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Biodiversity for Food Security: A BOLD Approach

“Biodiversity for Opportunities, Livelihoods and Development,” or BOLD, a project funded by the Norwegian Government and managed by the Crop Trust, will launch this month to support the development of climate resilient crop varieties and ensure they reach farmers’ fields.

Side Event
COP 10

Biodiversity for a world without hunger: ABS of Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

A presentation of FAO's Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture on ABS and a debate on the peculiarities of GRFA.

Side Event
COP 12

Biodiversity in rice-based farming systems - meeting the dual challenge of food security and environmental protection

This Side Event addresses recommendations from CBD COP10 in Nagoya, Japan, and RAMSAR COP11 in Bucharest, Romania. Based on experiences from several countries, it shows that the goals of food security and environmental protection are not only compatible, but synergistic.

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Biodiversity is crucial for South Africa’s food security

The Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us all some very important lessons. In particular, it is reminding us that our health, our economy and our way of life are built on a fragile foundation that is far too often taken for granted.

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Biodiversity key to sustainable food production

The Food and Agriculture Organization recently released a report on the State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture. Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture refers to plants, animals and micro-organisms that sustain the ecosystem structures and processes to provide food and non-food ...

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Biodiversity ‘fundamental’ for global food systems, at “heart’ of development – UN agriculture chief

Qu Dongyu, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), told negotiators on Monday that as agriculture and food systems are “at the heart of the concept of sustainable development”, they are central to deliberations regarding the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework, which is exp ...

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Biodiversity: Africa’s key to food security and sustainable livelihoods

Unfolding events all over the world are pointing in one direction; that is the imminence of climate change which may prove irreversible. The timing, magnitude of impacts and places where impacts would be felt might vary, but climate change has proven to be inescapable. Choices before nations and ...

Side Event
COP 10

Biodviversity and Climate Justice

This side event will showcase the different food cuisines from rice, ranging from hors d’ vors, appetizers, main course and desserts that are so delicious and tempting that one cannot imagine living without rice. The different rice varieties and food cuisines will be exhibited to the negoti ...


Recommendation XVI/13

Biofuels and biodiversity

Side Event

Biofuels and biodiversity: tackling the real issues

The evidence from many parts of the world shows how the push for biofuels and biomass for energy is having serious, often irreversible impacts on indigenous peoples, local communities and biodiversity. Furthermore biofuels incur a carbon debt at a time when we should sharply reduce emissions and ...

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Boosting agrifood life sciences is key to India’s agricultural future

Whether developed by accelerators or research institutes, life sciences research and development infrastructure must be made available to entrepreneurs.


Bridging Agriculture and Conservation Initiative

Reference: SCBD/SAM/DCo/82391 (2013-070)
To: CBD and SBSTTA Focal Points and relevant organisations

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Press Release

Bridging agriculture and conservation to reduce our ecological footprint - New initiative promotes implementation of Strategic Plan and Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Montreal, 13 August 2013 – Reaffirming the critical importance of sustainable agriculture, an alliance of sixteen global agriculture and conservation leaders came together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2013 to launch a new initiative aimed at bridging the agriculture and conservation agenda ...

News Headlines

Bringing together Agriculture and Biodiversity

Agriculture and biodiversity are currently both in the spotlights, but mostly as opposites. This must change, but how? A new EU project will investigate how agriculture and biodiversity can best go hand in hand and what this brings in return for the farmer as well as for biodiversity.

News Headlines

Bsissa: North Africa's ancient convenience food

When blended with olive oil and honey, this unassuming brown powder – which has been eaten by Tunisians and Libyans for millennia – transforms into a breakfast of champions.

Side Event
COP 11

Bt Cotton web around Food, Farming and Livestock Systems - Continental Perspectives from Africa and Asia

Bt Cotton web around Food, Farming and Livestock Systems CONTINENTAL PERSPECTIVES FROM AFRICA AND ASIA

News Headlines

Build diverse food systems for post-COVID-19 world

The spread of COVID-19 across the globe has led to never-before-experienced lockdown situations—which in turn are having a significant impact across agricultural systems—threatening food security for increasing numbers of people around the world.

News Headlines

Business as usual is no longer an option

There are currently no lack of visitors at Eosta, the market leader in the European organic fruit and vegetable sector. "The turnover is exploding and organic fruit and vegetables are in high demand. We have seen this often in times of crisis, the demand for bio is growing exponentially. In one ...

News Headlines

Buy organic food to help curb global insect collapse, say scientists

Buying organic food is among the actions people can take to curb the global decline in insects, according to leading scientists. Urging political action to slash pesticide use on conventional farms is another, say environmentalists.


CGIAR Annual General Meeting (AGM06)

5 - 7 December 2006, Washington, United States of America


CGIAR Annual General Meeting 2004

25 - 29 October 2004, Mexico City, Mexico

News Headlines

COVID-19 is wake up call for global food systems, say experts

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has exposed a crisis in the global food system, the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) — a panel of developmental economists, agronomists, nutritionists and sociologists from 18 countries — said in April 2020.

News Headlines

Caffeinated conservation: Colombian farmers switch coca for coffee to protect wildlife

In a clearing around his modest smallholding, farmer Arcadio Barajas stands before a sea of coffee plants, cloaked in the shadow cast by a wall of verdant forest that covers the San Lucas mountains of northern Colombia.

Action by

Call for nominations of experts for a meeting to develop a methodology for Headline indicator 7.2 (pesticide environmental concentration) under the monitoring framework of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, 23-24 January 2024 - Rome, Italy

Reference: SCBD/IMS/NP/JC/MC/91382 (2023-123)
To: CBD focal points, ABS national focal points, Cartagena Protocol focal points, SBSTTA focal points, indigenous peoples and local communities and relevant organizations

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News Headlines

Call for recognition of rare native livestock in farming policy

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) has called for Scotland’s new farming policy to recognise native livestock and equine breeds for their biodiversity significance, In a response to the Scottish Government’s consultation paper on a new national agricultural policy, RBST pointed out that the ...

News Headlines

Can Grazing Antelope Regenerate South Africa’s Coastal Vegetation?

On July 29, 2020, five eland antelope ambled through the gates of a vineyard on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. They didn’t come for the wine, but rather to graze.

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Can we ditch intensive farming - and still feed the world?

Food production around the world must rise by half in the next 30 years to sustain a global population expected to top 10 billion by 2050.

News Headlines

Can we plant our way to carbon neutrality by 2030?

Several local authorities have included major tree planting initiatives as part of their climate declarations – but can we plant our way to carbon neutrality by 2030? 1st Vice President of the Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT) and Chair of the Local Adaptation Advi ...

News Headlines

Cashew Nuts: A Toxic Industry

As has been discussed both here and elsewhere at length, there’s a hidden world of environmental destruction and human misery behind some of the most in vogue food products in the Global North, from avocados to almonds. Demand for the latter has exploded in recent years, driven by partly a rise ...

News Headlines

Celebrating all that soils do for us - Dr Kenneth Loades

COP26 highlighted more than ever that we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and become more sustainable before it’s too late. Soil is a key component in this battle and something that we expect to provide food, feed and fibre, store and supply water, store carbon and archive geological and ...

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Celebrating the greatest of all pollinators—bees

When animals and insects pick up the pollen of flowers and spread it, they allow plants, including many food crops, to reproduce.

News Headlines

Chart of the day: This is why we need to protect nature’s pollinators

There is an old custom among beekeepers: they must let their swarms know about important events, such as births, marriages or funerals. Failing to “tell the bees” is said to bring bad luck, less honey, deserted hives and even death. It may be folklore, but it is a reminder of the species’ critic ...

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Chickpea genetics reduce need for chemicals

In recent years, hummus has become a pop culture food phenomenon, drawing praises from dieticians for the health benefits and chefs for the flavor.

News Headlines

China and India are making a greener Earth

Human efforts are producing a greener Earth. But the news is not all good, because some of the greening comes from fertiliser pollution.

News Headlines

China moves to protect its crop biodiversity

A wider range of crop varieties would decrease fertiliser and water use, reduce soil pollution and help insects.

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Civic Sanskriti: Mango magic... the treasure troves that sustain us all

While the brilliant Amaltas flowers are a visual delight, it is the Mango that is perhaps the most loved and delicious component of the golden Indian summer

Side Event

Climate Resilience The Farmers Way: Handling climate extremes without engineered seeds, strategies and external packages.

The event will offer very concrete examples of how farmer-led experimentation and resilience strategies are helping farmers to build seed security, feed their families, and stay on their lands, despite unpredictable and challenging climate events. If we are to build food security in vulnerable ...

News Headlines

Climate change has exacerbated India’s agrarian crisis – and the new farm laws may make things worse

India is witnessing a historic mass mobilisation of farmers against three new farm laws. The central government maintains that these laws are the cure for a longstanding agrarian crisis.

Side Event
COP 11

Climate change, agriculture biodiversity and food security

This event will discuss the linkage between climate change, agriculture biodiversity and food security. The major focus of the discussion will be how climate change has been affecting agriculture biodiversity and hence food security. It will seek answers to some pressing questions such as: Are t ...

News Headlines

Climate crisis: the countryside could be our greatest ally – if we can reform farming

Around 20% of the UK’s farms account for 80% of the country’s total food production, and they do this on about half of all the farmed land there is. At least 80% of farms in the UK don’t produce very much at all.

News Headlines

Climate pioneers: how small farmers could be leading the way towards sustainable agriculture

Agriculture is a leading cause of climate change, but it is also undeniably affected by it. Farming must therefore change in order to keep up with global demands, while reducing its environmental impact. Without these necessary changes, it’s estimated that by 2030, the impacts of climate change ...

News Headlines

Climate-Smart Agriculture means More Time for Eswatini Women Farmers

n the southern African nation of Eswatini, women, who already have too many household chores, have had to spend many hours for days on end in the fields, tilling and weeding the soil. But thanks to the gradual introduction of Climate-Smart Agriculture, some are beginning to harvest the gains of ...

News Headlines

Climate-smart forestry practices: the key to restoring biodiversity?

According to a study published on Tuesday (30 November), the cost of pesticides may far outweigh the economic benefits.


Codex Committee on Food Labelling (32nd Session)

10 - 14 May 2004, Montreal, Canada

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