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News Headlines

'America, send us your ideas': Biden pledges to protect 30% of US lands by 2030

It was an executive order that made waves in environmental circles: after only a week in office, President Joe Biden pledged to preserve 30% of US lands and waters by 2030.

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'Green Oscar' Awarded For Venezuelan Parrot Conservation

The Whitley Awards, sometimes known as the “Green Oscars”, recognize international conservation excellence in biodiversity-rich, resource-poor countries

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30% of Scotland’s land to be protected for nature

Plans to protect at least 30% of Scotland’s land for nature by 2030 – and to examine options to extend this further – have been announced today by Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham.

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7 Solutions to Biodiversity Loss

All living things on Earth are connected to support and maintain life cycles, therefore biodiversity is extremely important for the functioning of ecosystems on the Earth.

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75% of Australia's marine protected areas are given only 'partial' protection. Here's why that's a problem

A global coalition of more than 50 countries have this week pledged to protect over 30% of the planet's lands and seas by the end of this decade. Their reasoning is clear: we need greater protection for nature, to prevent further extinctions and protect the life-sustaining ecosystems crucial to ...

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A refuge for royalty

In 1850, a tiger’s pawprints could be found in both the hardpacked snow of Siberian forests and the soft beach sands of Bali.

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ASEAN boosts conservation effort at unprotected sites

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is boosting efforts to protect the environment at sacred sites, military bases and other specially managed areas. Measures will be taken to govern and manage the areas to achieve positive and sustained long-term results for the conservation of b ...

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Abu Dhabi to cultivate 14 million mangrove seedlings over the next 25 years: Hamdan bin Zayed

Over the next 25 years, the planted trees will help reduce carbon emissions by 200,000 tonnes, equivalent to the yearly energy consumption of over 20,000 homes, helping to reduce the effects of climate change.

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Action plan to save Bolivia’s red-fronted macaw awaits its reboot

For 13 years, Marlene Rivas has been part of a team working to protect the red-fronted macaw (Ara rubrogenysa), a bird endemic to Bolivia that is classified as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List.

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Africa Protected Areas Congress puts spotlight on protection and conservation of biodiversity

The first-ever Africa Protected Areas Congress has convened in in Kigali, Rwanda to discuss the role of protected areas in conserving nature.

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News Headlines

African wild dogs cope with human development using skills they rely on to compete with other carnivores

Large carnivores in Africa are important from ecological, economic and cultural perspectives, but human activities put them at risk. Increasingly, lions, hyenas and African wild dogs are restricted to protected areas like national parks. Within these limited areas, they must compete for the same ...

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Africa’s Biggest Conservation Success Was Once a Poachers’ Paradise

When Sarah Hall arrived to run Rwanda’s oldest national park in 2010, its rangers could barely cope with poachers who were trapping hippos in snares for food. The rhinos had vanished. The lions had been wiped out.

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Afro-Caribbean community safeguards pristine oceans with new protected area

An Afro-Caribbean community on the southwest coast of Colombia has helped establish a new marine protected area that will create more sustainable fishing and hunting practices while ensuring that one of the country’s most undisturbed ecosystems withstands outside threats of deforestation and pol ...

News Headlines

Algerian forest reinstated as National Park after turbulent history

Djebel Babor forest in Northern Algeria was a National Park for 60 years before being stripped of its status.

News Headlines

Anticosti Island to get special protection, barring all unsustainable economic activity

Quebec Environment Minister Benoit Charette wants to give Anticosti Island a new land protection status that could help the island in its bid to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Appreciate social, environmental benefits of protected areas

SETTING aside ecologically-important lands and marine areas within protected areas (PA) was among the more contentious issues that confronted governments at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

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Are marine protected areas helping marine mammals and birds? Maybe, but more can be done

Our oceans are under pressure like never before, with over 60% struggling from the increasing impact of fishing, coastal activities and climate change. The harsh truth is that as we move towards 2022 only 3% of oceans are totally free from the pressure of human activity.

News Headlines

Auditors slam EU for 'marine protected areas' that fail to protect ocean

Europe’s marine protected areas (MPAs), set up to prevent biodiversity loss at sea, are failing to protect the oceans according to an excoriating report from auditors.

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Azerbaijan marks International Day of Reserves and National Parks

Since 1997, January 11 is celebrated worldwide as International Day of Reserves and National Parks at the initiative of the Biodiversity Conservation Center and the World Wildlife Fund. Environmental protection problems are always at the center of attention of the Azerbaijani government. The cou ...

News Headlines

Banking on protected areas to promote a green recovery

The rollout of vaccines globally, particularly as this effort picks up momentum, is spreading hope that countries will soon have control over the devastating health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries still, though, have a long path to travel for economic recovery.

News Headlines

Barking Deer Conservation Starts; KP's Protected Areas Enhanced To 15pc: Wildlife Chief

Khyber Pakthunkhwa Wildlife Department has started conservation of the endangered Barking Deer in Haripur district to protect the rare species from extinction.

News Headlines

Bees thrive where it's hot and dry: A unique biodiversity hotspot located in North America

The United States-Mexico border traverses through large expanses of unspoiled land in North America, including a newly discovered worldwide hotspot of bee diversity. Concentrated in 16 km2 of protected Chihuahuan Desert are more than 470 bee species, a remarkable 14% of the known United States b ...

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Belize Triples the Size of its Marine Protected Areas

In a bold step for the sustainability of its fisheries and the world’s second largest barrier reef, the government of Belize has approved a plan to set aside 10% of its territorial waters as no-take marine protected areas (MPAs), tripling the size of its existing zones.

News Headlines

Belize to protect critical wildlife corridor that’s home to jaguars and more

In a boost to jaguars and other iconic wildlife of Central America, the government of Belize has approved a proposal to protect the Maya Forest Corridor, a key stretch of jungle that could help create the largest contiguous block of forest in Central America.

News Headlines

Biden’s Historic Action on 30x30

The president’s executive order puts America on the path of protecting 30 percent of its land and inland waters and 30 percent of its ocean areas by 2030.

News Headlines

Biodiversity in Europe: EU aims to protect 30% of land and sea

With a UN biodiversity summit approaching in spring, 2021 has been hailed as a super year for biodiversity. As part of its contribution, the European Commission is preparing legislation to introduce legal protection for 30% of land and sea in Europe.

News Headlines

Botswana to continue elephant protection talks with Kenya: minister

GABORONE, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- Botswana will continue talks about elephant protection with Kenya in order to hold the east African country together with itself at an upcoming international conference on wildlife protection, a minister said Thursday.

News Headlines

Botswana's Okavango Delta: World Heritage Site under threat

Environmental organizations are raising the alarm over mining for oil and gas in the world's largest cross-border nature reserve, known for its biodiversity and unique landscapes.

News Headlines

Building the world’s biggest MPA: Q&A with Goldman winner Jacqueline Evans

The South Pacific archipelago of the Cook Islands might seem a diminutive site from which to launch and manage the largest multi-use marine protected area (MPA) on Earth.

News Headlines

Calculating cost-effective conservation

Maintaining existing conservation areas might be a more cost-effective investment than expansion, according to new research led by The University of Queensland.

News Headlines

California Commits to Conserving 30 Percent of its Land and Water by 2030. What Does That Mean?

On October 7 California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the state to create a new California Biodiversity Collaborative and conserve 30 percent of its land and coastal waters by 2030.

News Headlines

Can Conservation and Development Be Balanced in Sri Lanka?

The Sri Lankan government recently cancelled three circulars that protected 700,000 hectares of forests, labelled Other State Forests (OSFs), which are not classified as protected areas but account for five percent of the island nation’s remaining 16.5 percent of forest cover.

News Headlines

Can marine protected areas reduce marine disease?

For some ocean creatures, infectious disease is growing amid a changing climate.Marine diseases, often caused by parasites, viruses, and injuries, keep making headlines. Seastar wasting disease, shrimp white spot disease, and white plague disease in coral were some of the big ones, killing thous ...

News Headlines

Canada needs to triple the amount of protected land and water to tackle 'nature emergency': report

Biodiversity is declining faster than at any other time in human history, study finds

News Headlines

Canada protects important natural habitats in Quebec

MONTRÉAL, April 24, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ - Nature is at the heart of our Canadian identity. Protecting natural habitats is an invaluable legacy for future generations. That's why the Government of Canada is committed to doubling the amount of protected nature in Canada's lands and oceans.

News Headlines

Canada to ban industrial activities inside marine-protected areas

Prohibition won't automatically apply to activities in fisheries conservation areas

News Headlines

Canada’s marine protected areas aren’t as safe as you think

As the globe’s “do or die” UN climate conference gets underway next week, Canada must scale up efforts to meet its ambitious ocean conservation targets to simultaneously prevent the wholesale collapse of marine biodiversity and tackle climate change, experts say.

News Headlines

Caribbean sharks in need of large marine protected areas

Governments must provide larger spatial protections in the Greater Caribbean for threatened, highly migratory species such as sharks, is the call from a diverse group of marine scientists including Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) Ph.D. Candidate, Oliver S ...

News Headlines

Cat corridors between protected areas is key to survival of Cerrado’s jaguars

With no natural predators to worry about, jaguars (Panthera onca) roam the forests of South and Central America. This feline is found in 18 countries, but only 4% of its critical habitat is effectively protected.

News Headlines

China is setting up its first marine national parks

The Changdao archipelago marks the threshold between the Bohai and Yellow seas. It is already home to nine national protected areas, including marine parks, geoparks and reserves for birds and marine mammals.

News Headlines

China issues guidelines to further biodiversity protection work

China on Tuesday issued a guideline that outlines the country's biodiversity protection goals. According to the goals, protected natural areas, mainly national parks, will account for 18 percent of China's land area by 2025, when China's forest coverage rate and comprehensive grassland coverage ...

News Headlines

China’s National Panda Park Will Be Three Times the Size of Yellowstone

The vast space will connect China’s fragmented panda populations, enabling the land giants to better find mates and diversify their species’ gene pool

News Headlines

China’s Surprisingly Robust System of Marine Protection

China, as the world’s largest producer and consumer of seafood, is well known for its voracious international fishing fleet. But a comprehensive understanding of the country’s efforts on marine protection, at least in its domestic waters, has remained elusive—even to many experts within China. N ...

News Headlines

China’s new panda park will be three times bigger than Yellowstone

The huge earthquake that rocked China’s Sichuan Province 11 years ago this month was a catastrophic human tragedy.

News Headlines

Communities adjacent to protected areas commit their land to conservation.

COMMUNITIES adjacent to protected areas in Mbire have committed part of their land towards wildlife conservation, a move that is expected to help curb poaching in the area.

News Headlines

Comprehensive Support For Twelve Protected Areas in Georgia

Georgia receives assistance to conserve and protect its unique biodiversity through a five year initiative supported from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

News Headlines

Conservation and food production must work in tandem, new study says

Strictly protecting 30% of Earth’s land and sea by 2030 would result in food production shortfalls, and would render a fifth of mammals and a third of birds at high risk of extinction, according to a new study.

News Headlines

Costa Rica Creates a New Category of Protected Area to Conserve Forests in Urban Areas

Costa Rica has a new category of protected area called Urban Natural Parks (PANU), which seeks to conserve ecosystems and forests at risk in the city, as well as improve the physical and mental health of people. It also seeks to increase carbon sequestration; stimulate recreation and ecotourism; ...

News Headlines

Costa Rica Expands Cocos Island National Park by 27 times in size

President Carlos Alvarado of Costa Rica has signed a decree expanding the Cocos Island National Park, increasing the fully protected area in their Pacific waters by almost 53,000 square kilometers.

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