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News Headlines

First fluorescent frog found

Under normal light, the South American polka dot tree frog (Hypsiboas punctatus) sports a muted palette of greens, yellows and reds.

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What is a species? Ornithologists consider ways to define it.

With organisms gradually evolving into new organisms over the history of life on Earth, drawing a distinction between species can be challenging. One biologist proposes a new way of looking at the question.

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Seven new species of night frogs from India including four miniature forms

Scientists were surprised by the relative abundance of the 4 new miniature species and believe that these frogs were overlooked because of their insect-like calls and secretive habitats

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New species of bushbaby found in disappearing forests of Angola

It’s a dwarf with big eyes, big ears and a big voice. The newly discovered Angolan dwarf galago belongs to the bushbaby family, members of which are found all over sub-Saharan Africa.

News Headlines

Scientists study stick insects to better understand speciation

"While color variations in organisms, such as stick insects, can be striking and inform us of phases of evolution, they're one small aspect of a multi-faceted speciation process," said evolutionary biologist Zach Gompert.

News Headlines

New shark of the Caribbean

Marine wildlife researchers have found a new species of shark in the waters off the coast of the central American state of Belize. The WWF says the revelation serves as a conservation message.

News Headlines

New species discovered in Antarctica

A team of Japanese scientists has discovered a new species of polychaete, a type of marine annelid worm, 9-meters deep underwater near Japan's Syowa Station in Antarctica, providing a good opportunity to study how animals adapt to extreme environments.

News Headlines

New species of dwarf lemur discovered in Madagascar

In the forests of northern Madagascar, scientists have discovered a new species of dwarf lemur.

News Headlines

Scientists report possible new hammerhead shark species

Feb. 2 (UPI) -- Researchers in Belize believe they've discovered a new species of hammerhead shark.

News Headlines

Candy-striped hermit crab discovered in Caribbean

An underwater photographer has stumbled upon a new species of hermit crab with legs and pincers striped like candy canes.

News Headlines

New species of poison frog discovered in Amazonian slopes of Andes in southeastern Peru

Scientists have discovered a new species of poison frog on the Amazonian slopes of the Andes in southeastern Peru.

News Headlines

New moth species named for Donald Trump's hair

Researchers hope their topical name will bring attention to the fact new species can still be found in the United States.

News Headlines

New species of gibbon discovered in China

Newly recognised species given the name ‘Skywalker hoolock gibbon’ by the team that proved it was distinct from other Chinese gibbons

News Headlines

More than 150 new species found in Greater Mekong region

Scientists have discovered 163 new species in the Greater Mekong, according to a World Wide Fund for Nature report. The discoveries included plants and a frog so small it can sit on one's fingertip

News Headlines

This new spider looks like the sorting hat from Harry Potter

Scientists have discovered yet another “fantastic beast”. In a forest in central Western Ghats, India, researchers Javed Ahmed, Rajashree Khalap and wildlife photographer Sumukha J.N. have found a new species of spider that looks like the magical sorting hat from the popular Harry Potter series.

News Headlines

Tiny, mussel-invading crab named after Roman god

WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 (UPI) -- Every once in a while, oyster-eaters, clam-eaters and consumers of other bivalves may happen upon a tiny, nearly transparent crab. While these parasitic stowaways may all look the same, there are a variety of species.

News Headlines

A new scientific name for Brazil's national tree

Scientists have long wondered about the correct taxonomic classification of Pau-brasil, the national tree of Brazil. A new study using DNA sequences to analyze the evolutionary relationships of Pau-brasil and some 200 closely-related plants from right across the tropics (together known as the Ca ...

News Headlines

New lizard species named after Indian scientist

A new species of a ground-dwelling lizard has been discovered in Goregaon’s Aarey Colony and Thane’s Badlapur forested belts, 130 years after the last such gecko was discovered, and has been named after a Bengaluru-based scientist Varad Giri.

News Headlines

New crab species discovered in Chinese fish market

At an ornamental fish market in northern Guangdong, a team of Chinese researchers have discovered a new species of freshwater crab, which may also be an entirely new genus.

News Headlines

Giraffe genetic secret: Four species of tallest mammal identified

It is a famous, gentle giant of the African savannah, but the giraffe's genetics have just revealed that there is not one species, but four.

News Headlines

Scientists discover a new deep-reef Butterflyfish species in Papahanaumokuakea Monument

Scientists from NOAA and the Bishop Museum have published a description of a new species of butterflyfish from deep reefs of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The study was published today in the scientific journal ZooKeys.

News Headlines

Two new species of glowing spook fish discovered

Scientists have discovered two new species of bioluminescent deep-sea fish off New Zealand.

News Headlines

New orange-black snake discovered in Mexico

Scientists have described a strikingly colored new species of snake from the mountains of east-central Mexico. This snake, with a vivid orange and black banding pattern on its body, belongs to the genus Geophis, a group that is commonly referred to as earth snakes.

News Headlines

Cloud rats of the sky islands: 28 new mammal species found in the Philippines

New research reveals that the Philippines may have the greatest concentration of unique mammal species on earth, as scientists introduce a host of furry new characters from its main island of Luzon.

News Headlines

New orchid discovered in Colombia is critically endangered

The rare orchid, named Telipogon diabolicus because its flowers resemble a devil’s head, is known from a single population of 30 orchids in southern Colombia.

News Headlines

After 300 Years of Collecting, Nearly 12,000 Amazon Tree Species Are Found

If Pokémon Go players think catching 151 different pocket monsters on their smartphones is tough, imagine trying to collect more than 15,000.

News Headlines

Bolivian expedition discovers 1,000th bird species

An ongoing expedition in Bolivia’s Madidi National Park has recorded its 1,000th bird species, highlighting the park as a hotspot of avian biodiversity. The park is thought to contain more than 10 percent of all the world’s bird species.

News Headlines

New tarantula named after Nobel Laureate Gabriel García Márquez

Scientists have discovered a new species of tarantula in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria mountain range in Colombia. And it is badass.

News Headlines

New lizard found in Dominican Republic is already at risk

A chameleon-like lizard is one of the first new anole species found in the Dominican Republic in decades. The species could help solve a mystery that has long puzzled scientists — but it’s already at risk.

News Headlines

Giant chameleon-like lizard discovered in Dominican Republic

A Caribbean lizard that remained undiscovered for many years despite its large size and distinctive looks has been identified as a new species.

News Headlines

New boa species “on its way to extinction” discovered in the Bahamas

There are now 12 known species of West Indian boas.

News Headlines

Missing for a century, important wasp species rediscovered

RIVERSIDE, Calif., June 20 (UPI) -- The last time scientists identified the wasp species Oobius depressus, World War I was just getting underway. Researchers in California and Michigan recently confirmed the rediscovery of the elusive species, having gone missing for more than a century.

News Headlines

“Species X:” The blue-eyed dove rediscovered in a global deforestation hotspot

The Blue-eyed Ground-dove hasn’t been seen since 1941 and was believed to be extinct — that is, until this year, when scientists revealed that they’d managed to document twelve of the birds in two different locations in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

News Headlines

Two new rain frogs found in Ecuadorian Andes

Researchers with the Museum of Zoology at Catholic University of Ecuador discovered two new species of rain frogs while conducting field work in Llanganates National Park on the eastern slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes.

News Headlines

Two new rain frog species found in ancient Inca

QUITO, Ecuador, June 2 (UPI) -- Deep in the forests of Ecuador's Llanganates National Park -- lands once frequented by ancient Incans -- live two frog species that had gone unnamed by scientists until very recently.

News Headlines

Silver snake: New boa species discovered in Bahamas

ASHEVILLE, N.C., May 27 (UPI) -- There's a new member of the Boidae family, the group of nonvenomous, constricting snakes found across the globe.

News Headlines

Kew report makes new tally for number of world's plants

The new tally is part of a report carried out by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It is its first global assessment of the world's flora.

News Headlines

There Might Be 1 Trillion Species on Earth

Calculating how many species exist on Earth is a tough challenge. Researchers aren’t even sure how many land animals are out there, much less the numbers for plants, fungi or the most uncountable group of all: microbes.

News Headlines

New group of Caribbean plants named after James Bond

The name’s bondia, Jamesbodia. Scientists have named a new subgenus of Caribbean plants Jamesbondia.

News Headlines

New lizard discovered in Paraguay lives only on private reserve that is up for sale

Tropidurus is a ubiquitous genus of lizard endemic to South America, and now there are three new species amongst its ranks.

News Headlines

Expedition scientists in Bolivia discover seven animal species in world's most biodiverse protected area

Scientists on an expedition through Madidi National Park—the world's most biologically diverse protected area— have now discovered seven animal species new to science, finds that were made in 2015 and recently confirmed through careful comparisons with known species, according to the WCS (Wildli ...

News Headlines

New land snail species from Australia shows dissection not necessary to identify molluscs

Dissection might prove unnecessary when identifying new molluscs after scientists described a previously unknown land snail based on its genitalia, yet without damaging the specimen in the slightest.

News Headlines

Madagascar yields three new primate species

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, April 15 (UPI) -- Scientists have found three new species of mouse lemur in the forests of Madagascar, a large island nation off Africa's southeastern coast.

News Headlines

New termite-eating, fat-tailed gecko found in Australia

The gecko, which was given the name Diplodactylus ameyi, is a specialized termite predator found in outback Queensland and northern New South Wales.

News Headlines

Six new dragon millipede species found in China

WUSHAN, China, April 6 (UPI) -- Scientists have found six new species of dragon millipedes in China, a few of which live only in caves.

News Headlines

Forgotten minnow found in West Texas

COLLEGE STATION, Texas, April 5 (UPI) -- Thanks to a case of mistaken identity, the minnow species Notropis megalops, eluded scientists for more than a century, hiding out in the shallows of West Texas.

News Headlines

New Alaska butterfly species is first in 28 years

GAINESVILLE, Fla., March 20 (UPI) -- Biologists have discovered a new species of butterfly occupying Alaska's interior -- the first in 28 years. Researchers believe the hardy species is a hybrid of two ancient species uniquely adapted for life on the Last Frontier.

News Headlines

New snake species highlights how little we know about biodiversity in under-explored regions of India

A new snake belonging to the Colubridae family has been found in Gujarat, India and researchers say it not only represents a new species but also a new genus.

News Headlines

Smallest of giant flowers ‘accidentally’ discovered in the Philippines

In the rainforests of southeastern Asia, a parasitic plant called Rafflesia produces the world’s largest flowers. Some Rafflesia flowers, for instance, can be a meter and a half in diameter, and can weigh up to 22 pounds (or 10 kilograms). These flowers, called “corpse flower” locally, often sme ...

News Headlines

Super-fast evolving fish splitting into two species in same lake

Some thought it was impossible. But a population of stickleback fish that breed in the same streams is splitting into two separate species before our eyes, and at rapid speeds.

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