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COP 10

LANDSCAPE APPROACHES TO CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT – Guidelines and recommendations built on a combination of scientific knowledge and multiple field experiences

CIFOR and FFPRI, as development-oriented research organizations, have joined forces with conservation and development agencies operating in tropical multifunctional landscapes of high biodiversity value. CIFOR, FFPRI, WWF, IUCN, Intercooperation, Ecoagriculture partners and many others have exch ...

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Large Herbivores May Improve an Ecosystem’s Carbon Persistence

Wildlife and open-canopy ecosystems like grasslands are rarely a part of discussions surrounding climate change mitigation. Now, a new review points to interactions between wild herbivores and vegetation to show how restoration efforts could be optimized by aligning climate goals with biodiversi ...

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Large scale research project to empower African farmers and agribusinesses to adapt to climate change

Africa is at the forefront of climate change impacts. These changes can wreak havoc on production and sourcing of agricultural commodities, such as grains, cotton and vegetables. Soil health management and better seeds for instance can help, but where to begin?

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Last call for a food systems revolution

Half of the world’s population is directly engaged in agriculture and nearly 40 per cent of land is devoted to agriculture and livestock.


Launching of the web page for the International Day for Biological Diversity 2008: Biodiversity and Agriculture

Reference: SCBD/OMG/NP/LM/62326 (2008-021)
To: All CBD Focal Points and partner organizations

As you will recall the theme for the International Day for Biological Diversity (IBD) in 2008 is ‘Biodiversity and Agriculture’. The Secretariat is pleased to announce the launching of the webpage for IBD, which includes an introduction to the theme and electronic versions of this year’s poster ...

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Lessons from Sweden's organic farming sector

There is much to be learned from Sweden on integrating our farm systems, naturally, with the local ecosystems. It seems I brought the snow to Sweden. Like us, they have had a mild, wet winter, and even in Dalarna, towards the middle of the country, barely a scrap of the white stuff has fallen.

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Life is getting sweeter for bee farmers

Villagers have seen living standards rise after they began raising and protecting the insects, which pollinate plants and also protect biodiversity. Yang Wanli reports from Kunming.

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Locust invasion hits crops as Pakistan suffers worst infestation in 20 years

A swarm of desert locusts is destroying crops and threatening the livelihoods of farmers in Pakistan's Punjab province. The country, which is facing its worst locust infestation in two decades, declared a national emergency earlier this month.

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Long-standing systems for sustainable farming could feed people and the planet — if industry is willing to step back

Global food systems are at a breaking point. Not only are they responsible for roughly a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, they are also the top contributors to water pollution and biodiversity collapse.

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Long-term forecasts help farmers in India

Climate change is severely impacting India's farmers by making monsoons more irregular. One farmer in Madhya Pradesh found help in a forecast model devised in Germany that predicts the rains with surprising accuracy.

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Madagascar, troubled vanilla island

The Indian Ocean island of Madagascar is the leading global producer of vanilla and blessed with a bountiful biodiversity, yet it remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

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Making room for wild foods in forest conservation

The first-ever FAO report on the importance of biodiversity for food and agriculture warns that the abundance of our food supply is diminishing — with worrisome consequences for global food security.


Managing Biodiversity in Agricultural Ecosystems

8 - 10 November 2001, Montreal, Canada

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Managing agricultural biodiversity takes time

A three-year research project shows how functional traits drive pollinator and predator responses to semi-natural grassland strips embedded in agricultural landscapes. The findings are published in Journal of Applied Ecology.

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McCain pledges to use only regeneratively-farmed potatoes by 2030

Sustainable agricultural practices offer net zero and biodiversity benefits, the frozen chips giant claims Frozen chips giant McCain has pledged to use potatoes grown using regenerative agricultural practices across its portfolio of products worldwide by the end of the decade, it announced today.

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Meet The 12-Year-Old Girl Who Documented Climate Change From Nicaragua

12-year-old Edelsin Linette Mendez lives with her siblings and parents on their small coffee farm in the beautiful highlands of Nicaragua. Coffee farming has supported the Mendez and thousands of other families for generations, with coffee accounting for 30% of the country’s exports.


Meeting on Observational Priorities for Conservation and Biodiversity

3 - 4 November 2005, Washington, United States of America

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Menace & the Myths~I

The use of pesticides in agriculture has been increasing with time as the demand for food production increases with the increase in population. Historically, pesticides have been known as economic poison and can be categorized into insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant-growth-regulators ...


Message from Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, Aleppo, Syria, 4-5 May, 2007

It is with great pleasure that I extend my congratulations to Dr Mahmoud Solh and his whole team, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).<br><br><table width=120> <tr><b>Other languages:</b></tr ...


Message from Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf at Platform for Agro-biodiversity Research Stakeholder Meeting, 29-31 May, 2006, Rome, Italy

I am very honoured to have this opportunity to address close collaboration between IPGRI and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity. It is regrettable that I am prevented from attending this important meeting at the launch of the platform, which addresses one of the most impo ...

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Middle East’s growing role in global food security

The global food system is facing a number of stresses and shocks due to the complex interplay of social, economic, political and environmental factors.

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Milk without the cow: Cellular agriculture could be the future of farming, but dairy farmers need help

A new wave of cow-less dairy is hitting the market. In the United States, Perfect Day is using genetically modified fungi to produce milk protein for ice cream at a commercial scale. And pre-commercial companies, like TurtleTree and Better Milk, are engineering mammary cells to produce human and ...

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Mind-boggling variety’: the food crusaders preserving India’s heritage

A small army of botanical heritage enthusiasts is spearheading a m ovement in India for the revival and preservation of the country’s rapidly vanishing food biodiversity by bringing back the rich crop varieties that thrived in the past, but are now on the verge of extinction.

Side Event
COP 11

Modern Agriculture and Erosion of Biodiversity

The rapid depletion of agrodiversity with Green Revolution has become much more severe after the advent of Genetic Engineering. India which is a home of cotton lost all its desi cotton varieties as they got relaced by inter specific and intra specific hybrids. After the release of Bt cotton, all ...

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