million for the Soil Fertility Mapping Project, which aims to increase the productivity and quality of agricultural produce.

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'Dramatic growth': UN reports surge in green laws since 1972

Over the last four decades the world has seen a rapid rise in the number of laws to protect the environment, but weak enforcement regimes mean many envitonmental threats are continuing to worsen.

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'Make sustainable farming, biodiversity election issue'

With climate, ecology and agricultural sustainability not being poll plank of any party till the 2022 election, NGO Kheti Virasat Mission has come up with its own people’s agenda and a 21-page green manifesto to pressurise political parties into acknowledging environment protection and sustainab ...

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'Poached' Cactus Plant Worth $1.2 Million Returns to Chile after Year-long Rescue Operation

Valued at over $1.2 million on the black market, some of the rare cactus plants were returned to Chile from Italy this year after a year-long collaboration among Cactus and Succulent Plants Specialist Group (CSSG), Association for Biodiversity and Conservation, with Italian and Chilean authoriti ...

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'Promises are not enough': Campaigners urge Prime Minister to enshrine 2030 nature protection goal into law

Stanley Johnson among group of high profile campaigners calling for government to set a legally-binding nature protection target ahead of pivotal COP15 UN nature talks

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'Right to repair' law to come in this summer

Appliances such as fridges, washing machines and TVs should last longer and be cheaper to run under new rules. Ministers have confirmed that from the summer consumers will have a right to repair on goods they buy. They are keeping a promise t

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'Walk the talk' after food systems summit, scientists urge

Leaders from more than 85 countries will pledge their commitment to transforming food systems at the UN Food Systems Summit this week, but scientists say close monitoring of their actions beyond the talks will be the true test of success.

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10 Ways To Shape a Positive Future for Forests

Anna Begemann is a researcher in the Governance Program at the European Forest Institute. From deforestation largely caused by agricultural encroachment in the Amazon, to devastating forest fires in Canada,

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100 EU cities commit to going climate neutral by 2030

For a city to slash its emissions to zero may seem like a pipe dream, but 100 EU cities have committed to doing just that by the end of the decade.

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2020: A critical year for climate and biodiversity

More than 90% of European citizens say protecting the environment is important to them and more than 80% believe it should be protected by legislation.

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2022 must see action on oceans, biodiversity, plastics: EU

The European Union's environment chief said Thursday that 2022 must be the year for an ambitious agreement on the oceans, for action that protects the world's biodiversity, and for starting negotiations to tackle the global crisis of plastic pollution especially at sea.

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2022: A Full Calendar for SDG Discussions and Global Environmental Governance

2022 will be a significant year for governing the 2030 Agenda and other global frameworks on protecting the environment. While 2020 was anticipated as a super year for nature, and 2021 was considered all the more crucial for biodiversity after the pandemic froze many global discussions, 2022 now ...

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5 legal tactics environmentalists are using to fight climate change

Activists are increasingly using litigation as a tool to influence climate action worldwide. Here's a look at some of the main tactics they're wielding to force change on fossil fuel firms and weak government policies.

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5 ways to align debt with climate and development goals

UN Conference on Trade and Development research shows that regions facing higher vulnerability to climate change are more likely to suffer from severe indebtedness. Less fiscal space means less capacity to respond to disasters, perpetuating a vicious cycle that forecloses debt sustainability and ...

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50 years of UN environmental diplomacy: What’s worked and the trends ahead

In 1972, acid rain was destroying trees. Birds were dying from DDT poisoning, and countries were contending with oil spills, contamination from nuclear weapons testing and the environmental harm of the Vietnam War. Air pollution was crossing borders and harming neighboring countries.

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A human right to nature: The people suing governments for environmental damage

An Asian megacity partially locked down because of pollution. Acres of farms in Africa destroyed by extreme weather. Ancient Arctic cultures disappearing with melting ice. This isn’t the future. It’s happening now.

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A new approach to identify genetic boundaries of species could also impact policy

A new approach to genomic species delineation could impact policy and lend clarity to legislation for designating a species as endangered or at risk. Evolutionary biologists model the process of speciation, which follows population formation, improving on current species delineation methods.

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A new plan for our planet: What does the Environment Bill mean for developers, landowners and local authorities?

The initiative, that I introduced to the UK as a concept when I set up the Environment Bank in 2007, will be a major game-changer in the way biodiversity is considered within the development sector. Biodiversity loss poses a massive existential threat to us - we cannot afford not to restore biod ...

News Headlines

ANALYSIS-G7 brightens outlook for new nature pact but pandemic threatens deadline

New pledges by G7 leaders on climate change and biodiversity loss will boost efforts to strike a global pact to protect nature but an October deadline is likely to be missed without in-person talks, officials and observers said on Tuesday.

News Headlines

ASEAN Countries Must Lead on Biodiversity

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, and it is also highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Policymakers in the region must ensure that plans to preserve nature while promoting sustainable economic growth are part of the post-pandemic recovery.

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AfDB calls for more climate finance for Africa to support global goals

Rich countries and international financial institutions need to provide more funding for Africa to support global climate goals by preventing African nations from pursuing carbon-intensive development, a senior African Development Bank executive said on Wednesday.

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Africa Finance Corporation: Three steps for Africa to combat climate change

With hopes for countering global warming pinned on progress at the upcoming COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt, a new report from the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), Africa’s leading infrastructure solutions provider, sets out the continent’s stance by balancing the need for emissions ...

News Headlines

Africa must forgo gas exploration to avert climate disaster, warn experts

Africa must embrace renewable energy, and forgo exploration of its potentially lucrative gas deposits to stave off climate disaster and bring access to clean energy to the hundreds of millions who lack it, leading experts on the continent have said.

News Headlines

Africa: 54 African Environment Ministers Vow to Tackle Climate Change

Fifty four African Environment ministers have resolved to step up the continent's response to accelerating green and sustainable recovery programmes to tackle climate change.

News Headlines

African court rules in favor of Indigenous land titles, reparations from the Kenyan government

The African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights has ruled that the Kenyan government must pay reparations for repeatedly evicting Indigenous Ogiek people from ancestral lands in the Mau Forest in western Kenya, ending a 13-year court battle. The state must also grant collective land titles to the ...

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After many false dawns, Australians finally voted for stronger climate action. Here’s why this election was different

Before the 2019 federal election, many people expected Australia would vote for faster climate action. That, of course, didn’t happen. But just three years later, the climate election arrived at last. The question is – what changed?

News Headlines

All hot air: UK commits to climate action but not to new funding

Boris Johnson has set out his intention to “build back better for the world”, to protect the natural environment and wildlife, and tackle the climate crisis, at the G7 summit in Cornwall. But he committed no new funds to the initiative, and other G7 leaders showed little sign of coming forward w ...

News Headlines

Amnesty granted to illegal Spanish strawberry farmers despite protests over damage to wetlands

Rightwing MPs in southern Spain have ignored protests from the central government, the EU, Unesco and several ecological groups by voting to grant an amnesty to illegal strawberry farmers who have been tapping water from the aquifer that feeds one of Europe’s largest protected wetlands.

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An international treaty to curb plastic pollution risks being watered down. New Zealand needs to take a stand

Following years of discussions, support for a global treaty to stem the tide of plastic pollution is now widespread, with 75% of UN member states backing the idea.

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Analysis of DRR inclusion in national climate change commitments

The purpose of this study was to review selected National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)/Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and contributing documents to better understand how disaster risk management is approached in climate change documents, and if systemic risk issues where impacts cascade a ...

News Headlines

Analysis: Chile miners brace as president elect signals environmental crackdown

Chile's mining sector is bracing for tighter environmental rules ahead after President-elect Gabriel Boric pledged to oppose a controversial $2.5 billion iron-copper mine that was approved in August after years of legal wrangling.

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Animal testing put to the test in Swiss vote

Switzerland goes to the polls Sunday to decide whether animal and human testing should be banned -- a proposal that has triggered an outcry in a country heavily reliant on big pharma.

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Antarctic marine protection treaty offers lessons for global conservation

A landmark multinational agreement protecting Antarctica's Ross Sea offers valuable lessons for similar global conservation pacts in the future, according to a new analysis coauthored by a CU Boulder researcher.

News Headlines

Are global environmental policies and laws enough to deal with climate change?

Today, policymakers, civil society, academics, and business converge in Nairobi, Kenya, for the opening of the Fourth United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA 4), the world's highest-level decision-making body on the environment. Held every two years, UNEA allows countries to set priorities f ...

News Headlines

As Malaysian state resumes log exports, Indigenous advocates warn of fallout

Activists in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, say they fear logging will ramp up following the state government’s decision to overturn a ban on exporting unprocessed timber.

News Headlines

Assessing the impact of the European Union Green Deal

A significant reduction in agricultural production in the European Union with full implementation of the Farm to Fork Strategy of the European Green Deal: that is one result of the study to assess the impact of the Green Deal published today (Monday 13 September), which was led by Professor Chri ...

News Headlines

At UK meet, India calls for action on climate change

India on Tuesday called on the developed world to step up the scope, scale and speed of climate finance for the developing world to help tackle the crisis of climate change.

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Attenborough urges halt to deep sea mining plans

Sir David Attenborough has urged countries to halt plans to mine the deep sea following the publication of a new report from Fauna & Flora International (FFI) that warns the practice could cause significant loss of biodiversity, disruption of the ocean’s life-support systems and its carbon stora ...

News Headlines

Australia Has Finally Woken Up to Climate Change

FIRST CAME THE drought. Then the bushfires. Then the floods. And then, on May 21, 2022, came the federal election. After nearly four years as Australian prime minister—a term in office marked by repeated and record-breaking natural disasters—the conservative Scott Morrison was ousted following a ...

News Headlines

Australia Officially Declares Koalas as an Endangered Species

Human activity and climate change-related disasters have driven population numbers of Australia’s iconic animal to decline rapidly, with the government now listing koalas as an endangered species.

News Headlines

Australia must increase 2030 emissions target to help avoid ‘catastrophic’ heating, Samoan PM says

Australia needs to increase the ambition of its 2030 emissions reduction target and “come back to the climate financing table” at the looming Cop26 talks in Glasgow, according to the prime minister of Samoa.

News Headlines

Australian State Announces Bold 'Zero Extinction' Plan to Protect Endangered Species

Koalas, rock wallabies and the Nightcap Oak, a rare tree, are some of the iconic species to be protected under an “historic” zero extinction plan in the Australian state of New South Wales.

News Headlines

Australian government to appeal ruling that it must protect children from climate harm

The environment minister, Sussan Ley, will appeal yesterday’s federal court declaration she has a duty of care to protect Australian children from climate harm that would be caused by the expansion of a coalmining project.

News Headlines

B.C. forests minister introduces bill to overhaul forest practices

British Columbia’s forests minister has introduced a bill to amend the Forest and Range Practices Act, saying it would “reshape” forest management in the province.

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Bavaria to pass 'save the bees' petition into law in landmark move

Bavaria has announced that it will pass into law a popular “save the bees” petition that promises drastic changes in farming practices – without putting it to a referendum first.

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Better logging regulations ‘last best hope’ for Solomon Islands, study says

Kolombangara Island forms a 30-kilometer (19-mile) circle of green in the Solomon Sea. One of more than 900 islands that make up the Solomon Islands, it is fringed by coral reefs and dominated by a volcanic peak, which rises to 1,770 meters (5,800 feet). Ravines of more than 75 river catchments ...

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Between the lines, Morrison's plan has coal on the way out, with the future bright

The most striking feature of Prime Minister Scott Morrison's long-term emissions reduction plan outlined on Tuesday is not the long-telegraphed commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050, or the promise of a A$20 billion clean energy program (around 0.2% of national income annually).

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Bhutan Makes Major Changes In It’s Biodiversity Act

The National Assembly (NA) of Bhutan on May 31 tabled the Biodiversity Bill of Bhutan 2021 and agriculture minister Lyonpo Yeshey Penjor presented the general principles and objectives in the first and second reading of the bill.

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Biden administration halts oil drilling in Alaska wildlife refuge

US President Joe Biden's administration announced Tuesday it was halting petroleum development activity in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, reversing a move by former president Donald Trump to allow drilling.

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