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42nd Session of the FAO Conference

14 - 18 June 2021, Online, Rome, Italy


46th session of the IFAD Governing Council

14 - 15 February 2023, Rome, Italy

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5 cool measurement tools attempting to quantify regenerative agriculture

Many practices are associated with regenerative agriculture — anything from no-till practices to pesticide-free farming. What’s more, the concept means different things for different crops in different regions. What is considered regenerative in one location might not qualify for the same label ...


7th International HCH and Pesticides Forum

5 - 7 June 2003, Kiev, Ukraine

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90% of global farm subsidies damage people and planet, says UN

Almost 90% of the $540bn in global subsidies given to farmers every year are “harmful”, a startling UN report has found. This agricultural support damages people’s health, fuels the climate crisis, destroys nature and drives inequality by excluding smallholder farmers, many of whom are women, ac ...

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A Chef is Reviving the Ozarks Through Food

Chef Rob Connoley is working with farmers, archivists, and Indigenous communities to try to define and revive Ozark cuisine at his restaurant Bulrush in St. Louis, MO. Connoley hopes to increase biodiversity while connecting people back to the land.

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A Light at the End of the Covid Tunnel?

In farming and food systems, as in every other avenue of public life, context is everything, as I said during a discussion on Al Jazeera’s ‘Inside Story’, this past Thursday.

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A Regenerative Food System is Both a Means and an End

The land-sparing argument is mostly flawed when it promises to save land for wildlife or for carbon sequestration. Continued intensification of the food system will lead to increased pressure on nature as well as the continued erosion of food culture.

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A Set Menu for Europe? Building a Food Policy that Brings Everybody to the Same Table

The European Union urgently needs a common food policy to build sustainable food systems, says a recent report from the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food). This shared policy would provide a common direction for food and farming systems in the Union, which suf ...

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A balance between agriculture and emissions can be found by managing the water table level of peat soils

In Finland, peat soils account for only ten percent of agricultural land; yet they are responsible for more than half of the country's agricultural emissions.

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A century later, plant biodiversity struggles in wake of agricultural abandonment

Decades after farmland was abandoned, plant biodiversity and productivity struggle to recover, according to new University of Minnesota research.

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A global database of diversified farming effects on biodiversity and yield

With the Convention on Biological Diversity conference (COP15), United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), and United Nations Food Systems Summit, 2021 is a pivotal year for transitioning towards sustainable food systems. Diversified farming systems are key to more sustainable food produc ...

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A manifesto for survival

The third Western Ghat Manifesto seeks to trigger a debate on ecological concerns of the biodiversity hotspot which sustains southern peninsula.

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A model of modern sustainable agriculture – with a nudge from Thomas Jefferson

A late, hot and dry growing season keeps Nat Ratchen busy in a one-acre vegetable garden in the shadow of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

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A natural approach to investment

We define it as investing in nature-based solutions, in sustainable economic models based on production from natural systems, whether from land or oceans. It covers sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries, as well as investments in conservation and biodiversity protection.

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A new way to grow crops in marginal soils could help feed the world

The global population is expected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050—but how will we feed all these people? Roughly one-third of the world's arable land suffers from lack of accessible iron, rendering it inhospitable to staple crops like maize and soybeans.

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A no-meat diet everywhere will not solve the climate crisis

People in industrialized regions like the United States of America or Europe are generally urged to eat less meat and animal-source foods as part of a healthier and lower-emissions diet.

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A star in subtropical Japan: a new species of parasitoid wasp constructs unique cocoon masses hanging on 1-meter-long strings

A unique "star" was discovered from the Ryukyu Islands, a biodiversity hot spot in subtropical Japan: a star-shaped structure that turned out to be the cocoon mass of a new species of parasitoid wasp.

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A surprising win-win: Intensive vanilla farming and biodiversity conservation

The sweet scent of vanilla has an unusual origin. The aromatic seed pod is the product of a pale yellow orchid that blooms from tree-climbing vines. Native to the tropical Americas, it is now grown around the world, particularly in Madagascar, off the eastern coast of Africa.

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A sustainable food strategy: creating an enabling food environment

Earlier this year, the UK Government commissioned a review to underpin its first National Food Strategy in 75 years. Eating Better, an alliance of over 60 civil society organisations working together to catalyse shifts towards healthy and sustainable food and farming,

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A wake-up call on proprietary seeds

How India can shift its agriculture from a high-yield ideal to a high-value one

Side Event
COP 10


In 2008, MAFF started to recommend the utilization of a voluntary eco-label called the “living creature mark”. It applies to agriculture, forestry and marine products produced by the measures which conserve local living creatures. (e.g. rice with oriental white stork mark.). These brands may hel ...

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ASR Nederland N : A.s.r. to reward farmers for sustainable business operations

a.s.r. is going to reward farmers who are committed to sustainable business operations. Farmers who use agricultural land owned by a.s.r. can receive a discount of 5 to 10% on the rent if they manage their land sustainably. In order to make the agricultural sector more sustainable, a.s.r. has fo ...

Side Event
COP 11

Achievements and Further Development of the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI)

As of August 1, the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI) comprises 117 various members working on maintaining and rebuilding socio-ecological production landscapes around the world. At this event, some IPSI members will give some presentations to share the outcome of the ...

Action by

Additional Information for In-depth Review of Implementation of Programme of Work on Agricultural Biodiversity.

Reference: SCBD/STTM/JM/RK/LJ/54744R (2007-039)
To: CBD National Focal Points and SBSTTA Focal Points

Please refer to the Secretariat’s earlier communication (Ref.: SCBD/STTM/RK/JM/54744) dated 29 June 2006, calling for information additional to that in the third national report, which is considered useful for the in-depth review of the programme of work on agricultural biodiversity.

pdf English 
Action by

Additional Information for In-depth Review of Implementation of Programme of Work on Agricultural Biodiversity

Reference: SCBD/STTM/RK/JM/54744 (2006-079)
To: all CBD National Focal Points

Submission, on a voluntary basis, of any information additional to that in the third national report, which is considered useful for the in-depth review. The submission can include national experience in the implementation of the programme of work as well as an evaluation of the effectiveness o ...

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Action by

Additional Information for the In-depth Review of Expanded Programme of Work on Forest Biological Diversity

Reference: SCBD/STTM/RK/JM/55239 (2006-078)
To: all CBD National Focal Points

Invitation to submit any information on the implementation of the expanded programme of work on forest biological diversity, additional to that requested in the third national report.

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Africa Has Highest Fertile Land for Agriculture - Dantata

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dantata Foods and Allied Product Company, Alhaji Tajuddeen Aminu Dantata, said Africa has the most under-exploited potential for agricultural production globally. He also said smallholder farmers play a key role in the global agricultural value chain, espe ...

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Africa: Coping With Water Scarcity Requires Holistic Approaches

Coping with water scarcity is one of the fundamental global challenges we face in achieving sustainable development. This is not just a physical problem, it is also caused by institutional, economic, and infrastructure-related constraints and is linked to pressures that emanate from population g ...

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Africa: Eat Plants, Save the Planet

United Nations — While the modern agricultural system has helped stave off famines and feed the world's 7 billion residents, the way we eat and produce food is posing a threat to future populations' food security.

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Africa: Giving a Voice to Soil Organisms - Our Silent Allies in the Fight Against Hunger

The Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) kicked off yesterday with a call to preserve this vast community of living soil organisms and the vital ecosystem services they provide.

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Africa: Small Farms Are the Future of Food Systems

Small-scale farmers can play a crucial role in creating sustainable food systems. But more investment is needed, writes Sabrina Elba, UN Goodwill Ambassador for the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

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Africa: Transform Food Systems to Avert $400 Billion Annually in Loss and Waste

That half-eaten apple tossed in the trash bin after lunch is contributing to the staggering mountain of food wasted globally, at a time when more than 800 million people still go to bed hungry, UN agencies said on Wednesday, marking the International Day to increase awareness of this issue.

Side Event
COP 11

Afro Asian Food Sovereignty: Can Millets be the Bonding Crops?

An international meeting comprising of farmers and pastoralists from Western Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia to discuss the global challenges and threats facing indigenous knowledge systems and traditional farming and pastoralist communities, and the tools that can be employed in order to ...


Recommendation II/7

Agenda item 3.9: Agricultural biological diversity, advisory statement


Recommendation III/4

Agenda item 6: Review of ongoing activities on agricultural biological diversity


Agribusiness Seminar

7 - 10 January 2007, Boston, MA, United States of America

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Agribusiness must reduce environmental impact. What role can banks and NGOs play?

Industrial farming has contributed to water pollution and loss of wildlife habitats. A promising project has helped improve salmon farming standards in Chile. How did ‘fundamentally different’ organisations make it work?


Agricultural Biodiversity – call for submission of information

Reference: SCBD/STTM/DCO/va/65216 (2008-130)
To: CBD National Focal Points and SBSTTA focal points, Relevant international and non-governmental organisations

In decision IX/1 of the Conference of the Parties, a number of paragraphs called upon Parties, other Governments and relevant organisations to supply information on subjects as listed below. You are kindly invited to provide this information to the Executive Secretary as it becomes available.

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Recommendation XIV/10

Agricultural biodiversity


Recommendation VII/7

Agricultural biodiversity

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