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News Headlines

Pollutants from wildfires affect crop and vegetation growth hundreds of kilometers from impact zone

Pollutants from wild fires affect crop and vegetation growth hundreds of kilometres from impact zone, research shows.The startling extent to which violent wild fires, similar to those that ravaged large swathes of California recently, affect forests and crops way beyond the boundaries of the bla ...

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Scientists discover Earth's deepest point is polluted by plastic

While the deep ocean is filled with nightmarish creatures that terrorize even my waking thoughts, there's a much more terrifying crisis for the Earth: the plastic apocalypse.

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You Can't Just "Clean Up" the Plastic in the Ocean. Here's Why.

Since the early 1950s, there has been an estimated 8.3 billion tons — and counting — of plastic produced on the planet, according to a 2017 study published in the Science Advances journal. The United Nations Environment Program reports that roughly 60% of that lump sum has made its way to landfi ...

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Plastic pollution: Do beach clean-ups really make a difference?

Picking up trash from river beds and beaches has become a popular activity around the world. But do clean-ups really help tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution? DW's Brigitte Osterath reports from Honduras.

News Headlines

EU reaches agreement on single-use plastic ban

A plan to ban single-use plastic products such as disposable plates and straws has been agreed. EU member states and the EU parliament still have to give the provisional agreement the go-ahead.

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How Does the Nile’s Pollution Affect Its Ecosystem and Us?

Bassita, a click-funding initiative famous for its social media awareness campaigns, introduced the ‘VeryNile’ initiative on Saturday, in a bid to solve Egypt’s Nile pollution by creating a sustainable ecosystem that recycles the plastic and waste collected from the river.

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Scientists decry lack of data on ocean pollution

[SÃO PAULO] Scientific databases contain little information on pollution in marine conservation areas, according to a broad review of research on chemical pollution and its biological effects on the ocean.

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An Ambitious Project To Clean Up the Ocean's Garbage Patch Isn't Working

The ocean holds hundreds of millions of tons of plastic, and none of it is going anywhere anytime soon.

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100% of Sea Turtles in Global Study Found With Plastics in Their Bellies

A new study of sea turtles in three oceans and seas drove home the point, green campaigners said Wednesday, that the world's governments and corporations are not doing enough to reduce plastic pollution—and marine life is suffering as a result.

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Microplastics found to permeate the ocean’s deepest points

Like the food particles that clump together in the middle of a kitchen sink, plastic debris is gathering in the deepest reaches of the ocean.

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Tracking The Movement Of All Plastic Litter In The Ocean Is Crucial

At the end of October the European Parliament approved EU’s plans to ban, by 2021, throwaway plastics, which make up over 70% of the marine litter. This is part of the newly launched EU’s plastics strategy and of speeding up global action on marine plastics pollution. The G7 summit in Canada in ...

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Drug pollution concentrates in stream bugs, passes to predators in water and on land

Sixty-nine pharmaceutical compounds have been detected in stream insects, some at concentrations that may threaten animals that feed on them, such as trout and platypus. When these insects emerge as flying adults, they can pass drugs to spiders, birds, bats, and other streamside foragers. These ...

News Headlines

Cleaning campaign commences in Red Sea island Magawish in Hurghada

With the participation of dozens of nursing school students and Hurghada youth center members, a campaign was organized Tuesday to clean up the beaches on “Magawish” island, located near the shores of Hurghada in the Red Sea.

News Headlines

Coral: Palau to ban sunscreen products to protect reefs

Palau is set to become the first country to impose a widespread ban on sunscreen in an effort to protect its vulnerable coral reefs. The government has signed a law that restricts the sale and use of sunscreen and skincare products that contain a list of ten different chemicals.

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It's time to ditch plastic bottles and help keep our oceans free from pollution

Plastic bottles are one of the most common items found in the Thames, making up 10 per cent of shoreline litter last year, according to the charity Thames21.

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EU air quality slowly improving but still deadly: report

Air pollution is slowly easing in EU countries but still causes nearly half a million early deaths each year, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said in its annual report published Monday.

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What role for ASEAN in the fight against plastic pollution?

Southeast Asian nations are among the worst offenders when it comes to sending plastic pollution straight into the ocean. With four of the world’s biggest culprits also members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, environmental advocacy and research groups are calling on ASEAN to play ...

News Headlines

Seabirds in the Pacific are using plastic to build nests

As brown boobies incorporate materials they find in the environment into their nests, research has found that the birds can act as indicators of the extent of plastic pollution in the tropics.

News Headlines

Cape Town launches new ocean cleaning initiatives

In a determined effort to reduce the amount of waste that makes its way into our oceans, the City of Cape Town has partnered with several key players to remove garbage from local rivers.

News Headlines

Single-use plastics ban approved by European Parliament

The European Parliament has voted for a complete ban on a range of single-use plastics across the union in a bid to stop pollution of the oceans. MEPs backed a ban on plastic cutlery and plates, cotton buds, straws, drink-stirrers and balloon sticks.

News Headlines

A sea change: how one small island showed us how to save our oceans

In just 10 years, the Isle of Man has rid its beaches of plastic and earned Unesco status as a world leader in ocean protection. So how did it do it?

News Headlines

Do mussels reveal the fate of the oceans?

More than 10 million tons of plastic debris enter the oceans every year and are found in nearly every oceanic layer. They start out as large floating items and eventually break down into much smaller pieces called microplastics. T

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Even our own bodies now contain plastic waste. It’s time to get drastic

We are what we eat, and what we eat reveals something about what we are in return. So it shouldn’t be all that surprising that humans are now apparently eating plastic, given what we mostly are is thoughtless enough to have littered the planet with the stuff.

News Headlines

We Are Polluting The Oceans So Much That 92 Percent Of All Salt Brands Contain Tiny Plastic

A new report jointly published by the Incheon National University in South Korea and Greenpeace East Asia says our plastic problem isn’t a distant worry at all. It focused on testing 39 table salt brands, including 28 sea salt brands, across the world. Among those, 36 of them contained traces of ...

News Headlines

Ridding waters of plastic waste with jellyfish filters

What do microplastic filters, fertilisers and fish feed have in common? They can all be produced using jellyfish. At least, that's what one research team has set out to prove as they look into reducing the plastic waste in our oceans.

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