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News Headlines

On World Day, UN highlights ‘transformative’ potential of tourism for sustainable development

27 September 2015 – Marking the observance of World Tourism Day, senior United Nations officials are spotlighting the transformative potential of one billion tourists and their increasing capacity to help boost socio-economic and environmental development.

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Chile’s Altiplano Region Seeks Sustainable Tourism

SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA, Chile , Sep 22 2015 (IPS) - Chile’s altiplano or high plateau region, pounded by the sun of the Atacama desert, the driest place in the world, is home to dozens of indigenous communities struggling for subsistence by means of sustainable tourism initiatives that are not alw ...

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Developing world tourism ‘not living up to its promise’

Tourism is developing unsustainably in many poorer nations and so is failing to deliver major economic gains, according to researchers speaking at a conference.

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Lion farms pull wool over ecotourists' eyes

Young ecotourists from abroad are paying up to R50,000 to raise "orphaned lion cubs" so they can be "rehabilitated into the wild" - without knowing that the lions are actually mass bred in captivity, then sold off for canned hunts.

News Headlines

Land Identified in Anandapuram for Biodiversity Knowledge-cum-theme Park

Visakhapatnam: The district administration has identified land for the development of world class biodiversity knowledge-cum-theme park at Tangudubilli village in Anandapuram mandal, 48 km from the city.

News Headlines

Eco-tourism reports show true figures on cost of travel

Travelling light can have heavy costs. A tourist flying economy class from Britain to Kenya and back generates around a tonne of carbon emissions, according to the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

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Tourism plan with an eye on 2030

Promoting safe, satisfying and fulfilling visitor experiences, ensuring environmental and cultural protection, strengthening biodiversity, and providing employment opportunities and fair pay are some of the strategies for sustainable tourism laid down in the Kerala Perspective Plan-2030 unveiled ...

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Scientists sceptical of move to re-open Nanda Devi to tourists

The 28-strong team of scientists, forest officials and ITBP personnel on a 26-day tour of the Nanda Devi National Park (NDNP) returned on Monday. Team members say the biodiversity of the region is showing signs of recovery from the severe strain of unrestrained mountaineering between 1939 and 1982.

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Ethiopia: Lake Tana Registered As World Heritage Site

The registration of the lake in UNESCO's World Heritage site will enable to protect the biodiversity in the lake, conduct research on those biodiversities, knowledge transfer and attract more tourists

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Uganda Shifts Giraffes to Attract Tourists

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has transferred 15 giraffes from Murchison Falls National Park in Northern Uganda to Lake Mburo National Park in Western Uganda to boost tourism in Uganda's smallest National Park

News Headlines

The importance of community involvement for sustainable tourism

Researchers in Southeast Asia are studying how tourism policy and local community involvement impact the tourism industry.

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Exploding tourism threatens Inle Lake’s biodiversity

The Intha people who live on and around Inle Lake, in Myanmar, are renowned for their custom of fishing while rowing with one leg.

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Going wild: The impact of tourism on nature

Wildlife tourism generates billions of dollars in revenue every year - boosting local economies and creating employment. But what is the cost to the animals that become the star attractions?

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