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2020 marks a turning point for nature’s role in climate solutions

Global biodiversity talks in China this year will highlight nature-based solutions that could meet one-third of Paris Agreement climate goal by 2030.

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Gambia (the)

Mr. Ebrima Njie

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
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M. Charles Bourgeois

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Mr. Khalif Hassan Dalmar

Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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How the 'Venice of Africa' is losing its battle against the rising ocean

A meth Diagne points to a single tree submerged in the ocean. It is barely visible from the patch of land where he is standing, 50 metres away. The few branches emerging from the water mark the place where he proposed to his wife 35 years earlier.

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Humans are good at thinking their way out of problems, but climate change is outfoxing us

There is growing evidence that Earth's systems are heading towards climate "tipping points" beyond which change becomes abrupt and unstoppable. But another tipping point is already being crossed—humanity's capacity to adapt to a warmer world.

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Cacao not gold: ‘chocolate trees’ offer future to Amazon tribes

The villagers walk down the grassy landing strip, past the wooden hut housing the health post and into the thick forest, pointing out the seedlings they planted along the way.

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Fifteen Years to Save the Amazon Rainforest from Becoming Savannah

The pace of deforestation in the Amazon, coupled with last year’s devastating forest fires, has pushed the world’s largest rainforest close to a tipping point beyond which it will turn from a carbon sink to a carbon source.

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Quand les prairies des aéroports deviennent des sanctuaires pour la biodiversité

Il existe en France, des terrains aménagés qui présentent une biodiversité insoupçonnée, abritant un écosystème bien plus riche qu'il n'y paraît : les prairies des aéroports. L'association Aéro Biodiversité fait le point sur ces zones qui symbolisent davantage la fuite en avant des émissions de ...

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What do record ocean temperatures tell us about climate change?

In 2019, the oceans reached higher temperatures than at any other point in recorded human history, according to a new analysis published on 13 January in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (1). The new record demonstrates, unequivocally, the reality of global warming

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8 environment and development stories to watch in the new make-or-break decade

The narrative of the year will be if 2020 will be a turning point for the better or for the worse, says World Resources Institute president Andrew Steer. What stories should be watching out for?

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China's good surface water quality rose 3.9 percentage points in 2019

The proportion of good quality surface water in China reached 74.9 percent at the end of 2019, up 3.9 percentage points compared to a year earlier, China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment said on Friday.

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Study points to global streams and rivers' contribution to climate change

A new study led by Auburn University researchers and published in the journal, Nature Climate Change, shows a four-fold increase in emissions of the potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide—a major contributor to climate warming—in global streams and rivers.

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The advantage of changing sex in fish population recovery

Humans eat a lot of fish, in some areas of the world making up an essential part of our diet. Fishing can sometimes deplete fish populations to the point where the fish have difficulty reproducing and growing their numbers again. Establishing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that limit or eliminate ...

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Native fish could die alongside invasive ones under eradication plan

Department of Fisheries and Oceans scientists say there's no point trying to save some of the native fish in a New Brunswick lake that may soon be deliberately poisoned.

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Research points to unprecedented and worrying rise in sea levels

A new study led by Simon Fraser University's Dean of Science, Prof. Paul Kench, has discovered new evidence of sea-level variability in the central Indian Ocean.

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The seven most crucial climate change novels

Every day brings fresh and ever more alarming news about the state of the global environment. To speak of mere “climate change” is inadequate now, for we are in a “climate emergency.” It seems as though we are tripping over more tipping points than we knew existed.

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Climate change novels allow us to imagine possible futures: Read these crucial seven

Every day brings fresh and ever more alarming news about the state of the global environment. To speak of mere "climate change" is inadequate now, for we are in a "climate emergency". It seems as though we are tripping over more tipping points than we knew existed.

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European Green Deal: A turning point for nature & climate?

However, only the concrete legislative and policy proposals expected in the coming months will show the extent to which the Commission is actually committed to heeding scientific recommendations for urgent and far-reaching transformational change.

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As Climate Change Worsens, A Cascade of Tipping Points Looms

New research warns that the earth may be approaching key tipping points, including the runaway loss of ice sheets, that could fundamentally disrupt the global climate system

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Burkina Faso

M. Nicolas Barro

Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
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Ms. Ana Velimirovic

Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Why is an ocean current critical to world weather losing steam? Scientists search the Arctic for answers.

Summer sea ice has been shrinking so dramatically here in the Fram Strait, high in the Arctic between Norway and Greenland, that researchers who make this trip annually point out missing patches like memories of departed friends.

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World Remains Sharply Divided on Climate Change Targets Ahead of 'Crucial 12 Months'

When it comes to preventing the worst of climate change, “the point of no return is no longer over the horizon,” United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned Sunday on the eve of a crucial round of intergovernmental talks at the UN’s annual climate summit.

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Dr. Norwati Adnan

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
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Dr. Evangelos Badieritakis

CBD Primary NFP, SBSTTA NFP, Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Climate Change Is Brutal for Everyone, but Worse for Women

The climate crisis is so epic, so vicious, so wide-reaching, that at this point there are few aspects of the human experience it isn’t transforming.

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Mme Bilan Hassan Ismail

Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Importance of oceans for human health, and the need to protect them, is focus of conference in Seychelles

The importance of the oceans in the lives of humans and why they need protecting were some of the main points of discussion during a two-day conference in Seychelles.

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7 Indigenous Technologies Changing Landscapes

Indigenous ways of managing landscapes have often been framed as the antithesis to progress. But most Indigenous communities hold intimate place-based knowledge, gained across generations, which is an ideal starting point for addressing contemporary challenges such as biodiversity loss, land deg ...

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Climate Change to Make U.K. Heat Waves More Common and Intense

Britain’s record-breaking summer heat last year is set to happen more regularly and with more intensity because of climate change.That’s the conclusion of a study by the U.K.’s Met Office of the summer of 2018, which was tied for the hottest in more than a century. The report adds to a growing b ...

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Emmanuel Macron ends China visit with slew of trade deals and green pact

French president Emmanuel Macron scored points for France, Europe and the global environment at the end of his state visit to China, while having a dig at Donald Trump and stealing the thunder of the European commissioner he brought with him.

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Mme Carole Eicher

Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Harm to Table: Turning an Invasive Crab into a Delicacy

On a rocky mudflat nestled between a few islands off Portsmouth, N.H., Gabriela Bradt rustles a clump of seaweed and shifts her ear toward the ground. “Hear that?” she asks. The rasps of something scuttling emerge from underneath the mound. “There’s one,” she says, pointing to the mottled browni ...

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The future of tequila: How clones, bats and biodiversity will help agave survive

It’s no secret that Texans like tequila. In fact, it’s a point of pride. Between patio margaritas, rooftop palomas and late-night shots, we consumed a little more than 18 million liters of the agave-based spirit in 2018. That accounts for a respectable one-ninth of the entire country’s consumpti ...

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The Path to a Profitable and Protected Amazon

The Amazon is burning. Physically, the world has seen more deforestation and fires in Brazil’s portion of the Amazon this year than at any other point in nearly a decade. But figuratively, a conflagration over economic development in the region blazes even more fiercely.

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What climate change in the Arctic means for the rest of us

The Arctic, a summer of heat, melting and fire was rounded off by news that 2019 saw the second-lowest ever minimum extent of sea ice. That’s the point in early autumn each year when scientists say that the Arctic Ocean will begin to freeze again. By that measure, only 2012 had less sea ice than ...

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Farming plays key role in UN climate push on land restoration

With the United Nations Climate Summit underway this week, it has been the focal point of mass protests and media coverage, but another global climate initiative is revving up that focuses on large-scale land restoration as a way to counter the advent and impact of climate change.

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Learning how to restore deep-sea coral communities

The deep, cold waters off the rocky coast of Point Sur, California, are home to an unexpected community of organisms that most people associate with tropical settings—corals. Scientist Charlie Boch and his colleagues recently compared different methods to restore deep-sea coral by transplanting ...

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Sustainable development in Asia: seeing both the forests and the trees

As a young Asian business leader, it is fascinating to be part of an important transformation – the rise of Asia in the global economy. Next year is expected to mark the tipping point when the continent’s economies surpass the rest of the world in terms of purchasing power parity.

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Ms. Nádia Tatiana Bernardo

Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
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Tide turns for an Italian coastal wasteland

Torre Guaceto, an eight-kilometre long stretch of coastline north-west of Brindisi, used to be known as a centre for poor fishing practices, black market smuggling and a drop-off point for illegal immigration.

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Promoting gender equality a ‘crucial contribution’ in effort to restore, protect our planet’s oceans

“We need to empower each and every citizen to take care of the ocean and enable all women to play transformative and ambitious roles in understanding, exploring, protecting and sustainably managing our ocean”, said Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, pointing out that this year’s “specia ...

Focal Point


Mr. Issa Katwesige

Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP
News Headlines

Essential Science: Time to ban glitter? A microplastic risk

A recent study from the journal Geochemical Perspectives finds that microplastics have been detected at the deepest point of the ocean, Challenger Deep, in the western Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench. See: “Microplastics contaminate the deepest part of the world’s ocean.”

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One Planet Summit climate change talks to take place in Kenya

Kenya and Africa, will for the first time, host the third One Planet Summit on March 14 in Nairobi, making history while also making a crucial point about climate change.

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Red wolf: the struggle to save one of the rarest animals on Earth

Attempting to locate one of the rarest animals on the planet, US government scientist Joe Madison pointed an antiquated VHF tracking antenna at a tangle of thick vegetation and twiddled some dials on the receiver. A red wolf, judging by the beeps, was in the vicinity but well-hidden.

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Biodiversity: Africa’s key to food security and sustainable livelihoods

Unfolding events all over the world are pointing in one direction; that is the imminence of climate change which may prove irreversible. The timing, magnitude of impacts and places where impacts would be felt might vary, but climate change has proven to be inescapable. Choices before nations and ...

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‘Weather wars’ in times of climate change

In the summer, when heat waves scorch cities or heavy rains flood the coasts, some climate scientists and environmentalists will point out any plausible connections to global warming, hoping today’s weather will help people understand tomorrow’s danger from climate change.

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Can Our Individual Plastic Footprint Stop The Ocean Of Waste From Submerging Us?

Plastic production will increase by 20,000% in 40 years if we keep things how they are. Plastic is everywhere. Over the years it became one of the most used material, and it got to a point where the cars and planes we travel on are made at 50% by plastic, or where it is more common for clothes t ...

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