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News Headlines

What does air pollution do to our bodies?

The countdown has begun to the launch of one of the world's boldest attempts to tackle air pollution. From next Monday, thousands of drivers face paying a new charge to enter central London.

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What happens to wildlife swimming in a sea of our drug residues?

Fish hooked on meth? It's a catchy headline that made the rounds a few weeks ago, but it represents a serious and growing problem. Our rivers and streams have become a soup of hundreds of drugs — mostly pharmaceuticals — that come from the treated water released from wastewater facilities.

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What role for ASEAN in the fight against plastic pollution?

Southeast Asian nations are among the worst offenders when it comes to sending plastic pollution straight into the ocean. With four of the world’s biggest culprits also members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, environmental advocacy and research groups are calling on ASEAN to play ...

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What’s the true cost of shipping all your junk across the ocean?

Walmart and other retail giants import millions of goods on polluting cargo ships. Take a look around your home and you’ll likely find plenty of goods that traveled by cargo ship to your doorstep. A set of IKEA plates made in China. A dresser full of pandemic-era loungewear, ordered on Target an ...

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What’s worse for the planet than millions of vans delivering shopping? Millions of vans delivering air

Technically, it has been around since bananas came with skin and coconuts with shells. More recently, it has become less good, though.

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Whose fault is plastic waste in the ocean?

Rich countries with good recycling infrastructure hold Southeast Asia responsible for plastic waste polluting the sea. A fact-check shows that's not fair.

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Why ocean pollution is a clear danger to human health

Ocean pollution is widespread, worsening, and poses a clear and present danger to human health and wellbeing. But the extent of this danger has not been widely comprehended—until now. Our recent study provides the first comprehensive assessment of the impacts of ocean pollution on human health.

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Widen ban on single-use plastic bags to save environment

Kenya marked four years since the ban on single-use plastic carrier bags last month. It is important that as the world enters into discussions around a global plastic treaty, we review three important takeaways from our own country’s efforts.

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Will the ocean benefit from the battle of the microbeads bans?

I close my eyes and instead of falling asleep I see this: "Talc, Mica, Magnesium Stearate, Polyethylene…" – one of the thousands of product ingredient lists I had meticulously combed through. This particular one came from a make-up product and stood out to me because it raised so many excellent ...

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With a pinch of salt: How reliable are existing studies on microplastics in table salt?

Just as environmentally conscious scientists predicted, our excessive use of plastics is coming back to bite us. Microplastics (MPs), plastic particles smaller than a few millimeters, can now be found everywhere, but more so in seawater. As expected, MPs are harmful to both environment and healt ...

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Without commuter traffic, pandemic-era drivers are speeding up, increasing noise pollution

As pandemic lockdowns went into effect in March 2020 and millions of Americans began working from home rather than commuting to offices, heavy traffic in America's most congested urban centers—like Boston—suddenly ceased to exist. Soon afterwards, the air was noticeably cleaner.

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Wood burners emit more particle pollution than traffic, UK data shows

Wood burning in homes produces more small particle pollution than all road traffic in the UK, according to revised government data.

News Headlines

World's deepest waters becoming 'ultimate sink' for plastic waste

The world’s deepest ocean trenches are becoming “the ultimate sink” for plastic waste, according to a study that reveals contamination of animals even in these dark, remote regions of the planet.

News Headlines

World’s soils ‘under great pressure’, says UN pollution report

The world’s soils, which provide 95% of humanity’s food, are “under great pressure”, according to a UN report on soil pollution.Soils are also the largest active store of carbon, after the oceans, and therefore crucial in fighting the climate crisis.

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You Can't Just "Clean Up" the Plastic in the Ocean. Here's Why.

Since the early 1950s, there has been an estimated 8.3 billion tons — and counting — of plastic produced on the planet, according to a 2017 study published in the Science Advances journal. The United Nations Environment Program reports that roughly 60% of that lump sum has made its way to landfi ...

News Headlines

You might want to think twice before buying a woolly Christmas jumper this year

Wool has a damaging effect on the planet and is not sustainable, according to a new report released this week.

News Headlines

Young porpoises in the UK ingesting toxic milk

Research shows that juvenile harbour porpoises are being exposed to a ‘toxic cocktail’ of chemicals when they feed from their mother.

News Headlines

‘Babies here are born sick’: are Bolivia’s gold mines poisoning its indigenous people?

Outside a small brick house shared by four families, Daniela Prada, who is heavily pregnant, gathers guava leaves to make a tea for her two-year-old son.

News Headlines

‘Deluge of plastic waste’: US is world’s biggest plastic polluter

At 42m metric tons of plastic waste a year, the US generates more waste than all EU countries combined

News Headlines

‘Forever chemicals’: what are PFAS and what risk do they pose?

PFAS are a family of thousands of human-made substances – nicknamed “forever chemicals” because they do not break down in the environment – that have been widely used since the 1940s in a huge range of everyday consumer products and industrial processes.

News Headlines

‘No fish’: How dams and climate change are choking Asia’s great lake

For more than half a century, January meant prime fishing season for Pang Bin. He took his wooden boat out into Cambodia’s largest lake, his catches and their sales sustaining his family for much of the year.

News Headlines

‘Nurdles are everywhere’: how plastic pellets ravaged a Sri Lankan paradise

When Adnan Sheikh took his family on holiday to Sri Lanka last October, he booked them into a hotel for two weeks in Sarakkuwa beach, just off the coast from where the X-Press Pearl cargo ship caught fire and sank five months previously.

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‘Oil spills of our time’: experts sound alarm about plastic lost in cargo ship disasters

Container ship accidents at sea should be considered the “oil spills of our time”, warned environmental organisations that found a toxic mix of metals, carcinogenic and other harmful chemicals on plastic washed up on Sri Lanka’s beaches after a cargo ship fire.

News Headlines

‘The sea was milky white’: how the Southern Water sewage scandal unfolded

The town of Whitstable sits on the north Kent coast, home to the oysters that have brought it worldwide fame from waters that are some of the most protected in Europe.

News Headlines

‘Toilet of Europe’: Spain’s pig farms blamed for mass fish die-offs

Pollution from hundreds of intensive pig farms may have played a bigger role than publicly acknowledged in the collapse of one of Europe’s largest saltwater lagoons, according to a new investigation.

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