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Side Event
COP 11

Addressing biodiversity concerns in sustainable fisheries

The Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, in its tenth meeting, requested the Executive Secretary to collaborate with FAO, UNEP, regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs), IUCN-CEM-FEG, and other relevant organizations, processes, and scientific groups, o ...

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Adriatic Sea 'risks turning into a water desert'

The Adriatic Sea risks turning into a water desert, experts warn. Overfishing, bottom trawling, pollution, and climate change are seriously threatening the biodiversity of the Adriatic.

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Advances in Deep Sea Research and Application to Governance and Management of Marine Biodiversity

This event will showcase key research by the EU funded Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man’s Impact on European Seas (HERMIONE) Consortium, and demonstrate how scientific research can be utilised by decision makers and competent management authorities to aid the governance and management of deep ...

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COP 10

Advances in marine conservation in Chile: lesson learned, virtuous partnership and challenges for new MPAs

Since the time of Chile’s canoeist populations along its coasts, Chile has a long outstanding history of maritime vocation in the southeastern Pacific. In the last decade, this vocation has been reinforced by the need for the sustainable use of marine resources and their environments, which has ...

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Africa: Healthy Oceans, Healthy Societies

Over recent years, there have been shocking reports of marine endangerment and plastic pollution. The threats are clear, and now urgent action is needed more than ever.


African Marine Biodiversity Workshop

23 - 26 September 2003, Cape Town, South Africa

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Africa’s blue economy: five nations poised for growth

With a 5,500-kilometre coastline, Madagascar’s potential to benefit from a blue economy is huge. This was identified by the Malagasy government in 2015 when it determined that a clearly defined set of blue-economy principles could be the way to jumpstart economic development in the country.

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After Hurricane Irma, soundscape reveals resilient reef ecosystem

A new study from North Carolina State University reveals that the soundscapes of coral reef ecosystems can recover quickly from severe weather events such as hurricanes. The work also demonstrates that non-invasive monitoring is an important tool in shedding further light on these key ecosystems.


Recommendation II/10

Agenda item 3.12: Coastal and marine biological diversity

Side Event
COP 10

Agriculture and biodiversity

Presentation of activities for biodiversity conservation in agricultural sector in Japan. Agriculture is an essential production activity on supplying necessary food and daily commodities for human lives, and also on the viewpoint of food security. For the maintenance and development of sustaina ...

Side Event
COP 11

Aichi Target 11 - Reshaping the agenda for Marine Protected Areas

During this event, we will provides a review of current MPA coverage (July 2012), showing dramatic increases in recent years. While this gives the impression that the 10% MPA target might be attainable, we revisit such information in the light of the Aichi Target 11 which introduces important n ...

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Algae-killing virus stimulates nutrient recylcing in the oceans

July 18 (UPI) -- All of the ocean's many complex food chains rely on nutrients. Nutrient cycles fuel algae and phytoplankton blooms, which nourish the smaller life forms that feed larger predators.

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All the pressing questions on fish migration

It's not 20 questions—it's even more: Now researchers have identified 100 pressing questions on fish migration.An international team of researchers, lead by Robert Lennox at NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre), have developed the list of questions, published in a paper by the journal Frontiers in ...

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Amazon River freshwater fish show signs of overexploitation

As the cherished rainforest in South America's Amazon River region continues to shrink, the river itself now presents evidence of other dangers: the overexploitation of freshwater fish.

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Amazon destruction linked to the largest belt of algae on the planet

A familiar sight to Atlantic sailors for centuries, floating banks of sargassum algae have expanded over the past decade in the Caribbean Sea, swamping touristed beaches with foul-smelling mats of decaying plant matter.

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Amazon fish ‘face new threats’

While history has played an important role in the distribution and diversity of fish species in the Amazon basin, climate change, deforestation and building of power dams could alter such dynamics even more, biodiversity specialists have warned.


American Society of Limonology and Oceanography

15 - 20 February 2004, Honolulu, United States of America

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An 'Unprecedented' Epidemic Is Wiping Out The West Coast's Sea Stars

In 2013, marine scientists witnessed a real-life, aquatic version of Contagion. Over the summer, divers in Monterrey, California were treated to a horror scene of sea stars with limbs torn asunder and bodies disintegrating. Soon, major aquariums up and down the West Coast reported their sea star ...

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An orphaned dugong becomes a social media influencer in Thailand

“We got lucky she appeared when she did. We were about to get off the water when she popped up out of nowhere,” explains Alex Rendell, a Thai actor and conservationist, and founder of the Environmental Education Centre, of his encounter with the seven-month old dugong baby called Marium. “I’ve b ...

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Ancient marine crocs adapted like whales to ocean life - only earlier

A wondrous lineage of crocodile relatives that developed into fast-swimming seagoing predators at a time when dinosaurs dominated the land adapted to life in the open ocean with a pivotal evolutionary modification also present in whales.

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Animals could help humans monitor oceans

Sharks, penguins, turtles and other seagoing species could help humans monitor the oceans by transmitting oceanographic information from electronic tags.

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Antarctic Waters are Now Warmer with Higher Acidity and Less Oxygen

A new study revealed that the increased freshwater resulting from melting ice sheets in Antarctica, combined with the added Antarctic wind, has reduced the oxygen level inside the Southern Ocean. This has made the ocean warmer and more acidic.

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Antarctic krill population contracts southward as polar oceans warm

The population of Antarctic krill, the favourite food of many whales, penguins, fish and seals, shifted southward during a recent period of warming in their key habitat, new research shows.

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Applying the concept of liquid biopsy to monitor the microbial biodiversity of marine coastal ecosystems

Liquid biopsy (LB) is a concept that is rapidly gaining ground in the biomedical field. Its concept is largely based on the detection of circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) fragments that are mostly released as small fragments following cell death in various tissues. A small percentage of these f ...


Aquaculture Europe 2005

5 - 9 August 2005, Trondheim, Norway

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Aquaculture turns biodiversity into uniformity along the coast of China

Fishery and aquaculture have given rise to an enormous uniformity in the diversity of bivalves along the more than 18,000 kilometer long Chinese coast, biologist He-Bo Peng and colleagues report in this month's issue of Diversity and Distributions.

Action by

Arctic Regional Workshop to Facilitate the Description of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs), 3 to 7 March 2014, Helsinki, Finland

Reference: SCBD/SAM/DC/JL/JG/82648 (2013-085)
To: CBD National Focal Points and SBSTTA Focal Points in the Arctic region: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, United States of America; relevant Permanent Participants and Working Groups of the Arctic Council; relevant regional seas conventions and action plans; relevant regional fisheries management organizations; and other relevant regional organizations/initiatives

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Are marine protected areas helping marine mammals and birds? Maybe, but more can be done

Our oceans are under pressure like never before, with over 60% struggling from the increasing impact of fishing, coastal activities and climate change. The harsh truth is that as we move towards 2022 only 3% of oceans are totally free from the pressure of human activity.

National Report



Voluntary Report on Implementation of the Programme of Work on Marine and Coastal Biological Diversity

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As Disease Ravages Coral Reefs, Scientists Scramble for Solutions

In September 2014, William Precht received an alarming phone call. “I’m seeing something funky out on the reef,” a colleague reported. “It looks like disease.”

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As jellyfish population becomes a worldwide menace, how we treat our oceans needs urgent change

The Goa government has issued a warning to beach-goers that the state's beaches and coastal waters have swarms of live and dead jellyfish.

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As ocean fears gather pace, WTO fishing talks stall

The oceans are under siege, campaigners warn, and fish stocks could collapse unless a global deal is struck swiftly to ban harmful fisheries subsidies. The World Trade Organization, meanwhile, can’t agree on who will head the committee to discuss the issue, according to sources close to the nego ...


Asia-Pacific Water Ministerial Meeting

20 March 2006, Mexico City, Mexico

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Atlantic Ocean 'running out of breath'

A huge international research programme has been launched to assess the health of the Atlantic Ocean.

Press Release

Atlantic seamount becomes the first case added to international repository of ecologically or biologically significant marine areas

Montreal, 17 February 2012 – The Josephine Seamount, located in the Horse-shoe Seamount Group of the Atlantic Ocean has been added to the prototype online repository that scientifically describes ecologically or biologically significant marine areas (EBSAs) (available at http://ebsa.cbd.int).

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Australian Deep-sea Reef Study Could Uncover New Species

Australian researchers have embarked on an expedition to explore previously undocumented deep-sea coral reefs off the country's north coast.

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Australian scientists evaluate health of world's biggest coral reef

An extensive study into the health of Australia's Great Barrier Reef is underway this month, with a 25-day data collecting journey canvassing bleach affected parts of the reef not observed since 2016.

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Australia’s vast carbon sink releasing millions of tonnes of CO2 back into atmosphere

Australia’s mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrass meadows are absorbing about 20m tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, according to a major new study that is the first to measure in detail the climate benefits of the coastal ecosystems.

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Australie : des milliers de requins meurent afin de protéger les surfeurs

Les vidéos ont été tournées en mars par des membres d’organisations de protection de l’environnement. Les scènes qu’on y voit se déroulent au nord-est de l’Australie, au large des plages de l’Etat du Queensland. Deux requins sont pris au piège, un gros hameçon coincé dans la bouche, et agonisent ...

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Baby whale wears a camera, reveals its travel and nursing behavior: video

Baby whales, like all young mammals, rely on their mother’s milk for their early development.

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Ban on discarding edible fish caught at sea has failed – Lords report

The ban on the wasteful discards of healthy and edible fish at sea has failed, according to a Lords report.

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Barbados, New Zealand link for ‘clean oceans’

Barbados has made two major foreign policy moves on clean oceans, joining with New Zealand in the fight against acidified oceans and climate change. Bridgetown’s request to join the New Zealand-led Ocean Acidification Working Group has been accepted, as Minister for Climate Change James Shaw wel ...

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Beavers on the coast are helping salmon bounce back. Here’s how.

The arrival of beaver dams in the Pacific Northwest’s Elwha River delta may have surprising benefits.

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Before and after: These incredible photos show Greece's coast is disappearing

The blazing sun, the spectacular beaches, the Mediterranean lifestyle and the gorgeous food. For these reasons and many more, millions of people travel to Greece every year.

National Report



Voluntary Report on Implementation of the Programme of Work on Marine and Coastal Biological Diversity

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