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The inconvenient truths behind the 'Planetary Health' diet

Can we eat our way not only to better health, but also to a better planet? That is the question addressed by the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems (PDF), which launched its global Planetary Health dietary recommendations at the United Nations.

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Where do the best strawberries grow?

Agricultural production benefits enormously from flower-visiting bees and other flower-visiting insects. Because of their supply of flowering plants and opportunities for nesting, hedgerows and the edges of forests represent important habitats for pollinators

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Promoting regenerative agriculture through women farmers

Just inland from the coast of Half Moon Bay, green, rolling hills extend in every direction. There are aces of tall grass dedicated to cattle, lamb, pigs, horses and chickens where they can graze and move about freely.

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Quand agriculture et biodiversité vont de pair

Léo Rouquairol, viticulteur sur la commune de Villeveyrac, est persuadé de l’intérêt de favoriser la biodiversité au sein de ses parcelles viticoles.

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Urban agroforestry in Budapest

Our edible forest garden experiment in Budapest is part of a doctoral research project on urban agroforestry. It was constructed in partnership with Budapest’s 14th District Council and the social Degrowth cooperative Cargonomia.

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We Created Our Insect Pests – OpEd

We tend to think of insects and bugs with the words “harmful “and “pests” unaware that worldwide, just a little bit of fraction, no more than 20 percent of all insects, cause harm to humans or damage crops.

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Can we ditch intensive farming - and still feed the world?

Food production around the world must rise by half in the next 30 years to sustain a global population expected to top 10 billion by 2050.

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Putting food under the microscope

You might think that microorganisms - aka microbes - contaminate food, cause disease and are generally something to be avoided. But we shouldn’t be afraid of the microbes in our food…

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Cutting down on ammonia emissions in the EU: for healthier and more sustainable food production

Ammonia emissions – ammonia released into the atmosphere in high concentrations pollute the air we breathe and represent a significant threat to human health and the environment. It is time to act. The EU has already put in place measures to control air pollution and improve ambient air quality. ...

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Our food system is no longer fit for the 21st century. Here are three ways to fix it

Food is part of our cultural identity and, at the most basic level, essential to our survival. Over the past 200 years we have seen unprecedented development of agriculture and the global food industry, which now brings many people reliable, affordable access to an extraordinary variety of food.

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Where does our food come from? Here's why we need to know

Despite the central role that food plays for humanity, we as consumers tend to know very little about it: where did it come from? Who produced it? How was it made? What were the environmental and social costs of supplying it? These are questions that few of us can answer.

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Africa: Eat Plants, Save the Planet

United Nations — While the modern agricultural system has helped stave off famines and feed the world's 7 billion residents, the way we eat and produce food is posing a threat to future populations' food security.

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Eat Plants, Save the Planet

While the modern agricultural system has helped stave off famines and feed the world’s 7 billion residents, the way we eat and produce food is posing a threat to future populations’ food security.

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World's coffee under threat, say experts

The first full assessment of risks to the world's coffee plants shows that 60% of 124 known species are on the edge of extinction. More than 100 types of coffee tree grow naturally in forests, including two used for the coffee we drink.

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As Brazilian agribusiness booms, family farms feed the nation

Brazil’s “Agricultural Miracle” credits industrial agribusiness with pulling the nation out of a recent economic tailspin, and contributing 23.5 percent to GDP in 2017. But that miracle relied on a steeply tilted playing field, with government heavily subsidizing elite entrepreneurs.

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The global race for groundwater speeds up to feed agriculture's growing needs

Water is becoming a scarce resource in many parts of the world. Water tables have been falling in many regions for decades, particularly in areas with intensive agriculture. Wells are going dry and there are few long-term solutions available —a common stopgap has been to drill deeper wells.

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Forget lab-grown meat and blockchain. This is the future of food

The future of food is often defined by cutting-edge technologies like lab-grown meat or blockchain. Mike Lee, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based food product developer and co-founder of Alpha Food Labs, argues for a simpler solution — we need to grow and eat different plants.

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How arable farmers can help prevent ‘mass extinction’ of pollinators

Arable farming needs to change in order to halt declines in biodiversity and prevent one of the worst mass extinction events in history, a leading US entomologist has warned.

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Sheep dung: Fertilizing Rajasthan’s fields

Rajasthan’s grazing sheep help protect biodiversity and combat desertification. But nomadic pastoralism is risk of dying out due to climate change, growing populations and increasing farmland.

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Forgotten Crops of the Past

Dr. Jesus Garcia gets calls all the time from people who’ve found some long-forgotten plant growing in a patch of dirt somewhere in the hot dry desert around Tucson, Arizona. Over the years, he’s become something of a plant detective, having identified a white pomegranate growing in a grandmothe ...

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The Honey Olive Grove: A Sustainable Solution

It has been launched on the EU platform, Climate Innovation Window, which embeds the EU Horizon2020 project BRIGAID, aimed at effectively bridging the gap between innovators, investors and end-users in resilience to floods, droughts and extreme weather.

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Forests, Farms, and the Global Carbon Sink: It’s Happening

Arthur “A.G.” Kawamura’s family has been growing fruits and vegetables in the US state of California for three generations, but they’ve never seen heat like this. “We’ve had two once-in-a-millennium heatwaves in the past two years,” says Kawamura. “The climate is changing, and farmers have to ch ...

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FAO Names Argan Water System in Morocco as Global Agricultural Heritage

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) designated an agricultural system based on argan in Morocco as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) site, in November. The decision came following a proposal by Morocco’s Oasis and Argan Zones National Agency (ANDZOA).

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'New' apple and pear varieties found in Wales

A total of 73 previously unrecorded varieties of apples and pears believed to be unique to Wales have been discovered by researchers. About 200 trees were DNA-tested in the two-year project to find, catalogue and preserve new varieties.

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Fighting Against Climate Vagaries, Bengal Farmers Practice Conservation

Going against the general preference for HYV rice, some marginal farmers in Bankura have started conserving, documenting and propagating traditional varieties.

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Using the sun and agricultural waste to control pests

Farmers spend a lot of time and money controlling weeds and other pests, and often have to turn to chemical fumigants to keep the most destructive pests at bay. Farmers also wrestle with what to do with low-value byproducts of crop production, such as skin, seeds and hulls from fruit, vegetable ...

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Woodland buffers help maintain bird communities in forest edges, finds study

Woodlands in agricultural fields surrounding a protected area maintain functionality of a wintering bird community, according to a recent study.

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Government urged to prioritize regenerative agriculture to help achieve SDGs

Programmes Officer at the Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture (KITA), Kwame Ansah Baffour has called on the government to consider prioritizing regenerative agriculture to aid in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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A Regenerative Food System is Both a Means and an End

The land-sparing argument is mostly flawed when it promises to save land for wildlife or for carbon sequestration. Continued intensification of the food system will lead to increased pressure on nature as well as the continued erosion of food culture.

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European wheat is not climate resistant enough, study finds

European wheat lacks climate resistance, says an international team of European scientists. European farmers must take a new course to ensure climate-resilience of vital crops such as wheat.

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Sicily's farmers go tropical in the face of climate change

limate change has slowly damaged traditional crops. Now farmers on the Italian island of Sicily are looking for innovative alternatives to survive and even thrive.

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Putting land To Good Use: Food Security In Our Backyards

Small, resilient agricultural solutions that will save the environment and feed generations to come. The effective use of land remains one of the foremost solutions to poverty, and the methods used to fully benefit from farming are easily accessible and implementable.


World Soil Day 2018

5 December 2018, Rome, Italy

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Madagascar, troubled vanilla island

The Indian Ocean island of Madagascar is the leading global producer of vanilla and blessed with a bountiful biodiversity, yet it remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

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Global hunger for soybeans 'destroying Brazil's Cerrado savanna'

The Cerrado savanna is an area in Brazil the same size as Western Europe. It's one of the most biodiverse places in world - 40% of animal and plant species there can be found nowhere else on the planet.

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The planet produces more than enough food, just not the kind people need

By the numbers, humans produce a lot of food—enough to provide every person on Earth 2,750 calories per day, exceeding almost all dietary recommendations.

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History of chocolate rewritten by cacao traces found on ancient pottery unearthed in Ecuador

Traces of cacao have been found in pottery unearthed from an ancient ceremonial site in Ecuador, suggesting our love of chocolate started at least 5,300 years ago.

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The Wisdom of Seeds

Have you noticed that raw carrots and celery that you buy from the grocery store are a bit tougher, requiring greater bite power than say a decade ago? This may be because those veggies have been genetically engineered to produce tougher stalks. Stiffer carrots, for instance, can be yanked from ...

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How we can keep our food system from the brink of apocalypse

The global food system has a lot to answer for. It is a major driver of climate change, thanks to everything from deforestation to cows burping. Food production also transforms biodiverse landscapes into fields inhabited by a single crop or animal. It depletes valuable freshwater resources, and ...

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Promote Growing Of Indigenous Crops, Farmers Urge Uganda Government

Farmers in Uganda want government to promote growing of indigenous crops which they say are cheap to produce and play big role in Biodiversity conservation.


World Food Day 2018

16 October 2018, Rome, Italy


World Habitat Day 2018

2 October 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

Action by

Peer review of the report on the relevance of pollinators and pollination to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in all ecosystems beyond their role in agriculture and food production

Reference: SCBD/SPS/DC/SBG/MK/87587 (2018-068)
To: CBD National Focal Points and SBSTTA Focal Points, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities and relevant organizations

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World Soil Day 2017

5 December 2017, Rome, Italy


World Food Day 2017

16 October 2017, Rome, Italy

Action by

EXTENSION OF DEADLINE: Submission of information regarding the conservation and sustainable use of pollinators

Reference: SCBD/SPS/DC/SBG/MK/86418 (2017-055)
To: CBD National Focal Points, SBSTTA Focal Points and relevant organizations

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