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News Headlines

Safe and resilient forests: Commission works for wildfire prevention in Europe and globally

Today, following the International Day of Forests, the Commission has published new guidelines to facilitate a better understanding of land-based wildfire prevention and effective responses. They point towards prevention measures that can be taken through governance, planning and forest manageme ...

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The US wants to be carbon neutral by 2050. These 3 policies can make it possible

The United States intends to do its part. Its climate plan pledges US carbon neutrality by 2050, with a 2030 emissions target to be announced shortly.

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Bringing the High Seas Biodiversity Treaty Into Port

As President Joe Biden’s administration moves to restore U.S. global leadership on the environment, it cannot afford to ignore the health of oceans. It must spearhead the successful conclusion of negotiations on a U.N. high seas biodiversity convention, which are currently adrift. To bring this ...

News Headlines

'Right to repair' law to come in this summer

Appliances such as fridges, washing machines and TVs should last longer and be cheaper to run under new rules. Ministers have confirmed that from the summer consumers will have a right to repair on goods they buy. They are keeping a promise t

News Headlines

NSW planning minister warned against exempting rural land from koala protections

A senior New South Wales government minister last year warned rules to protect koalas in the state would be “ineffective” if rural land was made effectively exempt, as the Coalition now proposes.

News Headlines

Strict environmental laws 'push' firms to pollute elsewhere

Multinational companies headquartered in countries with tougher environmental policies tend to locate their polluting factories in countries with more lax regulations, a new study finds.

News Headlines

'Promises are not enough': Campaigners urge Prime Minister to enshrine 2030 nature protection goal into law

Stanley Johnson among group of high profile campaigners calling for government to set a legally-binding nature protection target ahead of pivotal COP15 UN nature talks

News Headlines

Human rights laws may be most effective way to protect the Amazon, study shows

Using laws governing human rights may be the best way of harnessing international legislation and tribunals to protect the Amazon, a new study shows.

News Headlines

Biodiversity group reiterates call for new law after senator welcomes plan to clear river vegetation

Biodiversity campaigners have repeated calls for a complete overhaul of the maintenance of rivers and their surroundings, saying current legislation is completed outdated and unfit for purpose.

News Headlines

Ocean governance: EU joins the International Coral Reef Initiative to protect marine ecosystems

Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius, is representing the EU in the General Assembly of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) which confirmed EU's membership in this global partnership for the conservation of the world's coral reefs. In the context of th ...

News Headlines

Nature restoration stories prove planned EU law is huge opportunity

Restoring nature on land and sea would have huge benefits for people's health and well-being and help tackle the biodiversity and climate crises.

News Headlines

To fix Australia’s environment laws, wildlife experts call for these 4 changes — all are crucial

The independent review of Australia’s main environment law, released last week, provided a sobering but accurate appraisal of a dire situation.

News Headlines

Court convicts French state for failure to address climate crisis

A Paris court has convicted the French state of failing to address the climate crisis and not keeping its promises to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. In what has been hailed as a historic ruling, the court found the state guilty of “non-respect of its engagements” aimed at combating global warming.

News Headlines

EU chief calls for Paris-style biodiversity pact

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called on Tuesday for a global agreement on protecting biodiversity with the same scale and ambition as the Paris climate pact.

News Headlines

Environmental legislation delay ‘deeply troubling’

Campaigners have criticised new delays to flagship environmental legislation on pollution, wildlife protection and cutting waste. The Environment Bill seeks to write environmental principles in UK law for the first time, following Brexit, but the UK Government has delayed the passage of the Bill ...

News Headlines

Biodiversity protection must be included in all EU policy, says Greens

The test for the EU’s biodiversity strategy will be whether all EU legislation matches its ambition on nature protection, Green lawmakers argued in an environment committee debate about the strategy on Thursday (14 January).

News Headlines

Nigeria: Lagos and Wild Animals As Pets

The proposed law by the Lagos State House of Assembly to prohibit ownership of wild animals as pets is commendable. It is in line with THISDAY editorial of 19th November 2019 which called for a prohibition of the domestication of wild animals, shortly after an adult lion was sighted at the home ...

News Headlines

Pollution, water cuts strengthen calls for environmental law reform in Malaysia

In September 2020, more than a million households in Malaysia’s densely populated Klang Valley suffered extended water cuts after illegal chemical dumping debilitated the region’s aging water purification systems. In the midst of the pandemic, residents donned masks and lined up to fill buckets ...

News Headlines

Kashmir’s New Land Laws Could Impact Biodiversity

Walking in the middle of fields of delicately-scented purple saffron crocus flowers, 36-year-old Mubeen Yasin, a saffron farmer from the southern region of Indian Kashmir, is not optimistic that in a few years time the scenery will remain as beautiful as it is today.

News Headlines

Finance’s gain must not be biodiversity’s loss

You would expect financial institutions to understand investing in assets that deliver outsize returns. But when it comes to biodiversity and the broader category of natural capital, most investors still behave as if these assets were unlimited, even as they are being depleted or destroyed.

News Headlines

5 legal tactics environmentalists are using to fight climate change

Activists are increasingly using litigation as a tool to influence climate action worldwide. Here's a look at some of the main tactics they're wielding to force change on fossil fuel firms and weak government policies.

News Headlines

‘Future generations will judge us’: Senator urges action on biodiversity crisis

A Green Party Senator became emotional as she highlighted the biodiversity crisis the world faces as a result of climate change. Senator Róisín Garvey was winding up a Seanad debate on biodiversity in which her party, which is in Government, called for action as soon as possible on programme for ...

News Headlines

Namibia's environmental laws

THE Oxford Dictionary describes the environment as “the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates”. Humankind has been reliant on the environment for its existence for as long as humans have been living on earth. In numerous ways, the future survival of hu ...

News Headlines

Future Farming Must Protect Human Health

Agricultural leaders calling for environmental rules to be ditched in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic are not only putting environmental health at risk, but public health too, says Forest & Bird.

News Headlines

Green recovery alliance launched in European Parliament

An informal alliance has been launched in the European Parliament on the back of calls from 12 EU environment ministers who have signed an appeal for a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

News Headlines

BlackRock to advise EU on environmental rules for banks

BlackRock, one of the world’s largest investors in banks and fossil fuel companies, has been hired by the EU to work on potential new environmental rules for banks.

News Headlines

Covid-19 economic rescue plans must be green, say environmentalists

The economic rescue packages to deal with the impact of the coronavirus must also be green, a growing chorus of environmental campaigners have urged, concerned that hasty measures will lock the world into a high-carbon future.

News Headlines

Virus jolts China to curb animal trade before hosting UN summit

The deadly coronavirus that has infected more than 80,000 people in China could push the government to boost protection for animals and plants before it hosts the United Nations’ biennial conference on global biodiversity in October.

News Headlines

Coronavirus puts on hold unveiling of new EU food policy

The launch of the new EU food policy, the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F), will be delayed at least by another month in light of a rescheduling of the Commission’s work programme due to the coronavirus outbreak.

News Headlines

Scientific advisers strive to be ‘honest brokers’ in times of crisis

How can scientists best inform public policymakers at a time when policy decisions are often complex and the science is uncertain? With the spread of coronavirus now challenging both scientists and policymakers across Europe, this was the timely theme of a recent workshop in the Royal Irish Acad ...

News Headlines

Welsh government plans to ban single-use plastics from next year

Plastic straws, cutlery and polystyrene food and drink containers look set to be banned in Wales under proposals from the Welsh government. It said the ban would be part of wider measures to make Wales the world’s top recycling nation.

News Headlines

Climate change: New rules could spell end of 'throwaway culture'

New rules could spell the death of a "throwaway" culture in which products are bought, used briefly, then binned. The regulations will apply to a range of everyday items such as mobile phones, textiles, electronics, batteries, construction and packaging.

News Headlines

Attenborough urges halt to deep sea mining plans

Sir David Attenborough has urged countries to halt plans to mine the deep sea following the publication of a new report from Fauna & Flora International (FFI) that warns the practice could cause significant loss of biodiversity, disruption of the ocean’s life-support systems and its carbon stora ...

News Headlines

2020: A critical year for climate and biodiversity

More than 90% of European citizens say protecting the environment is important to them and more than 80% believe it should be protected by legislation.

News Headlines

EU member states call for 2030 climate target

A dozen countries have called for an EU climate target for 2030 to be drawn up “as soon as possible”, if the bloc is to galvanise the rest of the world before vital UN talks in Glasgow later this year.

News Headlines

How using biodiversity indicators can improve conservation effectiveness

How is biodiversity doing? What are the important trends? Are conservation actions effective? The answers to these three questions are vital to the decision-making process regarding conservation efforts, and depend on the use of indicators and other evidence-based measurements of biodiversity.

News Headlines

Protecting the environment should be everyone’s concern

The Bangladesh parliament, led by the parliamentary standing committee on environment, recently declared a planetary emergency in Bangladesh. This is ground breaking in that most other parliaments around the world have declared a climate change emergency, but none have also added a biodiversity ...

News Headlines

Mineral Resource Governance in the 21st Century

Minerals and metals underpin national economies, provide crucial raw materials for industrial activities, and are inputs to almost every sector of the global economy.

News Headlines

Environment Bill 2020: analysis of the first reading

The Environment Bill has been enhanced and reintroduced to Parliament, following the government's promise to tackle climate change and restore the natural environment. The enhanced Bill will stop the exportation of plastic waste to developing countries, boost the recycling system, restore natura ...

News Headlines

Dr Xavier: 2020 to be landmark year for Malaysian biodiversity

Year 2020 is set to be the landmark year for the country's biodiversity with the establishment of the National Biodiversity Centre and the review of laws relating to the protection of wildlife and forests taking centre stage.

News Headlines

Calls for government to introduce “environmental net gain”

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) argues for the introduction of “Environmental Net Gain”, building on the concept of Biodiversity Net Gain currently enshrined in the Environment Bill.

News Headlines

Mauritius: Wetland Bill in Preparation, Announces Agro Minister

Government in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is preparing a Wetland Bill, under the UNDP project: Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the Management of the Coastal Zone in the Republic of Mauritius, announced the Attorney General, Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Se ...

News Headlines

Manifestos show disconnect from environmental reality

Last May, the Oireachtas declared a climate and biodiversity emergency. That was the easy bit. Since then, political inaction has spoken louder than words.

News Headlines

Norway pledges to go green; becomes the first country to ban deforestation

There is one more reason to visit Norway now if you were searching for one. While the Scandinavian nation has always been nature-rich and a stickler to conservation, it is all set to turn greener. Yes, as per a newly-announced move, Norway is now the first country in the world to ban deforestati ...

News Headlines

Endangered cheetahs can return to Indian forests - court

India's top court has said cheetahs can be reintroduced in the country, 70 years after they were wiped out. Responding to a plea by the government, the Supreme Court said African cheetahs could be introduced to the wild in a "carefully chosen location".

News Headlines

Tackling environmental problems requires integrated approach

Last November, the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment took place in Durban, South Africa. It brought together African governments, policymakers, development partners and civil society organisations to deliberate on pressing environmental challenges such as biodiversity loss, clima ...

News Headlines

Italy's Conte Proposes Introducing Provision On Environmental Protection In Constitution

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte proposed on Friday introducing a provision on environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity in the republic's constitution.

News Headlines

Natural capital tool launched to help protect the environment

An new online resource has been launched today (22 January) by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) with an aim of helping to ensure “better environmental decision-making by valuing our ‘natural capital’”. The evidence and guidance is intended to help policy makers, bus ...

News Headlines

Manifesto for Nature: Biodiversity on its knees as election looms

Ireland’s natural world is in appalling shape and needs the full backing of the public to push election candidates to bring it back from the brink, a leading nature conservation group has warned.

News Headlines

Food security plan after Brexit: biggest shake-up to farming in 40 years

The UK’s food security is to be regularly assessed by parliament to ensure minimal disruption to supplies after the country leaves the EU and while new trade deals are sought.

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