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2nd International Strategy Meeting "Lakes and Wetlands"

27 - 28 November 2008, Gland, Switzerland

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30 per cent by 2030? Study maps out how to protect the world’s oceans

As governments work towards an international pledge to protect at least 10 per cent of the world’s oceans by 2020, scientists are proposing an even wider movement to save more than one-third of the marine ecosystem.

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3D-Printed Artificial Coral Designed to Bolster Endangered Reefs

Coral reefs are one of the nature eco-systems that are being affected by global climate change, and scientists are seeking ways to help save the marine life that depends on them for sustenance.


3rd International Symposium on Deep-Sea Corals Science and Management

28 November - 2 December 2005, United States of America


3rd World Congress of Marine Protected Areas (IMPAC3)

21 - 26 October 2013, Marseille, France

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4 Million Pounds of Microplastics Found in Corals, Causing Tissue Necrosis in Fishes

Harmful to ocean and aquatic life, microplastics make up the nearly three percent toxic pollutants in shallow, tropical waters where corals flourish. These toxic chemicals bring huge detrimental impact on reef health, and a new study reveals 4 million pounds of them may be stored in coral skelet ...

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45 reasons the Great Barrier Reef is in trouble

When the managers of the Great Barrier Reef recently rated its outlook as very poor, a few well-known threats dominated the headlines. But delve deeper into the report and you'll find that this global icon is threatened by a whopping 45 risks.


4th International Fisheries Observer Conference

8 - 11 November 2004, Sydney, Australia


4th World Water Forum: Local Actions for Global Challenge

16 - 22 March 2006, Mexico City, Mexico

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5 things you should know about the UN Ocean Conference, a chance to save the planet’s largest ecosystem

The Ocean is the planet’s largest ecosystem, regulating the climate, and providing livelihoods for billions. But its health is in danger. The second UN Ocean Conference, due to take place in June, will be an important opportunity to redress the damage that mankind continues to inflict on marine ...


5th Annual International Course on Wetland Restoration

30 August - 30 September 2004, Lelystad, Netherlands (Kingdom of the)


6th Global Meeting of the Regional Seas

30 November - 2 December 2004, Istanbul, Türkiye

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7 ocean mysteries scientists haven’t solved yet

The Earth is mainly a water world — more than 70 percent of its surface is covered by oceans — and yet we know so little about what resides beneath the waves.


7th International Barcode of Life (iBOL) Conference

20 - 24 November 2017, South Africa


8th International Barcode of Life (iBOL) Conference 2019

17 - 20 June 2019, Trondhein, Norway

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9 stunning images of deep-sea life captured by an aquatic robot

During a recently completed 18-day expedition in the protected Ashmore Reef Marine Park (off of Australia), scientists aboard a Schmidt Ocean Institute exploration vessel dropped an underwater robot into deep, low-light depths. At some 165 to 500 feet down (50-150 meters), it observed otherworld ...

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91% Of Surveyed Corals Bleached Along Great Barrier Reef, Australia Says

More than 90% of coral reefs surveyed along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef were bleached in recent months due to catastrophically warm ocean temperatures, according to a new report by the top government agency monitoring the structure’s health.


9th World Wilderness Congress (WILD9)

6 - 13 November 2009, Merida, Mexico

Side Event
COP 11

A 1st global network of key sites for seabird conservation: their uses for informing EBSAs and other marine conservation initiatives

Co-conveners: BirdLife International, Wild Bird Society of Japan, Bombay Natural History Society, Nairobi Convention Secretariat, Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat, The Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea and Areas of Influence Since 2005 BirdLife has been working to c ...

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A Blue New Deal by Chris Armstrong review – a manifesto for the oceans

Governments talk of green jobs, green industrial revolutions and creating green new deals. The aim of these efforts is to tackle runaway climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality by remoulding our political and economic systems.

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A Blueprint For Blue Waters Read more from Asian Scientist

Singapore may be known as a concrete jungle, but a group of marine scientists wants to draw attention to the blue waters surrounding the ‘little red dot’. In the third Singapore Blue Plan, launched on October 13, 2018, the group highlights the state of Singapore’s coastal environment and outline ...

Press Release

A Global Island Partnership launched by the President of Palau at the Curitiba Biodiversity Conference.

The President of Palau, the President of Indonesia, the Vice President of the Federated States of Micronesia, Grenada and Kiribati launched the “Global Island Partnership” aimed at enhancing marine and terrestrial protected areas as a major contribution of achieving the Heads of State commitment ...

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A deep dive into Zero Hunger: the seaweed revolution

If just two per cent of the Ocean were to be sustainably farmed, the world could easily be fed, according to experts. In the first story of a two-part series looking at the opportunities and challenges facing Ocean farming, we take a look at the huge potential role of seaweed in mitigating clima ...

Side Event
COP 10

A global aquarium strategy for conservation and sustainability

Presentation of the world zoo and aquarium conservation strategy for the implementation of the WAZA aquarium community. The strategy is introduced and examples are being presented by WAZA president and representatives of the Japanese zoo and aquarium association (JAZA), followed by the launch of ...

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A plan to save Earth's oceans

At least 26 per cent of our oceans need urgent conservation attention to preserve Earth's marine biodiversity, a University of Queensland-led international study has found.

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A year before deep-sea mining could begin, calls for a moratorium build

At the U.N. Ocean Conference taking place this week in Lisbon, momentum has been building in support of a moratorium on deep-sea mining, an activity projected to have far-reaching consequences for marine ecosystems, biodiversity, and global fisheries.

Side Event
COP 12


This side event will showcase some progress in West Africa towards Aichi Targets achievement. Species and habitats have been facing increasing pressure in West Africa: Overexploitation, critical habitat destruction, pollution, urbanization, growing extractive industry, and uncontrolled tourism ...

Side Event
COP 10


In 2008, MAFF started to recommend the utilization of a voluntary eco-label called the “living creature mark”. It applies to agriculture, forestry and marine products produced by the measures which conserve local living creatures. (e.g. rice with oriental white stork mark.). These brands may hel ...


ASCOBANS: 6th Meeting of the Parties

16 - 18 September 2009, Bonn, Germany

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ASEAN centre joins first ocean sustainability forum

With the increasing climate risks and multiple challenges that we are facing today, moving towards stronger cooperation among island nations and regions with islands, which have a lot in common, is logical.

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About 300 sea turtles die in Mexico from red tide

Mexican environmental authorities said Thursday that 292 sea turtles found dead on the country's southern Pacific coast since Christmas died as a result of a red tide algae bloom.

Side Event
COP 11

Achieving Conservation and Sustainable Resource Management in the Marine and Coastal Programme of West Africa (PRCM)

The event will showcase progress in meeting the ambitious commitments made by Wet African countries at COP10 to expand their protected area systems and promote benefits to local people. The Nagoya commitments were followed-up with a donor roundtable meeting in 2011 with the Lifeweb Initiative an ...

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Actor Ted Danson and Philanthropist Wendy Schmidt Are Fighting to Save Our Oceans

One day around 1986, Ted Danson was walking on the beach in Santa Monica Bay with his two daughters. At the time, Danson was the star of the beloved sitcom Cheers, in which he played the affable bartender Sam Malone. He was also feeling a growing sense of responsibility that came along with mone ...


Ad-Hoc Technical Expert Group on Mariculture

1 - 5 July 2002, Rome, Italy

Side Event

Addressing Biodiversity Concerns in Sustainable Fisheries

To present and discuss the Fisheries Expert Group's Scientific Workshop on "Governance for Fisheries and Marine Conservation: Interactions and Coevolution," held in Bergen, Norway, in March 2012. This meeting is organized under the aegis of the Fisheries Expert Group of the IUCN Commission on Ec ...

Side Event

Addressing Biodiversity Concerns in Sustainable Fishery: Need for an Ecosystem Approach

This side-event will highlight the key results of the Joint Expert Meeting on Addressing Biodiversity Concerns in Sustainable Fishery, held 7-9 December 2011 in Bergen, Norway, and discuss ways and means to apply the key conclusions of the meeting in effectively addressing biodiversity concerns ...

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